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Splash About Float Wings

Float Wings from Splash About are a fun, safe way for your child to gain water confidence. Combining the idea of traditional arm bands and the chest support of a Float suit, the Float Wings will provide balance for your child in the water and help to keep them afloat.

The foam floats in the arms and across the chest are non-removable and unlike inflatable armbands, cannot be punctured. A Nylon Lycra vest top fits over the child’s head, offering sun protection to the tops of the shoulders and securing the Float Wings in place, preventing any riding up or chafing. This, along with our rear fastening 3-point locking buckle, ensures the child will not be able to remove the Float Wings themselves whilst in the water.

Designed with an adjustable strap, the Float Wings will fit children aged 2-6 years and are available in 2 fun, eye-catching designs for boys and girls, with matching swimwear also available.

Easy to use, safe and comfortable. Nylon Lycra Vest helps to protect areas prone to sun exposure

Self-balancing – will keep children afloat in the water

Made from high quality materials that will last wear after wear

Double security system to prevent removal by child whilst in the water

Conforms to CE European Standard: EN 13138-1: 2014

Price; £18.99 Available Amazon UK and online

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Splash About Float Wings Reviews

Product Tested By Anthony Devaney – Son 2 Years & Daughter 5 yrs.

Anthony Awarded the Splash About Float Wings 5/5

These looked colourful, high quality and one of the best ideas I’ve seen. We are outdoorsy and love to swim and the floats have been amazing in our garden pool, the swimming baths and paddling at a local river. I believe arm bands are an OK alternative. The float wings are far superior. They do a better job due to the chest float ensuring baby’s face stays above water. They also cannot come loose. Instructions simple and to the point.  I had to help as my daughter kept missing the arm gap but after some fails she cracked it easily. The floats fit my 2 year old well although do seem to restrict him ever so slightly. They fit my 5 year old amazing. My son likes to be independent so the floats were not so much “his choice” but my daughter asked for them whenever we even mentioned going near water! They gave her confidence and they didn’t get in her way at all. These are enormously effective. On her front my daughter swam effortlessly. On her back she could float along and relax with her head above the surface. My daughter swam for many hours on our holiday to France. She jumped into the pool hundreds of times and even went down a slide with the floats on many times. They stayed secure 100%, kept her afloat 100%, and proved one of the most effective and prettiest items of safety equipment I’ve seen. I would never leave a child unsupervised in water due to my own nightmarish imagination. However I trust these floats so much that you don’t need to worry providing they are fitted correctly and the child wants them on. Having said that my daughter practiced taking them off and were it not for her flexibility and understanding of the clip, she would be stuck in them without help. It’s the best idea. The material is stretchy and comfortable and stayed soft throughout frequent use. They dry quick in the sun but still remained soft. After sun cream, the sun protective factors are a huge bonus. The vest top section was one of the key features that make this float the best I’ve seen. It meant the vest was totally secure. It made it more difficult to remove deliberately and impossible to remove accidentally. My daughter said it felt nice and she was happy wearing it every single day of the last many weeks.  My daughter is 5, very intelligent, curious and determined. She also has a good understanding of how the buckle works. And she is flexible. Therefore she managed to remove it herself though with difficulty. However a younger child wouldn’t stand a chance trying to remove this float. We were on holiday for a week and used the float on average twice per day or at least 3 hours. Since returning home we have used the pool in the garden for an hour a day minimum. The float has been to a local pool with us and in a river for 3 hours. We rinse it nearly every time but it has at times be left in the garden overnight. Through all that it has showed no signs of wear and tear at all, and not a sighting of mould or dirt. It was dropped on muddy grass and was left in the dirt on one day too. A rinse made it literally good as new. I can’t find a fault with this float. We have used this every day.  We mainly used in the swimming pool and on holiday. The float is strong, stretchy, soft, and comfortable. The stitching is high quality. The colours are bright. Through vigorous use and a little abuse it has stayed literally as good as new. It shows no signs of wear and tear. No fading. No pilling. No fraying of stitches. Not a scratch on the buckles. It’s high quality. If your child does not swim, or would benefit from an aid and this float fits, for £16.99, you will never again consider a different design. My favourite feature was the overhead vest. This meant the float fit more securely and comfortably, whilst being impossible to slip off. Especially with my daughters addiction to jumping as high as she can into pools. We decided to buy another to upgrade from my sons old one. The vest makes this the best design. I would recommend.  Whilst I believe you should never leave a child unsupervised in water, I believe this product is so safe and effective that all children should have one until they can swim. Brilliant. High quality. Bright and fun. Low price. Great design. We have loved reviewing the floats. They have become what feels like an essential addition to all households with none swimmers. Genuinely essential. These floats give confidence, flexibility, and a comfortable swim with a striking style. They are small and extremely light so easily taken everywhere. Put plainly they go where we go now. That’s how good they are. Anthony Devaney – Son 2 Years & Daughter 5 yrs.

Product Tested By Abbie Grainger – Hilton 2 years

Abbie Awarded The Splash About Float Wings 4/5

I thought wow it looks fab. Good quality, robust and the pattern was really cute. I thought it was really good for safety whilst swimming. I do not agree these are a good alternative to arm bands.  Arm bands allow the child to swim better and float even. Instructions clear and easy to follow.  Very easy to put on my child. They were also a very good fit.  Not really the most comfortable of swimming aid items to wear for my child. My son didn’t like the feel of making him float onto his back. I think maybe when he is another year older he might have the understanding more to move himself forward when he floats to his back. But I do think for other children this is fab and it’s very good for safety and keeping the child afloat does work. For me these did not give him confidence in the water.  He was not happy wearing these and I had to swap to arm bands and he was much happier using his own arm bands. If he had enjoyed wearing this I would safe yes would have given me confidence he is safe in the water. I think the Lycra vest is very effective and worked as it should of. The rear buckle is a fab idea.  As buckles he tries to undo now.  Very easy to keep clean just wipe over.  We tried it every day for 2 weeks whilst on holiday to see if he would get used to it. We mainly used this on a cruising holiday in the pool.   I would definitely agree this is an ideal item to take on your holiday. Represents very good value for money.  I loved the material, the comfort of it and the pattern.  For me personally I would not purchase because my son didn’t get on with it being floated backwards. However, I would 100% recommend to others. Good product, great idea just was not the right product for our son. Abbie Grainger – Hilton 2 years

Product Tested By Ruth Smith – Izzy 2 years

Ruth Awarded The Spalsh About Float Wings 3.8/5

The postage packaging was non-descript. Then the float wings were in a clear plastic bag. Once opening this up I was impressed how light the float wings were. Much lighter than a life jacket. The concept is a good idea helping children swim on their backs. Helping to get them confident in the water. With both arm band style and chest float.  I do agree a good alternative to arm bands for younger children as it keeps their head back in the water so their face is out of the water. Helping them learn to kick their legs and learn to swim without being afraid of their head going under the water. Instructions simple and easy to read. My daughter was happy to put the float wings on. She liked the design on them and they were easy to put on. The arm bands fitted very well, the chest float kept rising up under her chin. I wonder if it had a strap to go under her waist if this would reduce this happening.  She did feel comfortable but as I said above the chest float kept rising up under her chin. My daughter was able to float and kick her legs on her back with me standing next to her with these on. She would struggle to swim on her front with them on due to the chest float. I do believe these gave her more confidence in the water. My daughter was happy to wear to float wings and play in the water. She liked it when ‘Mummy let go’ Obviously I stood right next to her. I did feel confident she was safe in the water using these. They held my daughters head out of the water while she was floating not being held onto. We found that the Lycra Vest Top did ride up under her chin in the water. So that wasn’t effective. As there is a gap between the vest and the arm floats your child is still going to need sun cream on the tops of their arms. The rear fastening buckle worked well.  It is easy for an adult to use. It would be very difficult for a child to take it off themselves. Very easy to keep clean and we washed in in the shower after use and it was quick to dry. We have used them 5 times so far at the local indoor swimming pool. This would be a good item to take on holiday. Very light so would take up suitcase space but not weight allowance. Appears well made would be interesting to know if the material fades with outdoor use. There have been no signs of wear with indoor use. Comparing to other swimming aids for children. £17 seams reasonably priced. I loved how easy it was to put on and fasten up. I would buy this if I had a child who prefers to swim on their backs.  I would recommend for the same reason. A reasonably priced swimming aid which is easy to put on. Lovely designed pattern. Not faded with use in indoor pool. Chest float rises up a bit which pushes children more onto their backs. But this keeps their heads out of the water. Ruth Smith – Izzy 2 years

I believe this product is so safe and effective that all children should have one until they can swim. Brilliant. High quality. Bright and fun. Low price. Great design. We have loved reviewing the floats. They have become what feels like an essential addition to all households with none swimmers. Genuinely essential. These floats give confidence, flexibility, and a comfortable swim with a striking style. They are small and extremely light so easily taken everywhere. Put plainly they go where we go now. That’s how good they are. 


Anthony Awarded the Splash About Float Wings 5/5

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