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Splash About Pack of 3 Pufferfish Pool & Bath Toys

Pack of 3 Pufferfish pool toys in Orange, Blue and Purple. Babies and young children will love these cute Pufferfish floating pool toys. The sensory design and bright colours are perfect for little swimmers, who can grab, throw and chew these toys whilst in the water. Hand painted with food-grade paint, they are free from harmful chemicals and safe for teething babies to chew on. Designed specifically with no squirt holes, these toys will not fill with mould. Ideal for use in the bath or in paddling pools this summer.

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Splash About Pack of 3 Pufferfish Pool & Bath Toys Reviews

Product Tested By Tim Capp – Marlowe 1 Year

Tim Awarded The Splash About Pufferfish Pool and Bath Toy 5/5

Cute looking, high quality. I like the idea of these being half ball, half pufferfish toy. Didn’t need instructions. She had a great time with these in the bath, but we took them to the pool and had even more fun. The look and feel of these pufferfish make it a more sensory experience than just a regular ball or bath toy. We did not use this as a teething toy. One of the worst things about bath toys is the holes and build-up of mould. This is great that they don’t have them. We had a lot of fun playing in the pool both at Grandma’s house and at a public pool. This was very entertaining when swimming. We used this a few times a week when we went swimming. We mainly used in the swimming pool. These are ideal to take on holiday and are perfect to use in any water or even as balls at the beach. Our daughter loved the fact it floats and you can throw it. I liked the fact it has no holes so no mould. Good quality and cute features. The age suitability sounds right, when babies start to sit and play in the bath. Very easy to keep clean as no issues at all with build-up of mould. They feel strong and sturdy, they would last a very long time. These are great value. I would buy these as lots of fun for the kids and us adults too. I would recommend and already recommended to friends due to the high quality. These pufferfish are a simple but very entertaining toy. You can  use them in loads of different scenarios and both my 1 year old and my 6 year old loved them. Even though it’s a simple concept, the product delivers exactly what it says and fun for all. Tim Capp – Marlowe 1 Year

Product Tested By Andrea Kemp – George 11 Months

Andrea Awarded The Splash About Pufferfish Pool and Bath Toy 5/5

The bath toy arrived in a very well-presented box and they looked so lovely and colourful that we couldn’t wait to get them out and put them into the bath. The concept is great they are so vibrant and also have a great sensory feel to them meaning babies will love to explore them and of course have a nice chew as well. There isn’t really any need for instructions with this product as it is very self-explanatory. ​George found these pufferfish toys super entertaining. The beautiful vibrant colours are a big help and really aids George to see where they are under all his bubbles. George has enjoyed chewing on them during a bad teething stage and then just generally finding them funny by using them to play hide and seek under the water and they have a flat base which George has enjoyed putting on his head and shaking them off watching them drop down with a splash into the water. George loves the feel of the pufferfish toys, the little bobbles on the toys provide great fascination and George has spent periods of time just feeling the bobbles running his hands over them. This product is amazing for teething children, George has been really struggling with his teeth and as soon as he is in the bath with his pufferfish, he finds one of the arms to chew on and it is so reassuring knowing the product is safe for him to do this with. I love the fact that this product can be used over and over again and there is no risk of mould. The toy is very well made with no leak holes for the water to get in and I have had no issues or worries that mould will be able to grow on this toy. I clean all bath toys in Milton and these wash perfectly each time. We haven’t used this product in paddling pools or swimming pools yet but we have used them in water play outside as they make a great addition to water trays. George was very good in the bath at leaning forward to catch them and I can see that this product will most definitely help with swimming lessons and I am looking forward to trying this when we next go. The beautiful vibrant colours and the feel of the toys definitely kept my little one entertained and it also helped at hair wash as well as he was so busy chewing and playing away, I could do hair wash within seconds, You can create lots of fun games as well with your little one making bath time so much fun. We have been using the pufferfish toys at every bath time as they are the first thing George looks for when he gets into the bath. We use the bath/pool toy mostly in the bath but also in the water tray out in the garden during outside play fun as it provides another fun toy for George to splash around with. I think it would be an amazing idea to take the pufferfish with us to the beach and holidays as not only does it provide an amazing activity for little ones to play with it would also be a comfort having something from home to help them in the new environment. George has really loved the sensory feel of the toys and also the fact that he can chew on them without any risks. George also loves the games we have created and even loves to share the fun with his big sister who also seems to be a big fan of the pufferfish. I love the really beautiful colours and design of this product and also the versatility of it as well it has made such great bonding time for us and such fun bath times. I think I would even go as far as saying younger children could play with this product as long as supervised properly. George has been able to grip hold of toys for a while now so I would say 6-8 months plus would be absolutely fine, George is 11 months now but definitely would have enjoyed the feeling of the toy and the chewing a few months ago as well as now. This was very easy to keep clean I just popped them in a Milton solution and they are perfect with no signs of water leaks or mould. The pufferfish are a very solid product that are able to withstand a lot of chewing and throwing about from a very cheeky and typical 11 month old boy. I think the price is very reasonable as you are getting a very well made set of toys that will last a long time and that provides lots of fun and entertainment for children of all ages George shares the toys with his almost 5 year old sister and they have amazing amounts of fun. I would definitely buy this product it’s not something that I would have thought of straight away but I have been amazed at how these cute little pufferfish have provided such a lovely addition to every bath time. I would recommend this product to friends and family and also many of my parent friends with little ones as I feel they would get the same enjoyment from there little ones as my children have. I have been pleasantly surprised at how amazing this product has been and seeing George get so much from them is so great. They are a friend, teether and entertainer all in one that is a great value product and provide so much fun at every bath time. We have really enjoyed this product; they are ready to go as soon as you get them out of the box and straight away provide countless amounts of entertainment. George has been badly teething and they work wonders for him providing that relief on his little gums. The sensory element is great as you can see George getting very intrigued by the little bobble on the fish. They wash well and seem to be staying mould free which is a big bonus as I get annoyed at constantly having to throw bath toys away. The best bit they are very reasonably priced they won’t break the bank they will last ages and are so much fun. Andrea Kemp – George 11 Months

Product Tested By Vicki Marler-Hausen – Max 18 Months

Vicki Awarded The Splash About Pufferfish Pool and Bath Toy 4.5/5

The Pufferfish were well packaged and looked colourful and fun.  Max immediately pointed at them and smiled when I showed them to him.  He just loves anything that’s like a ball! It’s a straight forward concept, simple and effective for water play.  The fact that the pufferfish are mould resistant is appealing to me a parent. There aren’t really any instructions other than the safety advisory sticker on the back of the pack and a little bit of blurb on the card inside.  The pufferfish have been a fun addition to bath time and Max has enjoyed splashing with them and throwing them at me. They have been good for sensory play at bath time and they are very tactile. Max sometimes put the pufferfish to his mouth during bath time but we didn’t use it as teething toy.  I didn’t really give that aspect to them much thought in fairness. They are incredibly easy to use and to wipe clean without having to worry about water getting inside. We just used the pufferfish in the bath during the time of this testing window.  Had we had them when we had the first heatwave of the summer and the paddling pool was out then I’d have definitely put them in there for Max to play with and throw around.  When we do get round to going swimming, I think he will enjoy throwing them and chasing them in the pool as they are the perfect size and won’t sink.  The pufferfish have kept Max entertained in the bath but I’ve found I’ve had to specifically give them to him or point to them to get his attention and encourage him to play with them.  He hasn’t picked them up or made a beeline for them himself. We do have quite a few toys in the bath and he prefers the sprinkler and squirter toys.  My husband commented that because the pufferfish can’t be used as squirters he didn’t think Max was as interested, which was a shame but also understandable. They are used every bath time. They are always by the side ready to dunk in the water.  We used them only in the bath this summer. We are going on holiday later this year and the pufferfish will be a lovely toy to take with us as they are compact and easy to pack.  So we will definitely get more use out of them and look forward to playing with them in a different environment.  I therefore agree they would be good for the beach and swimming pool, although I’ll have to keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t get lost or float away in the sea! Max enjoyed throwing them at me the most. He loves balls and these are the perfect size for him to pick up and throw.  One evening they spent more time out the bath than in as I was constantly picking them off the floor and giving them back to him, much to his delight. I think the pufferfish are incredibly cute so I liked their little faces and the bright colours.  They are a lovely design. I am already thinking about the photo for Instagram when we are on holiday, much more creative than our bathroom! The age suitability is spot on. We’d have been happy to have them when Max was under a year. They are easy to wipe down after play and keep clean. The quality is excellent, they are very well made and durable. They are a little expensive but on the plus side they will last longer than bath squirters as they don’t get mouldy. They qualify for free shipping too on the Splash About website so that helps when making a purchasing decision.  They are also a good price point for a 1st birthday gift or stocking filler. I’d consider it as they are very cute but we already have a lot of bath toys so they are not an essential buy now Max is 18 months old.  I’d have probably bought them for his 1st birthday though as a little extra present. I’d be happy to recommend them, especially if someone was looking for bath toys that don’t go mouldy. I really like the pufferfish but I think they lose a half point based on the fact that Max would probably choose a bath squirter over these so he could have more fun in the water. Overall, the Pufferfish Sensory Toys are a lovely addition to our bath time play and I feel that they will survive for a long time, whereas other bath toys have had to sadly be thrown away due to going mouldy.  The mould resistant USP certainly appeals to me as a parent, but I do think that if a child was given the choice themselves they would still prefer them to be squirters.  I’m looking forward to using the toys on holiday and seeing Max play with them on the beach and in the pool so we get more play time and value out of the set. They really are very cute so I am sure they will be popular with little ones and it’s great that they are also aiding sensory play in children at the same time. Vicki Marler-Hausen – Max 18 Months

I would recommend and already recommended to friends due to the high quality. These pufferfish are a simple but very entertaining toy. You can  use them in loads of different scenarios and both my 1 year old and my 6 year old loved them. Even though it’s a simple concept, the product delivers exactly what it says and fun for all.


Tim Awarded The Splash About Pufferfish Pool and Bath Toy 5/5

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