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Splash About Sun Protection All In One

MAXIMUM (SPF 50+) sun protection wear. Comfortable to wear and stylish to be seen in. Our soft fabric feels wonderful to wear. A high neck, long legs and long sleeves keep the skin’s most vulnerable areas safe. And great colours ensure your children look great too! And the suits are really easy to get on and off, with poppers at the back and, for the under twos, under the legs for simple nappy-changing. Also called the BabyGrip; designed to address the problems caused by eczema for swimming babies and young children. The barrier cream used to minimise irritation to the eczema gets even more slippery when wet – making the child tricky to hold! The cream seeps through most fabrics and can make them slippery too! Our BabyGrip will not absorb barrier cream and will ensure the cream stays where it is meant to without being rubbed off. Sizes Neborn – 4 Years

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£22.50 Available to purchase online

Splash About Sun Protection All In One Reviews

Product Tested by: Mandy Mclean – Ollie Aged 1 year

Product Tested By Mandy Mclean – Ollie Aged 1 year

Mandy Awarded the Splash All-in one-Sunsuit 4.3/5

Looks great, I like the design. There are lots of great products on the site, but I think the layout of the site could be simpler. There is quite a lot of information on each page which, I find makes me inclined not to read it.  Maybe the images could be larger so it is visually easier to navigate. Loved the fabric. The poppers were a little difficult sometimes, especially when at the public pool – it’s never easy to get the baby changed anyway. I really liked the style I had; it was long sleeved and bright red with white stripes. Very comfortable and also much warmer than just wearing a pair of shorts. I would still also use sun screen though. It was a good suit and all the high street shops seem to sell them in the same price range, although £22 is still a lot of money for most mothers. As the price is competitive, I would choose a suit for the style that I liked, and I did like this one. Great colour and fit.  It could maybe be a bit stretchier as my son is quite tall!  Although might have neede next size available.  Loved the style, worked well and good quality.  Mandy Mclean – Ollie Aged 1 year


Product Tested By Hannah Wade – Baby Joshua 11 Months

Hannah Awarded Splash All In one Sunsuit 5/5

This Sunsuit was brilliant. We didn’t have to worry as much about sun cream every second as he was well covered. He didn’t burn in the 30 degree heat and was happy in it for hours, even when it was full of sand from the beach. I will invest in the next size up for next years holidays as I was very happy with it.   I would like to see more products on this website but could find every thing easily.  I found it to be the best thing that I have tried in the sun. It did exactly what it was meant to and my son was perfectly happy in it. He didn’t burn and didn’t get hot in the material.  We had a long sleeved suit and loved it. It covered his whole body which meant we worried less about him being in the sun and could relax more. I would try a short sleeve suit but think that the long sleeved one suits the purpose more.  He was very comfortable; he didn’t complain, didn’t get too hot and was happy for hours on end.  I am very happy with this item especially as my son is VERY fair skinned and was protected very well.  The material that it is made from is perfect and dried very quickly.  I put this in the washing machine with every thing else and it was fine.  Obviously we would love every thing to be cheaper but would be perfectly happy paying this for some thing that protects our son as well as this did.  I would purchase as I think it did exactly what it was meant to and will be getting one for next year.  Would recommend with out a doubt I think all kids should have one.  I can’t say a word wrong about this product it is fabulous.  Hannah Wade – Baby Joshua 11 Months


Product Tested By Kerry Paton – Baby Annabelle 10 Months

Kerry Awarded Splash All In one Sunsuit 4.4/5

Great colours, easy to put on and easy to change baby without removing the suit.   Website easy to use and a great range of products.  Sometimes difficult to find exactly what you are looking for as there is so much on the page.   Annabelle was very comfy in this, and got lots of comments from other Mums on the beach.  Poppers are robust, and the overall quality seemed high.  The suit I tested had shorter legs but long arms.  Ideally, I would have chosen full length legs, especially as she is not yet moving around.  For an older child, shorter sleeves and legs would be more suitable as easy to move around.  Annabelle was comfortable in this suit and looked adorable!  Pink and orange was a great colour scheme and Annabelle seemed very happy.  Was nice to be assured this suit was giving Annabelle good protection while out in the sun.   Very easyto wash, colours did not run, doesn’t require ironing and looks like new even after several washes.   I think it’s a little bit expensive, I would be reluctant to pay much more than £20 but overall, yes it is a good product.  Good quality product and would certainly consider purchasing.  Already alerted friends to check out this product online.   Keeps baby comfortable and gives peace of mind to Mum!  Kerry Paton – Baby Annabelle 10 Months

Loved the style, worked well and good quality.


Mandy Awarded the Splash All-in one-Sunsuit 4.3/5


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