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Splash Along Mermaids from Munchkin

Underwater mermaid adventure! Pull crown and watch as her tail flaps and she swims underwater.  Soft rubber head and contoured body, easy for little hands to grasp.  Set includes a fun dolphin squirter friend. 2 designs (sold separately)

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£8.49 Available Asda, Tesco, Mothercare, Boots or click online to find local stockist

Splash Along Mermaids from Munchkin Reviews

Product Tested by: Abigail Symons – Olive 2 years 6 Months

Product Tested By Abigail Symons – Olive 2 years 6 Months

Abigail Awarded The Munchkin Splash Along Mermaid 5/5

The packagingis very appealing to a child. Easy to open and clear instructions. Very nice to have a small extra toy and a good size for a young child. Fun entertainment value and my daughter loved it. No concerns at all about her playing with this as ideal for her age group. It definitely keeps the child’s attention. It is very playable. It helps in role play as she imagines the mermaid swimming in the bath. Kept my daughter entertained and she found it very easy to use. She squirts the starfish with her other bath time ducks. It is easy to keep clean.Very good quality and good value for money. If I was to purchase this item it would depend if it was part of an offer or in a store that had loyalty points. I would recommend as any little girl would love it. Our daughter loved this toy and it has made bath time much more fun. Abigail Symons – Olive 2 years 6 Months


Product Tested By Emily Butler – Fiona 2 years 7 Months

Emily AwardedThe Munchkin Splash Along Mermaid 4.8/5

The packaging is very appealing. Colourful and would certainly catch my eye in a store. You can clearly see the item you are purchasing. Easy to open and instructions very easy to follow. The size is ideal for Fiona and loved the little character squirter friend included. My daughter loved this, she had so much fun, kept her occupied and entertained. No worries about her playing with this. This toy certainly kept Fiona entertained and stimulated her imagination as we would make up lovely mermaid stories together. It certainly helps with stimulating their imagination, hand eye coordination colour recognition and role play. This was simple enough for my daughter to use and one of her favourites. We used this in the bath and she would also take this in her room and use as a doll as she loved the noise the tail made when you pulled the crown and played with this along with her other dolls. This is very easy to keep clean. The quality is excellent. Price I feel is a bit high, could do with being a little bit cheaper. I would purchase the other character in the set as you have 2 designs, but I would wait for them to be on special offer. I would highly recommend. We loved this toy and made bath time so much more fun. EmilyButler – Fiona 2 Years 7 Months


Product Tested By Louise Wykes – Pippa 2 years 5 Months

LouiseAwarded The Munchkin Splash Along Mermaid 4/5

I thought the product was very brightly coloured and attractive and looked well made. Packaging was standard cardboard packaging with the annoying plastic tag that you need to cut with the scissors but wasn’t excessive which was good. Style was very pretty with bright, attractive colours; size was good in that my daughter could handle it quite well. Kept my daughter amused before we even got in the bath as she pulled the crown and the mermaid’s tail made a noise which she enjoyed so much she kept doing it over and over again! I had one initial concern that the movement of the tail may catch my daughter’s hands but she was old enough to realise to keep her hands away when the tail was moving. It was very good in a playable context because it could be used outside the bath as well. Also the mermaid started a conversation with my daughter about her eyes, her hair and the star on her head and she enjoyed making it swim in the bath. Was very touchable so great for hand-eye co-ordination as daughter learned to pull the star to make the mermaid swim and I only had to show her once, great colours and very attractive product. Very simple to use and kept my daughter’s interest in and out of the bath. She liked the noise the mermaid made even when not in the bath and she used it for a while as a doll. Very easy to keep clean. Excellent quality well made. Not sure I would have paid as much as the recommended retail price.  Could maybe do with being a little less expensive. I would purchase this if price was lower. I would recommend this toy. My daughter enjoyed testing the new toy and it opened up conversation between her and me. Louise Wykes – Pippa 2 Years 5 Months

Our daughter loved this toy and it has made bath time much more fun. 


Abigail Awarded The Munchkin Splash Along Mermaid 5/5  

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