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Splash Jammers

Brand new in 2017 these new patent pending Jammers provide your child with all the assurance of a Happy Nappy but in a more grown up and sporty design. We understand how exciting potty training can be and wearing a swim nappy to swim class can feel like a backward step, but not with the new Jammers. Designed to work in the same unique way as a happy nappy the specialist fabric at the waist covers the base of the spine whilst medical grade silicone forms an effective seal on the thigh. This ensures that should a faecal accident happen it stays firmly in the jammer and doesn’t leak into the pool.Available in great designs for both boys and girls and manufactured from super soft neoprene for comfort and fit, the Jammers can be worn alone or as part of the double nappy system as required by your swim school.

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2017 

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Splash Jammers Reviews

Product Tested by: Nicola Skeels – Ella 2 Years

Product Tested
Nicola Skeels – Ella 2 Years

Nicola Awarded
Jammers 5/5

When these first arrived I was very
impressed. Packaging ideal for the item supplied and all arrived in perfect
condition. Instructions clear and easy
to follow. My daughter is quite petite, so even though the size is correct for
her age it was slightly too big. However, plenty of growing room which is a
bonus. These were very comfortable and
she loved wearing them. These definitely made her feel more confident in the
water and there were no accidents. Very easy to launder just pop in normal
wash. I really liked the high quality and style of the Splash Jammers. Quality
brilliant. Definitely value for money.
Without a doubt would buy more. Fab product so would recommend. A lovely product. I would suggest offering more varied
colours. Nicola Skeels – Ella 2 Years

Product Tested
Delia Manole – Aris 2 years

Delia Awarded The Splash Jammers 4/5

Overall good impression. Good material, nice
colours, easy to fit, size ok and fun model. The packaging was simple, a bag to
fit the product and the instructions. It could potentially be made to look more
appealing as to be identified as a child’s product and it could be used from recycled
material with a special mention of this on it. Instructions clear and simple.
Maybe a little too technical for just a pair of swimming shorts for children
but accurate. The size was ok. It did not fit exactly, still a bit too big for
him but it was good enough to make my son feel comfortable. He was comfortable
wearing them. We have been using the happy nappies for a while before this so
we are already used to the idea that they will prevent an accident from
happening. The only difference from these and the ones we have previously used
is the model and design as well as the stretchy material which comes handy when
the child grows. As per before, they have been previously using other nappies
but I believe these made him definitely feel more comfortable due to them being
lightweight and stretchy so almost as the child not to even notice he is
wearing them. Perfectly easy to launder in the washing machine. I really liked the
lightweight stretchy material and the model with the bright colours. The
quality is good, comparable with other products on the market; I would not
necessarily say it is superior to others. Some threads were hanging
on the sides of the product which does not look that great and the seam does
not seem to be perfectly executed but all in all it was a good quality. I
believe there are other products cheaper on the market and not much different
maybe apart from the stretchiness of the material so I would buy this product
but not for more than £10 or £11 maximum. I would recommend these to
others. Overall good experience. Easy to
use, lightweight, great model and colours, size fits ok, it is easy to wash,
easy to put on and adjust, it is reliable and my child was comfortable wearing
it. So overall a good impression of this product. Delia Manole – Aris 2 years

Tested By
Toni Bricknell – Anrika 2 Years

Toni Awarded
The Splash Jammers 4.8/5

These looked
absolutely delightful when they arrived loved the colour and style and my daughter
wanted to try them on straight away. Arrived
safely packaged. Instructions
informative and easy to follow. Size was
just a little too big for Anrika but fitted nicely and will last a little bit
longer. They looked comfortable and she
kept asking for these when off to swimming lessons so they were a hit with my
daughter. I would say they did help with
confidence as she felt more grown up wearing her Splash Jammers. Made me feel confident if accident happened
we would be OK. So easy to care for just
popped in normal wash and came out just fine.
I really loved the style and fit.
The quality is excellent as with all Splash About products. Always good value as being confident of no
accidents cannot put a price on that.
Also they are well made so will last.
As soon as she grows out of these will buy more and will be getting some
for our new arrival when he is ready to hit the swimming lessons
programme. Ideal for holidays as well as
so colourful and bright and makes your child easily seen on a beach. We loved these. Toni Bricknell – Anrika 2 Years

Quality brilliant. Definitely value for money. Without a doubt would buy more. Fab product so would recommend. 


Nicola Awarded The Splash Jammers 5/5

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