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Splosh All-Purpose Cleaner

If you’re looking for an all rounder to keep your surfaces sparkling – here it is. Our all purpose cleaner cleaner is just as happy removing grease in the kitchen as it is tackling grime in the bathroom.The formulation is mainly plant derived which means it’s sustainable – as well as being rapidly biodegradeable when back out in the environment.refills
The refill box contains four concentrate sachets and costs £3.95. The sachets inside make up four 500ml bottles of kitchen cleaner, which equates to less than 99p a bottle.lavender fragrance
This lavender fragrance is set to become a Splosh classic. It’s packed full of lovely lavender essential oils but it’s also deliciously fresh (and rather uplifting). You won’t be able to stop wiping every surface in sight.

Price £3.95 for 4 Refills 

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£3.95 for a total of 4 Refills - Available to purchase online

Splosh All-Purpose Cleaner Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Watts

Tested By
Sarah Watts

Awarded The Splosh All-Purpose Cleaner 4.5/5

product works well and smells amazing. Great
concept. A different idea to reduce packaging and encourage people to waste
less. Easy to follow instructions and
easy to use. Excellent quality. It was
very good at general kitchen cleaning. Just having the bottle in the cupboard
made it smell fresh every time I opened it too! I think it is a little more expensive
compared to the other cleaning products. Maybe if the refills made it cheaper
to use then I might consider buying it. I would probably look to buy a refill
but would like to see it in the supermarket rather than mail order. I would recommend. Nice idea which could catch on. I like the
idea of a multipurpose cleaner that works well. This works and smells amazing.
Really impressed. Sarah Watts

Tested By
Kimberley Bradshaw

Awarded The Splosh All-Purpose Cleaner

professional looking, quirky packaging, new concept. Really liked the packaging, very simple and
easy to use. Looked professional and didn’t use more packaging than was
required. Instructions extremely simple
couldn’t be more straightforward. Although the product smelt really fresh, it
didn’t give me the shine on my surfaces that I usually get from my regular
cleaning products. Also after a while the smell started to irritate me and my 4
year old complained that it smelt really strong. In comparison to regular
cleaning products I think not, it is considerably more expensive for results
that aren’t as good. I used up the product in 3 weeks, I do clean lots but I
usually find a bottle lasts me a month and a half. I had to use more of this as
it didn’t give great results. Nice idea,
good concept, but just not effective enough. Although I do think there is a
place in the market for a product like this, this is not comparable to other
cleaners out there. My surfaces did not shine after using this; they didn’t
feel smooth and clean either. It left smudges and tide marks on my appliances
and after a while the smell becomes very off putting. Kimberley Bradshaw

Tested By
Sabrina Kellett

Awarded The Splosh All-Purpose Cleaner 3.7/5

love eco-friendly products, looked interesting and couldn’t wait to use it. Sturdy
plastic bottle that is re-fillable. Unfortunately the nozzle screws came completely
off which seems like a design fault. Also the packet of cleaner itself was
inside the bottle and wasn’t that easy to remove. Instructions simple and easy
to follow. For the cost the packaging
is good quality but the cleaner itself has a lot of colorant to make it look
bright purple for the scent (lavender). It works as a cleaner but has a very
heavy scent. I think it does represent good value. The product to say it’s advertised as a
natural type product looks anything but, the scent is over powering and the
colour of the product is illuminious. Nice concept, good packaging apart from the
minor design faults. The product itself is way too artificial for a product
claiming to be an earth friendly product.Sabrina Kellett

I would recommend. Nice idea which could catch on. I like the idea of a multipurpose cleaner that works well. This works and smells amazing. Really impressed. 


Sarah Awarded The Splosh All-Purpose Cleaner 4.5/5

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