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Splosh Kitchen Cleaner

Our kitchen cleaner works its little socks off to remove grease and stains from your kitchen. All it takes is a spray or two from its rather elegant bottle and you can easily wipe those surfaces clean with a damp cloth. And with food around, it’s good to know that we banned the nasty stuff from this formulation. When the bottle runs out, you’ll find it eminently refillable.  The refill box contains four concentrate sachets and costs £3.95. The sachets inside make up four 500ml bottles of kitchen cleaner, which equates to less than 99p a bottle.clementine & lemon fragrance. Our clementine & lemon fragrance is so fresh and natural you’d swear you were standing by a fruit stall. It’s zingy too, in a wholesome way, which comes from popping in some natural essential oils – something unusual among kitchen cleaners.

Price £3.95 for 4 Refills 

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£3.95 for a total of 4 Refills Available to purchase online

Splosh Kitchen Cleaner Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Sarah Watts

Awarded The Splosh Kitchen Cleaner 4.5/5

product works well and smells amazing. Great
concept. A different idea to reduce packaging and encourage people to waste less. Instructions easy to follow and easy to
use. Excellent quality. It was very good
at general kitchen cleaning. Just having the bottle in the cupboard made it
smell fresh every time I opened it too! I
think it is a little more expensive to the side of other kitchen cleaning
products. Maybe if the refills made it cheaper to use then I might consider
buying it. I would probably look to buy a refill but would like to see it in
the supermarket rather than mail order.
I would recommend this. Nice idea
which could catch on. I like the idea of a kitchen cleaner that works well.
This works and smells amazing. Really impressed. Sarah Watts

Tested By
Sarah Thomas

Awarded The Splosh Kitchen Cleaner 3.9/5

The bottle appeared quite basic but the instructions were easy to
understand. The packaging was very basic and wouldn’t stand out on a
shelf against other cleaning products. The product has a really nice smell, was easy to use
(with an option to turn the nozzle on and off) and appeared to clean the
kitchen well. I liked using the product,
but there are cheaper options available which appear to do as good a job.If I saw this on offer I would consider purchasing. There wasn’t
anything about this product which stood out and therefore I wouldn’t
necessarily see any reason to recommend it to anyone. A nice cleaning product. The product was easy to use,
with clear instructions although it didn’t really explain the reason for the
bottle containing a capsule and you having to add water rather than it arriving
ready-made (not that this was a problem). The product also has a nice smell and
appeared to clean well. Sarah

Tested By
Maxine Pentleton

Awarded The Splosh Kitchen Cleaner 3.5/5

smell but innovative design. Basic packaging
but does the job. Love the way the detergent arrives. Easy to follow
instructions. Trigger spray is forceful and seems to clean quite well. Personally I feel this is expensive for what
it is. This would be too expensive for a
product I use every day. Gorgeous smell
that lingers around the room. Plain packaging but easy to use and works
reasonable well for spills and general cleaning. Not great on oily or greasy
spills. Not great for cleaning inside fridge or microwave etc. as the scent is
so strong. Overall the was the refills are sent is a new idea that saves on
packaging etc. and smells nice but it’s too expensive for normal everyday
cleaning. Maxine Pentleton

 I would recommend this. Nice idea which could catch on. I like the idea of a kitchen cleaner that works well. This works and smells amazing. Really impressed.


Sarah Awarded The Splosh Kitchen Cleaner 4.5/5

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