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Splosh Shower gel

Our wonderfully luxurious shower gel is rich in lather and packed with natural moisturising ingredients. Natural essential oils add beautiful scent. Best of all, the bottle is refillable so you’ve cut your plastic waste. And for a shower gel of this quality, it’s excellent value. Enjoy!

Available in 3 fragrances Rosemary & Lavender/Rose & Cassis/Ginger & Grapefruit

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Price £2.40 for 500ml bottle and Refill pouch £6.95 which will refill 3 bottles all available online 

£2.40 Refill Pouch: 3 bottle refill pouch £6.95

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Splosh Shower gel Reviews

Product Tested By Joann Waller – Son 1 Yr 11 Months & Daughter 18 Years

Joann Waller Awarded The Splosh Shower Gel 5/5

When this arrived I thought the bottle design was basis.  Instructions easy enough to read. Nice bottle design and this was easy enough to use. my family range from 52 to my 2 year old grandson who has very sensitive skin so was very apprehensive using it on him but am delighted to say he had no adverse effect on him all thought it have a lovely but not overpowering smell, you only need a small amount  and lather up fantastically. This really did leave skin feeling refreshed and moisturised. The whole family used this daily and with all of us using it lasted well, nearly 3 weeks. This lasted a lot longer than our normal shower gel. Having the refill pouch is great as really does make this excellent value for money.  I would buy this again as worked well for the whole family.  I would recommend for the same reason.  I really liked the smell and how well it worked.  This is a great product, works well and is good for the environment and kind to the pennies.  Top marks from all of us. Joann Waller – Son 1 Yr. 11 Months & Daughter 18 Years

Product Tested By Jeanette Taylor

Jeanette Awarded The Splosh Shower Gel 4.3/5

When this arrived was a bit surprised how plain the bottle was as the design was not appealing and if I saw this online I would not really want top buy it as did not appeal to me in any way.  Was keen to see if it worked well. Good idea to have product that is eco-friendly and you can purchase refill pouch.  A great selling point. Easy to use problems.  This lathered up well enough.  We have very hard water in our area so many items do not lather up that well but this did as good a job as my normal shower gel.  Left my skin feeling clean and refreshed.  Not so sure it helped keep it moisturised but did not cause my skin to dry out so worked well. I would use this daily.  I was the only one using this.  The refill pouch is such a great idea as I am really conscious now about buying products in plastic bottles and look for items in glass.  This is great as one purchase and you can buy refill pouches which will refill the bottle quite a few times.  Superb idea. I did like the aroma, not my favourite but if in other fragrances would definitely look to purchase more. This did last well compared to my other shower gels and was impressed.  Good quality and eco-friendly. Initial purchase and then getting refill pouches definitely very good value for money. I really loved the fact you can get refill pouches as saves money and makes this last a lot longer than most shower gels.  I would consider buying this occasionally, and now I have the bottle all I have to do is buy the refill pouch.  Not my favourite due to fragrance, but we all have our own personal preference with fragrances.  I might try one of the other fragrances on offer.  I would recommend to anyone who is really keen on buying eco-friendly products as this is good value and works well as a nice shower gel. Would just like to see this available in glass bottle and a nicer more appealing design on the bottle.  Jeanette Taylor

Product Tested By Matt Coaker – Lucas 11 Months

Matt Awarded The Splosh Shower Gel 4.2/5

Good, clean simple design and packaging. Great concept – like the idea of saving on waste and helping the environment. A good idea to encourage users to send back multiple pouches and I like the idea of the packaging pellets being recyclable/compostable as well. Bottle design OK, I would have reduced the size of the white background and increased the size of the flower design so there is more colour impact from the contents behind. Very easy to use with simple instructions on how to refill – the line on the bottle makes it incredibly simple. This did lather well.  Worked as well as any other product I have used and cleaned as well as anything else also. My skin  certainly felt clean but I am not sure whether I actually noticed a significant improvement in feeling moisturised. I used this daily.  my wife used it daily and thought both the product and the concept were good ones. The refill pouch is a really good idea, especially that it gives you 3 refills rather than 1. Perhaps there is scope to have even bigger pouches to make it even more economical? The design of the pouch was much better than the bottle – bold yet simple – the bottle needs to match the pouch if it is to be eye catching and of interest. It absolutely cuts down on waste. Once you have a bottle and a couple of pouches in rotation then you don’ need to ever throw anything away. I am not sure that anyone would need to have the maximum 8 pouches that could be sent back at once though. There was an aroma but is was subtle which I like as it is not too overbearing. Most shower gels are fairly similar unless you buy very cheap and this certain didn’t feel like a cheap product and held up well against our normal purchases. Great product, bottle design needs work to match the pouch, the shower gel itself was good. It is not expensive but not the cheapest either. For those who can afford to pay a little extra and help the environment then I think it is a good price but it might be a little too expensive for some people – if the 3 refill pouch came in at around £5.50 then it would definitely appeal to more – the other option is to have larger pouch refill sizes that are more economical to purchase. I liked the environmental aspect – lots of products claim to have ingredients that are environmentally friendly but this one hits at the heart of the problem at the moment – plastic. It completely eliminates any waste products at all which is extremely positive. I would buy this but perhaps not all the time. I may supplement with other shower gels that are on offer in shops but still get this to help with the environment.  I would recommend as some people are very much into saving plastic and this would appeal to several of them. Great product and concept, work needed on bottle design and price point is a little high to make it appealing to a mass market rather than just those who want to help save the planet. Loved using the product which cleans well, smells good without being overpowering and has a strong environmental message attached.  Matt Coaker – Lucas 11 Months


I would buy this again as worked well for the whole family.  I would recommend for the same reason.  I really liked the smell and how well it worked.  This is a great product, works well and is good for the environment and kind to the pennies.  Top marks from all of us.


Joann Waller Awarded The Splosh Shower Gel 5/5

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