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Splosh Washing Up Liquid Grapefruit

Our amazing washing up liquid is fab at grease cutting – large roasting pans, dirty saucepans and piles of plates will all be left sparkling. There are lots of bubbles to help with grease removal and sensational fragrances to make this chore a little less boring. The formulation took us many months to perfect and, in refill form, is the most concentrated washing up liquid in the world. You make it up at home simply by adding tap water to the bottle. All the ingredients biodegrade rapidly once they go down the plughole.refills
The refill box contains a single pouch – enough to refill your bottle three times. You fill the bottle up to a mark, add water and shake – it couldn’t be easier. A pouch costs £4.95 so the equivalent price is £1.65 for a 420ml bottle. Don’t forget the pouches are also refillable – meaning zero plastic waste!grapefruit fragrance
This a sensational fragrance for washing up. It’s a grapefruit fragrance that’s made from, er…. real grapefruits – meaning it’s sensationally juicy and citrusy. Just the thing to make your dishes smell sparklingly clean. Natural essential oils included.

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£4.95 420ml Refil £1.65 available online

Splosh Washing Up Liquid Grapefruit Reviews

Product Tested by: Samantha Wade – Benjamin 4 Years

Product Tested By Samantha Wade – Benjamin 4

Samantha Awarded The Splosh Washing Up Liquid

It is a great concept, I already use an eco-friendly
washing up liquid and it was interesting to see how this compares.It has a rustic look, provided in cardboard
packaging with useful instructions included. The bottles a great shape. I had
not heard of this brand prior to having it sent for us to review. The
instructions were great but this product was provided ready-made, we are so
impressed we are going to order the refill pack to see how well the
concentrated liquid works. A very nice bottle design, it is aesthetically
pleasing, works well and is simple and easy to use. We currently use Ecover which is an environmentally
friendly washing up liquid, the Splosh washing up liquid has great bubbles and
remains soapy throughout the entire washing up period unlike the brand which
seems to disappear and weaken by the end of the wash. It is great attacking
dirty dishes and soaks away the dirt with ease.I suffer with very
sensitive skin and this has had no effect, this is unusual for me with
perfumed/fragranced products. I really liked the aroma of this washing up
liquid. I think it is a great idea offering refill pack and we will be trying
out the refill pack. It is important to us a product is Eco Friendly. Every
little bit helps; I work for a leading retailer and understand the impact we
are having on our environment.A great quality product that has lasted
well and been a pleasure to trial. I
will be interested to see if the refill pack is as good a quality as this first
solution!I loved the fact that the water remained soapy throughout,
this is unusual with washing up liquids! We will definitely be trialling the refill as we don’t really feel we
have trialled the product until we do this. I would recommend, although some of
my family would pick price over purpose, I definitely have friends who would be
interested in this product. The Splosh Eco friendly washing up liquid is
a great product that is a pleasure to use. It arrives in a perfectly
sized quirky bottle with full instructions on how to reuse and refill! The
fragrance is fruity and pleasant and the performance is great. The washing up
water remains soapy throughout and is able to tackle tough stains with ease. A
thumbs up from all in our household, we can’t wait to test out the refill!Samantha Wade – Benjamin 4 Years 

Product Tested By Jocelyn Pinner

Jocelyn Awarded The Splosh Washing Up Liquid

Looked well presented, good quality and keen
to see if this would match up to my regular brand of washing up liquid. I had not heard of the Splosh Brand before
and am always looking out for Eco products for me and the family. So I was pleased to try this out. Instructions clear and precise. Bottle design good, easy to hold, easy to
keep on side of the kitchen sink and easy to use. I was pleasantly surprised as
this really did work well. Tackled grease, cooking stains and all my washing up
needs. Worked a treat for us and I also
notice much kinder to my hands too. I am
always being told to wear washing up gloves but never do, but this was gentle
on my skin. I loved the scent of this washing up liquid nice and fresh. I think
offering refills is a great idea. Not
building up on plastic bottles and easy enough to order refills and use the
same bottle over and over again. Very important to me and all the family that
we go for Eco friendly natural products.Quality is very good. When you
take into account how long it lasted and offer refills then yes worth the
money. I will be buying the refills for sure.Already recommended and have been looking at other products they offer.
This is a top product works a treat on all your cooking grime stains on pots,
pans etc., last well, and smells delightful. Jocelyn Pinner

Product Tested By Marianne Storey – Jack 3

Marianne Awarded The Splosh Washing Up Liquid

Initial impression
was very positive. Nice branding, attractive packaging and shape of the product.
Packaging is simple yet effective, cardboard so recyclable and good size for
the product.Prior to being sent this item to review for Bizziebaby I had
not heard of the brand. There weren’t really any instructions that applied to
the testing of this product. There were instructions of how to use refills in future
that seemed fairly straightforward.Bottle was nice to hold, easy to use
and attractive design.It cut through grease with relative ease, didn’t
need to leave plates to soak first so time effective (when enough product was
used). I have sensitive skin on my hands and this was very gentle and
kind to them. I definitely liked the aroma for this washing up
liquid.Being able to purchase refills is a great feature as any eco-friendly
product is always a bonus.It is important so that we are reducing
the amount of plastic and non-recyclable waste we produce. Especially teaching
our son this. I was definitely
impressed with the quality of the product. The aroma and the ability to
clean/cut through grease were great and when the right amount of product used,
it lathered well. The downside was the amount of product that needed to be used
in order to achieve this. We felt it was a thin consistency. I was disappointed that this product lasted
just under 3 weeks in our house (2 adults and 1 toddler) we don’t have a
dishwasher so do all dishes by hand, but never has a washing up liquid run out
so quickly.I liked the aroma and that it was kind to the skin the
most.I would not purchase this product due to how quickly it ran out and
therefore how regularly we would have to buy refills. I would recommend for
friends and family that also use a dishwasher. For friends and family like us
that do all washing up by hand – I would not recommend. This is due to how
quickly it ran out and how cost-effective it would be. Good product with great
branding and packaging. Smells great and in the right amount works well. The
downside to this is that more product needs to be used so not cost-effective
for a young family.An enjoyable eco-friendly experience. I enjoyed using this
product, as did my husband as the aroma was lovely and not too strong. It is
aesthetically pleasing in the kitchen and easy to use. The product was
kind to skin and with the right amount used; it produced a good lather and
cleaned dishes well. The consistency of the liquid was thin and we had to use
more of a squirt than with previous washing up liquids to achieve the same
effect. As a result, it ran out in less than 3 weeks of use and at a price of
£4.95 we were disappointed by this. The price of the refills and the product
therefore aren’t cost-effective for my young family and unfortunately put us
off the product. If the consistency wasn’t as thin and didn’t run out as
quickly/the price reflected this, we would definitely be more interested in
this product in the future. Marianne Storey – Jack 3 Years


The fragrance is fruity and pleasant and the performance is great. The washing up water remains soapy throughout and is able to tackle tough stains with ease. A thumbs up from all in our household, we can’t wait to test out the refill!


Samantha Awarded The Splosh Washing Up Liquid 5/5

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