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SpongeBob Aqua Art

Aqua Art is a great way of keeping children busy without creating mess – Simply fill up the aqua pen with water and push onto the two picture boards to reveal pictures of SpongeBob and his friends. Once the board has dried, the picture disappears so it can be used again and again!

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SpongeBob Aqua Art Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Rachel Duxbury – Eva 3 years

Awarded The SpongeBob Aqua Art 4.2/5

is bright and inviting; it looks like something my little girl will love as she
really enjoys drawing/painting and water play. Packaging is bright and
inviting, it is clear what the product is and is very interesting for a child
to look at. Less than 30 seconds to add water to the pen. Very simple and easy
to add water to the pen. No issues, I did need to supervise as she managed to
squeeze the pen to squirt the water out and it became quite messy. It is age
appropriate under supervision. It stimulates their imagination by
allowing them to uncover the picture underneath. although it is obvious what
the picture is before water is added. It does help with development; you
have lines to draw on so the water from the pen brings out the picture. It
helps with hand/eye co-ordination as if they go outside the lines they uncover
another part of the picture. It does keep her entertained to a certain extent
but as there are only two pictures which dry quite quickly, it was hard to
uncover the full photo which was quite frustrating so she enjoyed playing for
short amounts of time. After using this a few times the card became distorted
and was no longer flat. I understand that this may have been due to excess
water on the card but as it is aimed at ages 3+ it should be able to take this
into account. It is also too easy to squeeze the pen to allow most of the water
to squirt out. However if this is not done the water stops coming out. I really
like how colourful and eye catching this it. The scenes for the pictures were
fun and my child really liked them. I didn’t like how the card distorted after
3-4 uses so it didn’t last as long as I thought it would. I also think that it
would be more exciting if the background image before the water was added was a
little fainter so it is more of a surprise when ‘colouring’ it in. Although it
only last a few uses, it is excellent value for money. I thought it would be
more than £1.99 so would be more than happy to pay that price. I would purchase
but maybe when my 3.3 year old is slightly older so she doesn’t use excess
water. For the price, this is a great activity so would recommend. Happy with the product but would have
preferred it to last a little longer. Fun
and excellent value for money. Rachel Duxbury – Eva 3 years

Tested By
Sophie Jacklin – Son 4 years

Awarded The SpongeBob Aqua Art 4.2/5

is small but neatly packaged. Bright coloured box with great pictures which
shows you what happens. A4 size. All the assembly is to open pen and fill with
water. Very easy instruction which are found in on the box. On the packaging it
says 3 + my boy is 4 yrs and loves it and it would not hurt a child in any way. It’s a
great fun very easy to play with and is reusable. It helps with hand and eye co-ordination as
it will show a picture at the end. It
keeps his attention until the picture is shown.
My son loved to spray mummy with the aqua pen. The quality is average,
was a little disappointed in the quality but it wouldn’t stop me buying more of
them. I think it’s great as it can be re
used loads of times, we have taken it in the car doesn’t make loads of mess
like paints do. I think the pen is a little small as take ages to paint it with
water. The packaging isn’t useable after taking out the picture cards. We have
used it on car journeys and in hospital etc. Its great value for money as it is re-usable. If
it came in different cartoon characters. I would buy more. I would recommend. My son loved the great bright pictures that
are shown once used the aqua pen. Great product I would buy more as they are
really good but might use a bigger brush. Sophie Jacklin – Son 4 years

Tested By
Rebecca Ace – Lillian 3 Years

Awarded The SpongeBob Aqua Art 4.5/5

bright, colourful and fun creative toy.
Loved the packaging and would stand out in store. So easy to use and set up just put water in
pen and you are ready to go. Ideal for my daughter and age appropriate. It is fun to use and Lillian was excited to
see the picture as she proceeded to colour it.
Helps her to stay in the lines and learn to concentrate. She enjoyed using this and colouring in and a
really reasonable price for an interactive toy.
Kept my daughter entertained on car journeys and purchased some more to
take on holiday. This is really good value for money at £1.99. I am thinking of getting some for her
birthday as would be fun for all her friends to use. Great gift idea, super for stocking gift for
Christmas. Would like to see more
characters available in this set. Have recommended
and fun and entertaining. Lovely little
set, great fun and good value too. Rebecca
Ace – Lillian 3 Years

For the price, this is a great activity so would recommend. 


Rachel Awarded The SpongeBob Aqua Art 4.2/5

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