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A great set of microfibre cloths for kitchen cleaning specifically designed to remove grease and stains.This cleaning kit includes a super absorbent Microfibre Kitchen cloth and an efficient Microfibre All Purpose cloth, just what’s needed for sparkling results!The Microfibre Kitchen with thirsty sponge centre effortlessly absorbs water while its thick 3D weave wipes away grease and stains, leaving a gleaming finish.The Microfibre All Purpose with thick 3D weave easily tackles dirt and dust even on delicate surfaces, leaving a brilliant finish.Ideal for cleaning all kitchen surfaces, including ceramic hobs, stainless steel, tiles and worktops.Did you know? Spontex Microfibre cloths are made up of thousands of tiny fibres, so the number of contact points with the surface are greatly increased compared to non microfibre cloths. This means that each cloth has extraordinary cleaning power that eliminates 99% of bacteria. Being efficient with just water and no need for chemicals, the cloths are ecological too. What’s more, these microfibre cloths are super resistant and can therefore be washed in the washing machine over and over again!Machine washable to 60°C but do not wash with fabric softener or tumble dry. Do not use with bleach.Not suitable for use on hot surfaces.

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Product Tested by: Andrew Bright

Product Tested By Andrew Bright

Andrew Awarded The Spontex Microfibre Kitchen Kit 4.2/5

impressions seems useful. Packaging was
slightly loose on receiving product. Straight forward, product needs little
instruction. Good, effective cleaning aids. Reasonable value as contains two
cloths. We already have similar cloths. Seems
reasonable price for usefulness and would recommend. Product seems effective, would need longer
testing to check durability. Useful
products, seems reasonable value for effective cleaning products. Is able to
produce a decent shine on metallic surfaces. Andrew

Product Tested By Emma Van Bussel

Emma Awarded The Spontex Microfibre Kitchen
Kit 3.8/5

– used for cleaning several different surfaces such as mirrors, bathroom
basins, toilets, kitchen sinks. Packaging colourful and eye catching. Not many
instructions, but few needed! Nice quality and good for cleaning. Price seems high considering a general sponge
can do the same job. Yes I would recommend it in terms of its cleaning power,
however as stated above, it doesn’t do any more than a normal sponge would do
which can be bought for a fraction of the price. I would therefore
recommend it to people for which money is no object. Good product but
overpriced. I used the product in
several different rooms in the house for different purposes. It works
well. Emma Van Bussel

Product Tested ByHelen Holt

Helen Awarded The Spontex
Microfibre Kitchen Kit 3.8/5

jobs quality micro fibre cloths that I would be able to use for lots of
different. The packaging was very basic and did not stand out. Instructions
aren’t really required for this product. The cloths are a good quality I
especially like the thicker one, it’s harder wearing and they can be cleaned in
the washing machine. I feel £4.99 is actually quite expensive for 2 cloths. I would
purchase is this was cheaper. I would
recommend. It is a good product, but the
price lets it down, as there are similar products on the market for a cheaper
price. The micro fibre clothes are good for many uses, cleaning surfaces,
windows, getting rid of smears, especially for cleaning the bathroom and
kitchen. They can be put in the washing machine to be cleaned. I especially
liked the thicker cloth as its harder wearing for tougher dirt. Helen Holt

Useful products, seems reasonable value for effective cleaning products. Is able to produce a decent shine on metallic surfaces.


Andrew Awarded The Spontex Microfibre Kitchen Kit 4.2/5

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