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Sporty Bump Robe-Around Towel

This innovative maternity wrap-around pleated towelling robe has been designed specifically with pregnant women in mind. The Robe-Around has a clever pleat which expands with the growing baby bump, ensuring complete privacy for the wearer. Perfect in public places such as the swimming pool, tanning rooms, or health club and ideal as a holiday cover-up for the pool or beach. Strong Velcro fastening ensures a secure and comfortable fit for women of all shapes and sizes.100% cotton excluding trimmings and fastenings.
One size fits allColour – Black

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£20 Plus P&P Available to purchase online

Sporty Bump Robe-Around Towel Reviews

Product Tested by: Karly Phillips – Mum To Be

Product Tested By Karly Phillips – Mum To Be

KarlyAwarded The Sporty Bump Robe-Around 4.5/5

Clever and very good quality. Design good but could be a little longer. This is very practical and unlike with a normal towel it means you don’t have to keep a hand free to grab it when it starts to slip. Quality very good but did moult a little. Very comfortable to wear. This fitted perfectly at various differentstages of pregnancy. Because of the heavy black dye I couldn’t wash it with the rest of the families’ normal towels and had to be it on its own. This fits much better than my usual towel and I did not have to worry about it gaping. A little expensive for a towel but perfectly in line with towelling robes. No longer pregnant but will use when I take the little one swimming as it is perfect to sling round me to stop me getting cold while leaving 2 hands free to dry and dress baby. Would recommend for holidays/swimming as it’s a lot easier to carry than a towelling robe. Very good, wouldn’t normally use in the house as I use a towelling robe but absolutely great while away from the home i.e.holidays or swimming pool.  KarlyPhillips – Mum To Be


ProductTested By Wendy Prince – Noah 2 Months

Wendy Awarded The Sporty Bump Robe-Around 4.4/5

Very practical leaves you with your hands free and lowers the risk of towels slipping. Design is very good and superb quality. A well designed towel that is very practical. Found even after a couple of washes the fabric was still a little rough would like to see a softer material. I found this comfortable to wear. For me this did not cause any irritation as good fit, but do believe this is dependent on size of person using the towel.  You can wash this in normal wash. This was much better to use compared to my normal bath towel. Very good value for money. I will certainly continue to use this towel. I would recommend to others but like previous stated would like it to be a softer material. Very good product grows with your bump just needs softer material as a personal opinion. Wendy Prince – Noah 2 Months


Product Tested By Joanne Bettle – Mum To Be

Joanne Awarded The Sporty Bump Robe-Around 4.6/5

Looked luxurious when arrived. A very clever idea and good quality. This is a very practical towel to wear during your pregnancy as will grow with your bump. I found it very comfortable to wear and kept me snug and warm after my bath. This secures round you so no worries about falling down. I found this so comfortable to wear. Served me well during the latter stages of my pregnancy. Easy to wash but did find it was not as soft as when first arrived. Could do with being a softer towelling to make it last longer as all towels get a bit rough when used a lot. I really like this as much better fit than my normal towels and still use it now as find it easy to use and comfortable .A little expensive but so nice to have. Would make a great gift item. Also ideal to take on holiday and perfect for round the pool. I also take this to the swimming baths with me now. Would recommend as something you get, use and then find you cannot live without. Only improvement would be softer towelling material used. A superb idea and great item to have during pregnancy and afterwards too. Joanne Bettle – Mum To Be




Would recommend for holidays/swimming as it’s a lot easier to carry than a towelling robe. Very good quality.


KarlyAwarded The Sporty Bump Robe-Around 4.5/5

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