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Sprig Discover Rig

Our Sprig Adventure Series is built around the Discover Rig – a sturdy, battery-free vehicle with a removable push bar. The Discover Rig comes with Adventure Guide Cap Faraday, and can seat up to three Adventure Guide characters at one time. When a child rolls the Discover Rig forward, it triggers the generator that fuels the lights and sounds. Three play modes on the Discover Rig control the electronic features: Search (lights only) – Rally (lights & motor sounds) – Adventure (lights, motor, dialog, sound effects and songs!) Playset Includes: 1 Discover Rig – 1 Adventure Guide – Cap Faraday -1 Push Handle Features: Active Play – Storytelling Imagination – Character Play – Electronic Play (No Batteries Required!) Dimensions: With handle: 18”(h) x 11”(w) x 20”(d) – Made in Canada Suitable for Ages 3+

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Sprig Discover Rig Reviews

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Product Tested By Joanne Douglas – Ethan Aged 4 Years 6 Months

Joanne Awarded The Sprig Discover Rig 4/5

Looked very professional and exciting.  Packaging is excellent lovely eco packaging.  This toy is very easy to assemble took us just minutes, and the instructions are so easy to follow.  Personally I feel the recommended age could be lower as my toddler absolutely loves this. My children loved pushing it along and the noise and light features were very popular. Kept their interest for a while and also all the kids visit us make a bee line for this toy.  Certainly a good toy to help hand eye co-ordination skills.  Like all toys my children love a new item, play with it continually, and then the interest dies down.  This is not a reflection on the toy, just children’s attention span.   My children also loved to use this to carry around other small car toys. Excellent quality, push along attachment quite short though.  It seems a high price, but when you weigh up the fact it is eco friendly and you will not have to buy batteries for this item, then long term it saves money.  I feel this is more suited to younger children as holds their interest longer.  Great to have en ECO toy, very tactile and different and exciting.  Joanne Douglas – Ethan Aged 4 Years 6 Months 

Product Tested By Sally Lakin – Daniel Aged 3 Years 6 Months

Sally Awarded the Sprig Discover Rig 3.9/5

Liked the fact this was a Green  toy.  Colours are tailored to it being an adventure desert toy and there are others in the range.  Website is informative and easy to navigate.  The packaging is adequate and made out of recycled material. It takes no time at all to set up. Very easy to follow instructions. The recommended age group is for 3+, however when I looked at the picture on the front of the box I thought it would be suited for slightly younger children. My son seemed to enjoy playing with it for a while. He preferred to play with it as a truck he could hold in his hand rather than using the push along stick that comes with it. You can purchase other vehicles in the range which would add to the play value.  However, we were just reviewing the Discover Sprig.  This is a very simple toy. However as a toy to play with on it’s own my son lost interest quite quickly, but you can purchase other items in the Sprig range to add to the play enjoyment.  My son would play with this Discover Rig along side his other car toys etc; held his interest more as he could interact with the other toys too. It is a sturdy well made toy and I like the idea of it being made out of recycled material. Personally I feel £39.99 is a bit on the expensive side, but if you want a toy that is Green then you expect a higher price tag. I do think it is a toy that would last and wouldn’t break easily like some do. I liked the fact that to make the light work you do not have to use batteries as so many other toys do. Not having to use batteries also saves you money in the long run. Personally  I think it is better suited to younger children, perhaps 2+. I would recommend to friends/family with younger children and purely because it is a robust toy that does not need batteries and it is a Eco friendly toy. A strong, robust toy with a refreshing idea of being made out of recycled material. Sally Lakin – Daniel Aged 3 Years 6 Months

Product Tested By Sharon Kelly – Jackson Aged 3 Years

Sharon Awarded The Sprig Discover Rig 4.5/5

WOW it looked super, great "green" packaging, looked really smart.  Lovely packaging looked really expensive.  So easy to set up, as there were no batteries required, took about 30 seconds to attach the handle, that was all.  Instructions are self explanatory.  Had no concerns about Jackson playing with this toy, just perfect for his age.  Jackson had hours of fun with it at first, it definitely stimulated his imagination.   Jackson saw it more of a fun toy, rather than development, but he did share with his brother.  Was easy enough for Jackson to play with and the more you pushed it, the more you get from it.  Quality is excellent.  I personally think it was quite expensive £39.99, but can totally see the reasoning behind this, it does not require batteries so will save a fortune on that, and it is environmentally friendly, so therefore you pay slightly more than normal toys, but save on not having to purchase batteries.  I thought this toy was a great idea and a really good design.  Would certainly recommend to friends and family as good toy, battery free and eco friendly.  Jackson has had hours of fun with it, it is made very well and will last forever as its battery free.  Sharon Kelly – Jackson Aged 3 Years

Great to have en ECO toy, very tactile and different and exciting.


Joanne Awarded The Sprig Discover Rig 4/5

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