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Spring Baby Sleepsuit

long sleeved sleepsuit, made from 100% soft cotton providing the utmost comfort for your baby’s skin. Envelope neckline and snap opening poppers between the legs for quick and easy changing. Designed with Patsy the pig character print on the front, this sleepsuit is must have for your little one or would make an ideal gift. Available sizes:
0-3 months: Weight 6kg/13.2lb, Height 62cm/24.5in
3-6 months: Weight 8kg/17.6lb, Height 68cm/27in
6-12 months: Weight 10kg/22lb, Height 76cm/30in  

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£15.00 Available to purchase online

Spring Baby Sleepsuit Reviews

Product Tested by: Sheena Johnston – Laurie 11 Weeks

Product Tested By Sheena Johnston – Laurie 11 Weeks

Sheena Awarded The Spring Baby Sleepsuit 4.6/5

Nice picture on the front, nice feel of the material, generous size. The picture on the front was bright and it washed very well. There appeared to be no fading of the picture on the front even after several washes. The suit was very suitable for Laurie who is11 weeks. The only downside to the suitis that it doesn’t have fold over covers at the end of the arms. I find these very useful when swaddling Laurie at night to ensure her fingers don’t get trapped in her shawl. They are also handy to have to prevent her sucking her thumb which I am trying to stop her from doing. The quality of the suit was top rate; it washed very well without fading and also held its shape very well to. The studding around the bottom area made it very easy to change Laurie’s nappy. My husband even managed to stud Laurie back up without having the usual left over stud that he tends to have with other body suits!!! I would say that Laurie was very comfortable in the suit. It is a good size. Laurie did not appear to be irritated by the suit in any way. She slept all night when she was in it, and when she had it on during the day she did not appear to be bothered by it. As mentioned in previous boxes, I felt the suit washed very well, I was able to put it in with Laurie’s other white items, it kept its shape and the motif on the front did not fade. If there were covers over the arms I would definitely buy this product, although this is a very personal opinion, others may not necessarily look for this feature. I would recommend it as it washes very well, is comfortable to wear, and has a nice motif on the front. Had the fold over covers on the arms been present it would have been 5 from me. Again, this is a very personal requirement. My daughter looked very cute and comfortable in this. Sheena Johnston – Laurie 11 Weeks


Product Tested By Katie Owen – Ryley 7 Months

Katie Awarded The Spring Baby Sleepsuit 4/5

Nice decoration, but only a small amount of decoration for the retail price. I like the monkey picture, but would maybe prefer if it had more colour or patterning around the rest of the sleep suit. I like that it doesn’t have poppers all the way up the outfit like many others. Fits him well, and is easy to dress as there aren’t many poppers, my son is incredibly wriggly, and so this suits us perfectly. Practical for everyday use, fairly average but works for a baby. Unfortunately stained easily with baby sick! It also bobbled slightly in the wash. I love that the poppers at the bottom are few, my son hates being pinned down and nappy changing, I often end up chasing him along the floor trying to finish buttoning or turning him over trying to get front fasten poppers reapplied. He often screams until he can lie on his front again, so this design is perfect in that I can allow him to roll over and then button it up easily still upside down! He was a very content baby, (as much as could be asked of a sleepy baby!). This item of clothing never caused any irritation or discomfort. Worked great until he vomited all over it, I am working on getting the stain out but is taking a few washes so far. But I feel this may be the same with any outfit. It has a cute pattern, and easy to use poppers, but I wouldn’t spend £15 on one sleep suit. I normally spend £7 for a pack of 2 or three. This is a really cute sleepsuit, but price is high. I would recommend if it was on special offer. My sleep suit had a lovely little pattern; it was very easy to use with fastening between legs only, making it super easy to change a nappy. Katie Owen – Ryley 7 Months


Product Tested By Cheryl Macdonald – Carly 7 Months

Carly Awarded The Spring Baby Sleepsuit 4.2/5

Looked nice and arrived well packaged. Really liked the design. This is well designed and was ideal for my baby. Beautiful quality, so super soft! Just what my baby deserves. This did make nappy changing easier due to the design. This looked really comfortably on my baby. This is lovely and soft on her skin and never caused any irritation. Perfect to launder, no ironing required stayed same wash after wash! I wouldn’t pay £15 for one sleepsuit, it is lovely and soft but not £15 it’s a lot of money for one. I would purchase this if it was on special offer. I would recommend. Lovely soft sleepsuit that made my baby very happy and comfortable. Cheryl Macdonald – Carly 7 Months

My daughter looked very cute and comfortable in this.                


Sheena Awarded The Spring Baby Sleepsuit 4.6/5     

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