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SPUNI Spoons

Baby’s First Feeding Spoon, infant self-latching technology, Non-toxic BPA Free, made in Germany – Pack of 2 spoons

Starting solids is one of the major transitions of your baby’s first year. Ergonomically designed by MIT graduates and devoted parents, Spuni’s patented tulip design triggers the baby’s natural latching instinct to help the baby transition more naturally to solids. Spuni’s innovative design also prevents babies from choking on too much food, making mealtimes safer and a lot less messy. Spuni baby spoons are just the right length to reach the bottom of food jars and bowls. Made in Germany from food-safe, medical-grade TPU – the same material used in pacifiers and baby bottle nipples. BPA free, BPS free, Phthalates and PVC free. Each set includes a clear plastic travel case with two baby spoons in bright attractive colors that babies love. Hypoallergenic and top-rack dishwasher safe.

+ Stage One is recommended for infants aged four months and up

+ Stage Two is recommended for infants aged eight months and up

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Price £19.99 for 2 Pack available online

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SPUNI Spoons Reviews

Product Tested By Stacey Kerrigan – Logan 10 Months

Stacey Awarded The Spuni Spoons 4.7/5

The shape of the spoon looked small and I wasn’t sure it would hold enough food. The colours were nice and bright. I liked the package because you could see the product clearly. I was a little concerned that it was too small but after the 1st use I loved it. There was no mess and Logan was able to take all the food off the spoon without leaving any and there was no mess.
Very sturdy and easy to hold, didn’t stain like most spoons do. I wouldn’t pay the RRP for 2 spoons normally, but after using them I would buy them again. I would buy more if they done them for older children. I woulddefinitely recommend this product to friends and family. I liked the spuni spoon a lot. It was easy to use and Logan was able to take all the food off the spoon without any mess. The packaging was great because you can use it to transport the spoons when going out. I liked
the material it is made from because Logan was able to bite down without hurting his gums and he loved the bright colours. Stacey Kerrigan – Logan 10 Month

Product Tested By Miranda Layne – Isis 8 Months

Miranda Awarded The Spuni Spoons 3.5/5

Attractive set of spoons, one green, one purple and they came in their own carry case. Nice cool design. The spoons arrived in a clear, hard plastic case which can be used when travelling.The packaging stated that the “Spuni” should be used as baby’s first spoon and is designed to make feeding easier and less messy. There were no specific instructions.They are simple to use and I can see how the design would make it easier for a baby in the early stages of weaning to adapt to eating from a spoon. My daughter is currently on the second stage of weaning. The ergonomic design makes the spoons feel thick and sturdy as opposed to other thinner feeding spoons and therefore is softer for babies’ small mouths. They are made from a high quality plastic and are dishwasher safe. I think overall the quality is good. They are not easily bendable or breakable. Unfortunately I don’t think they offer value for money as quite pricey for two spoons. I feel that the weaning experience can be just as enjoyable without them. Yes, they did slightly reduce the amount of food pilled during mealtimes, but what is baby’s dinner time without a little mess? Unfortunately I probably wouldn’t recommend the spuni as I don’t think it made enough of a difference during mealtimes. They look good and the carry case would come in handy, but unless someone I knew was
experiencing difficulty at mealtimes with their baby latching onto the spoon, I wouldn’t recommend them. A regular spoon would be just as effective. Great looking, well-made product, but it is too pricey. We used the spuni every day since it arrived. Isis has tried a variety of foods from purees to chunkier mashed foods using the spuni and she was comfortable eating from it immediately (she is a hearty eater anyway). They wash well but I found that you can get some slight staining
from tomato based foods e.g. pasta sauce. No issues with the spoons. They also feel nice to hold. Miranda Layne – Isis 8

Product Tested By Claudia Wildinger – Matteo 10 Months

Claudia Awarded The Spuni Spoons 4.5/5

The packaging is very sleek and modern. It is of a high quality and would definitely stand out on any supermarket shelf. I love the fact that the product comes in a pack of two in a variety of eye-catching colours and have a unique form and shape. I think the sturdy packaging is definitely of a great quality and the instructions are very clear. My son was already 9 months so at an advanced weaning stage but the special shape of the spoon made it so much easier to feed him yoghurts and purees without a lot of mess. It seems that due to the special shape he is able to almost suckle the food from the spoon and so avoid getting food all over. I believe that the material and quality of the product is great they are very durable and sturdy, but just now after the short time of use the outer part of see-through plastic is scratched from washing and getting in contact with other cutlery. For sure the Spuni is on the upper prise range but I definitely think that with its special design it’s a must have for every new mum that starts weaning when the first feeding attempts are especially messy. I would consider purchasing these for a new born baby. I would recommend and am going to buy a pack for my friends baby shower. I think that this product is great for starting weaning as it makes the transition from suckling to eating easier for baby and mum. I would definitely want to have this in my kitchen and the packaging allows as well easy storage in any changing bag on the go. The colour combinations that are on offer are eye-catching and modern and the durable material makes this a high quality product. The only down side is that the top material will show very fast signs of wear and tear Thank you for letting
us test this product. Claudia Wildinger – Matteo 10 Months

The packaging was great because you can use it to transport the spoons when going out. I liked the material it is made from because Logan was able to bite down without hurting his gums and he loved the bright colours.


Stacey Awarded The Spuni Spoons 4.7/5

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