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STABILO BOSS MINI Ghosts – Looking for something unusual.
The classic STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL in mini format. Printed with 5 funny ghosts. Characters with super-glow effect which glows in the dark. STABILO quality workmanship, ink and writing comfort.Available in 5 fluorescent colors. 2 line widths 2 + 5 mm. Water-based ink for paper, copy or fax. Long cap-off time. Available for a limited time only.

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£3.89 for pack 3 - Available WH Smiths, Rymans, Tesco, Sainbsurys or purchase online


Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Claire Syme – Natalie 7 Years

Claire Awarded The Stabilo Boss MINI Ghosts – haunt by day and glow by night 4.3/5

These looked exciting. The packaging was fantastic.  The size and style of these pens was really good and Natalie seemed comfortable using them.  The range of colours in the pack is good too.  The colours came off table tops easily with a baby wipe.  The colour density of the pens is excellent.  They are well made and very sturdy.  Natalie loved the characters on the pens.  This product is excellent quality and offers great value for money.  The only improvement is that this product states they glow in the dark but my daughter didn’t notice this and was a little disappointed.  I would still consider buying these now and recommend them to others.  It is an enjoyable useful product with an element of fun.  Claire Syme – Natalie 7 Years


Product Tested By Zoe Broughton – Aneeka 7 Years

Zoe Awarded The Stabilo Boss MINI Ghosts – haunt by day and glow by night 4.9/5

My initial impression of these was eye catching pens, great for little creative minds.  The style of the pen was great. I do think they could have been a little bit longer for them to hold a bit more ink in them. The range of colours were fantastic after doing rather a lot of craft with my daughter they look great on all kinds of paper. These also work on walls that have been painted  (I have done some little rockets and stars on my children’s bedroom walls so they glow in the dark at night).  These pens were easy to clean of work surface and table tops with a cloth and a bit of kitchen spray.  I used these pens too, to highlight my taxi appointment times. These were great to use for the night time appointment’s as they glow in the dark and highlight the times for me to see easier.  The pens were very sturdy no matter how much pressure u put on them the nibs don’t press in or break which is a plus whenyou have children that press down hard.  I also let my 14 month old have a draw with them whilst supervising him once I took the lid off them he handled them well too.  The characters on the pens are eye-catching and funny for the children, my little girl laughed at them every time she used them.  The quality is of a high standard and they offer great value for money.  I have already bought some more as we have made some great Halloween pictures to put in our window that will glow in the dark and add that extra spookiness.  I have recommended these to a lot of my friends to use for Halloween projects as the glow in the dark is a fantastic idea to use.  Over all these keep my two children happy for hours. The Stabilo Mini Ghost Highlighter Pens  (Hunt by Day and Glow By Night)  Childs best friend for creativeness.  Zoe Broughton – Aneeka7 Years


Product Tested By Sandrine Gallagher – Emma 9 Years, Max 8 Years and Luke 1 Year

Sandrine Awarded The Stabilo Boss MINI Ghosts – haunt by day and glow by night 4/5

These arrived packaged in an envelope.  My two oldest children like these as they are quite small and ‘gimmicky’ but my youngest is too young to play with them.  These are highlighters and therefore left a few marks, but this shouldn’t be too much of an issue with older children.  The colour density was good and you could definitely see writing underneath once the highlighter had been used.  They seems sturdy although they stopped working quite quickly as my children often forget to put lids back on.  My 2 older children loved the glow in the dark characters.  These are good quality highlighters.  What you would expect from Stabilo Boss highlighters.  Unfortunately I don’t think they offer value for money;  I have purchased these once before and think they are expensive for what they are.  I would recommend them however; for older children as a bit of a novelty for Halloween or such occasion.  Sandrine Gallagher – Emma 9 Years, Max 8 Years and Luke 1 Year

 It is an enjoyable useful product with an element of fun.


Claire Awarded The Stabilo Boss MINI Ghosts – haunt by day and glow by night 4.3/5

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