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STABILO Cappi Pens

STABILO Cappi Pens – never lose pen caps again.
THE PEN – Pen caps can be threaded onto a cap ring – so it’s almost impossible to lose them and the pen does not dry out.Unusual tube shape – so the pen doesn`t roll away and can be easily picked-up.Ergonomic grip zone ideally designed for children’s hands.Sets with 12, 18 and 24 brilliant colors.Line width approx. 1 mm.Washable ink.Ventilated cap.Can be left uncapped for up to 24 hours without drying out.
THE ADVANTAGES – Cap ring prevents losing the caps and provides additional transport function benefit.

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£6.50 for pack 12 - Available WH Smiths, Rymans, Tesco, Sainbsurys or purchase online

STABILO Cappi Pens Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Michele Whitby – Faye-Marie 7 Years

Michele Awarded The Stabilo Cappi Pens 4.7/5

My daughter loved these;  they are bright and a different shape to normal.  The packaging was ok.  My daughter doesn’t normally hold her pen properly but with these Stabilo it made her writing better.  The range of colours in the pack was excellent and every colour was covered.  These were really easy to wipe off table tops;  just wiped straight off.  We got yellow and blue and thought they are good colours.  These pens are really sturdy too.  We always have to look for at least one pen lid but we didn’t need to when using the stabilo thanks to the loops in the top.  The quality of this product is fantastic and offers good value for money. I will be buying some more of these pens.  My daughter wants them all and as she writes so well with them I will be buying more when I see them in the shops;  I think I saw them in a supermarket. I would recommend them to others.  They are brilliant pens.  I would love my daughter to have a writing pen made by these so she could use it in school for her work.  Michele Whitby – Faye-Marie 7 Years


Product Tested By Stacey Holland – Elle 6 Years

Stacey Awarded The Stabilo Cappi Pens 4.9/5

My daughter was really excited to receive these.  She loved the design of them.  The size and style was lovely. My daughter gets annoyed when her pens roll off the table but these didn’t.  She seemed very comfortable when using them.  The pack size was great and came with all the colours Elle likes to use.  The colours were really easy to clean off our table if she managed to get any on it.  The colour density was really good and she didn’t have to press down hard for them to work.  They were very sturdy too.  The loop in the top is an excellent idea as she is always losing lids.  Quality is excellent and offers excellent value for money.  We loved them. I would consider buying them and I have already recommended them to family and friends.  They are brilliant pens that my daughter really enjoyed using. Stacey Holland – Elle 6 Years


Product Tested By Gillian Mowers – Grace 7 Years

Gillian Awarded The Stabilo Cappi Pens 4.8/5

I really liked the look of these pens when they arrived.  The style and size of them were ideal for Grace to use. They come in a variety of colours that are lovely.  She did manage to get one of the colours on our table but this was easily cleaned off with a cloth and some spray.  The density of the colours was really strong considering she didn’t have to press down hard to use them.  They are very well made and sturdy.  The loop in the top of the cap is a great idea as no more losing lids.  The quality is really good and I had no concerns at all with my daughter using these.  They offer great value for money. I have already purchased some of these for my niece as I know she will love them too.  I have recommended them to all of my friends and family.  This productis great, they offer great value for money and they don’t dry out like others do on the market.  Gillian Mowers – Grace 7 Years


I would recommend them to others. They are brilliant pens.  


Michele Awarded The Stabilo Cappi Pens 4.5/5 

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