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For those learning to write and school children aged 6 and over.

A new interpretation of the fountain pen: an ergonomically designed rollerball.
The first rollerball especially designed for left- and right-handers.
Part of the STABILO EASYergonomics experts product line.
Grip zone made from non-slip material.
Every refill has a new tip: extremely easy to refill with no mess.
New: larger cap protects the tip better and is less likely to be lost.
Refills available in line width 0.3 mm (in blue, for a finer writing) and 0.5 mm (in blue, black and red).
Doesn’t blot or scratch.
Available with royal-blue erasable ink, document-proof black ink or red ink.
All color combinations feature a space for a name tag.

Praised by teachers, approved by parents, loved by children.
Relaxed hold whilst writing – prevents muscle fatigue.
Easy, comfortable handling means neat and tidy handwriting.


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£7.99 - Available WH Smiths, Rymans, Tesco, Sainbsurys or purchase online

STABILO EASYoriginal Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Julie Haines – Jessica 8 Years, Jennifer 2 Years and Rafe 6 Months

Julie Awarded The Stabilo Easyoriginal 4.6/5

This product looked quite funky in the box; unusual shape. It is good to see it comes with refills.  The packaging was eye-catching, comes with refills and claims to help with handwriting. It has a soft rubbery area where the fingers wrap around the pen, and is comfortably shaped to help my child hold the pen properly (I thought this pen was a bit old for Jennifer, but Jessica (8) has been using it to do her school homework).  The pen is beautifully smooth, flowed wonderfully; very easy to use.  Jessica’s handwriting was much neater and she found the pen easier to use than normal pencils and biros.  She claimed that her wrist and fingers did not ache at all!  I think if your child is struggling with his or her writing in school then this pen is probably a good investment.  My daughter, who much prefers to watch TV than do her homework, really looked forward to using her special pen.  It’s very smooth and easy to use.  The price is quite a lot of money for a pen for a child, especially as something as small as a pen is quite likely to get lost.  However, as mentioned, it does come with refills and also stickers that fit onto the pen so that you can write your child’s name on it so that hopefully it would get returned if it was lost.  I don’t think the design could be improved.  I like the soft, shaped rubber area for where you hold it,  and I’m very pleased it comes with refills. If they made another in different colours and washable ink for toddlers I would be buying one for my 2 year old.  I would consider buying this now;  Jess’s handwriting has improved so much, it’s well worth the money.  I would recommend it to others especially for anybody that does a lot of writing.  This pen is so comfortable and easy to use,helps you write your best handwriting. Julie Haines – Jessica 8 Years, Jennifer 2 Years and Rafe 6Months


Product Tested By Ali Glyn – Charlie 5 Years

Ali Awarded The Stabilo Easyoriginal 3.9/5

This product came in the heat sealed plastic packaging that needs sharp scissors to get into and can never be resealed if the product needs returning.  The pen itself looked ok for a child to hold,  my son is still encouraged to write with pencils at the moment.  This is a nice pen to use as an adult, ink generally consistent.  The price is not bad value with replacement inks, waiting to see how long the ink cartridges last and how easy it is to buy replacements.  The only improvement I would say is that it would be easier if the lid fitted on the top as I’m constantly worrying about losing it when using the pen.  I would possible consider buying this product depending on how much the refills cost.  I would recommend it to family and friends. It is a nice pen for an adult.  Ali Glyn – Charlie 5 Years


Product Tested By Naomi Roebuck – Oliver 6 Years

Naomi Awarded The Stabilo Easy Original 4.5/5

This is a cool, bright and funky looking pen.  It looks ok in the packet but it incredibly difficult to open.  My son found this pen just right, he said it felt comfortable to write with and not too big like some pens he has used. If the pen wasn’t held perfectly at the same angle the amount of ink coming out would vary but when it did work, it worked well.  We saw a vast improvement in my son’s writing whilst using this pen, his teachers at school also commented on how neat pieces of work has become.  This is a very chunky, sturdy pen which despite many drops on the floor is still in perfect working order.  It does seem a little steep in price for a pen for a child who doesn’t write an incredible amount but is worth it with the change in his writing.  I will definitely consider another of these pens or further refills once this runs out.  I have already mentioned these pens to school that are now looking into getting them for pupils.  My son enjoyed writing with this pen and helped him with his handwriting.  Naomi Roebuck – Oliver 6 Years



 I would recommend it to others especially for anybody that does a lot of writing. This pen is so comfortable and easy to use,helps you write your best handwriting.


Julie Awarded The Stabilo Easyoriginal 4.6/5 

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