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Stand Out Vest

ROCKET VEST price: Starting at: £14.99
Let your little boy fly to the stars in this mega bright and fun design. The front pocket is
fake – we didn’t want it to catch on playground equipment! The pocket on the back, however, is real
and contains an identification/medical information card for your precious Rocket Man.Measurements: (Guide only) Small (ages 1 – 2): Half chest 31.5cms, Length 37 cms
Medium (ages 2 – 3): Half chest 33.5cms, Length 40.5 cms
Large (ages 3 – 5): Half chest 35cms, Length 47cms
XL (ages 5 – 8): Half chest 43cms, Length 51cms*NB – To ensure the best fit for your child, we recommend layering in colder months, rather than the use of bulky, "puffa" style winter jackets. If unsure, please order the next size up.
Please Choose:
S – Small (approx. ages 1 to 2)
M – Medium(approx. ages 2 to 3)
L – Large (approx. ages 3 to 5)
XL- (approx. ages 5 – 8) (+£1.00)

* NOTE:  We are pleased to announce that 2012’s designs/stock all feature more generous sizing to accommodate winter jackets.

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Prices Start From £14.99 and available to purchase

Stand Out Vest Reviews

Product Tested by: Kerry Tribbeck – Joshua 4 Years

Product Tested By Kerry Tribbeck – Joshua 4 Years

Kerry Awarded The Stand Out Vest 4.3/5

Good quality product, nice design and good fit. Packaging nothing special but appropriate to the product. I love the idea of the Stand out vest, especially when out in crowded places or riding his bike. We took this along on a day out to Legoland and got a lot of positive comments from other parents. Made my DS stand out from the crowd sufficiently and much nicer than the standard fluorescent jacket he wears when riding his bike. My son was very impressed with this item, especially as he loves all things space! This would be worn on Day trips during the holidays including one trip to Legoland, out and about on his bike. Good fit, didn’t ride up or come undone. Like the fact that the child can’t take it off themselves. My DS is a big 4 yr. old – usually in clothes for 5-6 yrs.; this did fit nicely over a t-shirt but won’t be big enough to go over a coat for winter walks to school. Easy to wipe clean and wash. Very well made, reflective bits showing no signs of coming off after washing etc. Think it’s a bit expensive but then again it is a good quality product. I would recommend this product. Great product well made. Good "fun” design and practical without looking too functional. Kerry Tribbeck – Joshua 4 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Wenham – Myles 4 Years

Sarah Awarded The Stand Out Vest 4.1/5

Bright and my son loved it at first sight. The packaging was minimal but adequate for its purpose. Good instructions, basic and clear. Designs are OK but a little young for a four year old. My son didn’t like the rear fastenings; however, the safety features are strong. Bright colour and reflective. He liked the fact I would see him in the dark and felt safe walking along paths. Very good quality, strong and durable. It is good value as will last through a young child’s growth. We go on lots of bike rides so would be good for that but it does not go over a coat in the winter. A good idea for young children. I would recommend this to friends and family. The vest is very nice but we had difficulty with the fastening and would not go over a coat comfortably. A great idea for young children. Sarah Wenham – Myles 4 Years

Product Tested By Louisa Martin – Shellie 4 Years

Louisa Awarded The Stand Out Vest 4.7/5

A really good idea and looked good quality. Liked the design and a nice fit. Packaging good. The concept of this is brilliant as you can see your children at all times. We go on lots of walks and bike rides so ideal for Shellie to wear her vest. This is ideal to fit over jumper in the winter and also good to put over T-Shirt in the summer. Just knowing you can see your child and also that others can see them clearly in this vest. Nice idea to have a vest instead of a coat as Shellie thought it was fun to wear. Sizing was good for Shellie. A fantastic safety product for your child and you know they will always be seen wearing this. This is very good quality, strong, durable, well made and will last a long while. So although a bit expensive this is a safety item and you cannot put a price on child’s safety and will last. Therefore, in my opinion worth the investment. I would purchase this item and recommended already. Great safety product for your child. Louisa Martin – Shellie 4 years

Great product well made. Good "fun” design and practical without looking too functional.


Kerry Awarded The Stand Out Vest 4.3/5

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