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Star necklace From Lavianbelle

Brass ball chain with epoxy star and semi-precious stone charm. Total length approx 40cm. Available in yellow, red, orange, white, blue, purple.

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£28.00 Available online In several shops around the world, very popular at The Cross in Notting Hill

Star necklace From Lavianbelle Reviews

Product Tested by: Aaron Martin – Rebekah 5 Years

Tested By
Aaron Martin – Rebekah 5 Years

Awarded The Lavianbelle Star necklace 4.2/5

in Nice little bag, looked quite posh at first glance. For
the price you’re paying I would prefer a presentation box as it kind of looks
bunched up in the bottom of a bag. For a child I felt the chain was a bit thin
and could break easily, but then again, it has proven sturdy so far and the
product itself is very simple but effective.
I personally feel RRP is too high for a brass necklace. I would purchase is price was lowered. I would recommend as makes a lovely gift.
Overall lovely
product but maybe a bit overpriced. Could be presented better and the price
quite high, but overall it’s a nice necklace for a child. Maybe best for a
child a little older than my eldest as I think she’s still a bit young to look
after it properly. Other than that it makes a lovely little gift/keep sake
item.  Aaron Martin – Rebekah 5 Years 

Tested By
Nadine Warwick – Scarlett 7 years

Awarded The Lavianbelle Star necklace 3.8/5

very sweet necklace for a child. My daughter loved the fact that the star was
red for her name. We weren’t too convinced on the colour of the chain, being
brass it looks very different to the silver chain she usually wears. The
necklace arrived packaged in a small gold organza pouch decorated with gold
stars. My daughter thought the pouch was great and wanted to use it for other
things! I thought the packaging was
acceptable; a box was not required as it was very unlikely to get damaged in
transit. The necklace comprised of a very delicate brass ball chain, an epoxy
red star and a semi-precious blue stone charm. The clasp was well made and easy
to use – my daughter could put it on and take it off herself. The charms were
held on by a link that was well sealed and did not show and signs of becoming
unstuck. The necklace did not damage in wear but we were extra careful with it.
Being made of brass, we were told not to get it wet or spray it with perfume etc.;
when I told my daughter this it worried her so she was quite reluctant to wear
at times. For example she asked me what to do if it rained or she got hot and
sweaty, she didn’t seem comfortable wearing it which was an awful shame. Laviandbelle’s
designs are handmade and individual but I think £28.99 is quite expensive for
what it is. I’m not sure I’d pay this for a child’s necklace that is not as
robust gold / silver equivalents. It would make a nice, unusual gift but I
don’t think I would buy it myself. I would recommend the Laviandbelle site as
there are some lovely products on there. I had not heard of this company before
and have mentioned them to my friends. This is a pretty and unusual necklace and
I love the fact that Laviandbelle’s products are handmade in the UK. The story
of how the company started out is heart-warming. However, personally I don’t think that brass
is a practical material to make a younger child’s necklace out of; it may be
more suitable for a teenager. It looks great with casual t-shirts or more
formal tops and dresses but I’m not sure how long it would last being so
delicate and whether it would stain the skin. Nadine Warwick – Scarlett 7 years

Tested By
Siobhan Holder – Mia 6 years

Awarded The Lavianbelle Star necklace 3/5

initial thought was the product quality didn’t appear to be worth the RRP in my
opinion. It looked quite cheap, very delicate like it would break easily and
generally not particularly anything different from a cheaper piece of ‘fashion
jewellery’. Came in an organza bag. For
RRP I would have expected it to be displayed in a box, especially for
protection as it looked quite delicate. Far too delicate for child use, cheap
looking. Nothing particularly original or special about the item. I certainly
would not have paid anywhere near the RRP for it. I’ve seen similar looking
products for a fraction of the price. It was recommended that this product was
suitable for all ages, but I disagree completely. A younger, more active child
could easily break this product. Overall poor looking quality. Siobhan Holder – Mia 6 years

Overall it’s a nice necklace for a child. Makes a lovely little gift/keep sake item.


Aaron Awarded The Lavianbelle Star necklace 4.2/5

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