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Starchild Lime/Blue Shoes

With lots of choice and style, combined with the highest standards in quality, our shoes are great value for every child! They give total comfort to the child wearing them, have a non slip sole and are also environmentally friendly with non toxic dyes!

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Starchild Lime/Blue Shoes Reviews

Product Tested by: Gina Elliot – Harry 14 Months Old

Product Tested By Gina Elliot – Harry 14 Months Old

Gina Awarded the Starchild Shoes (Blue/Lime) 4.8/5

I loved the colours and the soft leather on the shoes. I initially thought the shoes would be very difficult to get on but due to the nature of the leather being so soft they were surprisingly easy I liked the bright colours too. They were also just the right size for Harry. They seemed very comfortable due to the soft leather and they stayed on well. The only problem I had with the shoes was the stitching, the little stars started to curl after a few days making the shoes look older than they were. But even though I feel they are expensive I would probably buy again but more likely before my son is walking. Gina Elliot – Harry 14 Months Old

Product Tested By Christopher Hutter – Corin 1 Year
Christopher Awarded the Starchild Shoes 4.3/5

Very well packaged, but the look of the shoes isn’t all that spectacular. I was also surprised to see that the shoes were soft-bottomed; given the size was 12-18 months. The website is wonderfully bright, nice and easy to navigate and has a fantastic range of shoes. However, the majority appear to be ‘pram shoes’ which would be of no use to my son now. I liked the clear case they came in, and the padding inside the shoes was much better than balled up paper. Fabulous quality, you could tell they were leather from the smell of the shoes, and they were hard wearing enough for my son to wear around the house. The style of the shoes are great, they are lovely and bright. They were a bit on the small side for my son, but he does have big feet for his age. They did fit, but wouldn’t last very long. They do stay on, until my son decides to remove them himself, but this isn’t down to a design fault, just a willful toddler with a shoe fascination! Lovely product, but not much use other than as slippers once child is fully mobile, but highly recommended for younger ones. Christopher Hutter – Corin 1 Year

Product Tested By Susan Garratt – Jack 13 Months

Susan Awarded the Starchild Shoes (Blue/Lime) 3/5
Initially I thought they looked quite cool and cute. I thought the quality was poor, stitching of the stars onto the shoe was not as expected, especially now as I know the price. They looked great when I first opened them, but it took me a while to get used to putting the shoes on, as the elastic was not easy. I asked for the next size up, as my son has slightly bigger feet than his age. They were slightly too big, but not massively and he could cruise in them well enough. Once I got them on they looked lovely and comfortable and they stayed on perfectly well on their own, they only came off after a lot of pulling by my son. I would not pay for this item, so no I don’t think they are good value for money. Overall they looked good to start with, not good enough quality to use all the time though.  Susan Garratt – Jack 13 Months

very comfortable due to the soft leather and they stayed on well


Gina Awarded the Starchild Shoes (Blue/Lime) 4.8/5

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