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With lots of choice and style, combined with the highest standards in quality, our shoes are great value for every child! They give total comfort to the child wearing them, have a non slip sole and are also environmentally friendly with non toxic dyes!

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Starchild Shoes Reviews

Product Tested by: Tracy Winn - Amy 14 Months Old

Product Tested By Tracy Winn – Amy 14 Months Old

Tracy Awarded the Starchild Stripy Shoes (Pink/Red) 4.8/5

My first impressions were that the shoes looked nice and comfy. The quality of the materials used to make the shoes was also very good. The colours also go with most outfits and look really nice. I wasn’t too sure on the sizing because my daughter has slightly smaller feet than average, and they were pretty big. I did try them on my niece who is 13mths and they were still a little big on her too. The shoes were however, very easy to put on due to the elasticated parts. Although a little big they do look comfortable and were very flexible, certainly not restricting like some shoes. Considering they were a little big for my daughter, they did stay on her feet, so I feel they have been designed well. They can be used when you are out or just around the house to keep little toes warm, so you would get loads of use out of them, so I think they are good value for money. Overall I loved them, if they were not so big they would have been more like a second skin and very safe to use. They are breathable, so no sweaty feet and you would get lots of use out of them. My daughter already loves shoes, and these were no different, she would always pick these out of her other shoes and indicate for me to put them on her feet, she also never pulled them off. I would have loved to of used these when she was a little younger and when she first started crawling, I will buy a pair if we have another baby as they are very soft, and you don’t run the risk of a baby’s toes being squashed or even pulled back like some cot shoes do. Tracy Winn – Amy 14 Months Old

Product Tested By Emily Bradley-Smith – Isabelle 22 Months Old  

Emily Awarded the Starchild Stripy Shoes (Pink/Red) 3.5/5  

The shoes arrived in their own box that was attractive and recyclable. The shoe was made of soft leather which gave them a high quality feel. The style had a slight European look to them. If they were meant to be worn outdoors, I would not personally have bought them because of the style. However, for indoors, they were fine – the patterns and colours were bright and vivid. My daughter has always seemed to be ahead of her peers in terms of shoe size, so I was concerned that the shoes may be a little too small for her, but they were surprisingly very roomy. The shoes were a little difficult to put on. Especially when barefoot and when the foot is a little moist. My daughter was unable to put them on herself. The shoes do look very comfortable, though a little soft material on the sole of the shoe would have cushioned them for extra comfort. Although the soft leather is lovely for around the house, they are a little too expensive as a slipper choice for indoors. Cheaper versions are more padded for extra comfort, and financially more friendly for growing feet.  A well made but relatively expensive shoe that unfortunately wasn’t particularly popular with our daughter but may be suitable for other little ones! Emily Bradley-Smith – Isabelle 22 Months Old

Product Tested By Tracy Gill – Baby Chloe 6 Months Old

Tracy Awarded the Starchild Stripy Shoes (Pink/Red) 2.7/5

My initial impression of the shoes was average. I thought that for the price the packaging was slightly flimsy and gave the impression of a cheap product. The quality of the product itself was fine for the age group however if my child had been of walking age then I can only presume that these would not last for very long. The style of the shoe didn’t appeal to me much, it is very different to what I would personally go for. I found the size of the shoes to be very good, and the elastic makes them easy to fit to the feet. The shoes are very comfortable for my baby, there are no hard parts or edges and are very soft. I found the design of this product unusual however the colours were great. The main problem is they just would not stay on my baby’s feet for very long! Tracy Gill – Baby Chloe 6 Months Old

They are breathable, so no sweaty feet and you would get lots of use out of them.


Tracy Awarded the Starchild Stripy Shoes (Pink/Red) 4.8/5

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