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Every pair of Starchild shoes are hand finished to the highest standard, giving total comfort for the children that wear them.  Each pair has a durable non-skid suede sole which is ideal for tiled or wooden floors.  Enviromentally friendly using non-toxic dyes. 

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Starchild Shoes Reviews

Product Tested by: Claire Hanson - Baby Abigail 11 Months

Product Tested By Claire Hanson – Baby Abigail 11 Months

Claire Awarded the Starchild Shoes 4/5

First impression when these shoes arrived big.  They have a wide range of designs to choose from when you go online giving you a wide variety of choice to suit your taste.  The quality of these shoes is lovely.  Excellent for indoor use and great for keeping feet warm, not so good for outdoor use.  The ones we ordered were large.  Abigail does have small feet but I have received the 12-18month size and they fit my 2 year old.  He has average size feet for his age.  When ordering online check the size chart and you can also call or email to confirm size ordered is correct for your child.  These are extremely easy to put on and look so comfortable I wish I had some.  Abigail was able to take these shoes off without any help from me.  I am sure they are durable and long lasting as the quality is good.  I really like these shoes and will consider purchasing more.  A lovely big comfy slipper for Abigail.  Claire Hanson – Baby Abigail 11 Months

Product Tested By Georgie Hales – Hughie Aged 1 Year 1 Month

Georgie Awarded The Starchild Shoes Top Marks 5/5

High quality, soft leather slippers with fun motifs.  Would make a great gift as they come in a clear bag. Website is easy to nagivate and there are lots of styles and choices available online for both boys and girls.  I can see two main types: one with a togle and other style with elasticated ankle back.  I am impressed with both as they look easy to put on and take off, making my life easier.  The shoes are delivered in a clear fitted pouch, which was great as you could clearly see the design of the shoes.  When you look at the stitching on these shoes, you can see they are finished well with great attention to detail, even with the motifs.  The leather is very soft, and the suede soles look and feel durable.  They have a wide combination of contemporary colours and distinct styles to choose from.  I think they are unique, and target a wide range of different tastes due to variety of designs available.  I had Hughies feet professionally measured at eleven months and his feet measured 3.5".  Looking at the Star Child website, this is for 12-18 months and is a size L.  I have been told that his feet are large for his age and are wide with a high instep, so I would expect his sizing (if measuring in months) to be out slightly.  Though the opening of the shoe looked narrow, the eleasticated ankle back stretches well, which made my life easier getting these on quickly with no fuss.  The shoe looked soft and comfortable both when worn and when looking inside. Inside the finish is high quality and you can see that there is nothing to irritate the foot like labels, or balls of stitching.  They stay put with every step, so there is no slipping.  These are great at staying on and we really put them to the test.  They stayed put even when my child was climbing up and down stairs, trying to kick them off, running around and being taken out of a snugly fit pram footmuff.  There was nothing on the shoes to engage Hughie like Velcro or laces, so he soon gave up trying to loose them!.  Superb value for money.  As these are leather to clean I have been spot cleaning shoes with damp cloth.  Would certainly go online and purchase more in the future.  Practical high quality first shoes which look great with any outfit and keep Hughie’s feet warm.  Georgie Hales – Hughie Aged 1 Year 1 Month

Practical high quality first shoes which look great with any outfit and keep the feet warm.


Claire Awarded The Starchild Shoes 4/5

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