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With a superb choice of styles, sizes and width fittings on offer, our fitted boys and girls shoes are designed to look great and feel fantastic, whether your little ones are off to school, out to play or going to a party.  Start-rite is the only children’s brand to offer whole and half sizes in up to six width fittings, with generous growing room in every pair, so you can rest assured that your children’s feet are comfortable and supported all day long.  To find your nearest stockist or to choose a pair online, visit

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Start-rite School Shoes Boys & Girls Reviews

Product Tested by: Kate Pearson - Michelle Aged 4 Years

Product Tested By Kate Pearson – Michelle Aged 4 Years

Kate Awarded The Start-rite Shoes Top Marks 5/5

When I arrived at the shoe shop the first thing I noticed was that they sold all of the designer ranges and not just Start-rite shoes.  The range of Start-rite shoes in the shop was very good although when it came to selecting a pair of school shoes it wasn’t too difficult as they only had 2 styles in my daughter’s size.  In the shoe shops defence my daughter has very, very narrow feet so I was impressed by the fact that they did have 2 different style of shoe to choose from that fitted her perfectly.  The shoes we chose were called Zoe, a classic style of school shoe that I am confident are going to be comfortable for her.  Her ankle bones protrude quite a lot so we have to make sure that the shoe isn’t going to cut into her ankle as this has been the case with shoes we bought previously.  The zoe shoe is perfectly shaped to fit under her ankle joint and they are also softly padded in this area.  She has been breaking them in for the past couple of days and hasn’t once complained that they are hurting or uncomfortable.  At £39.99 they are on the expensive side but with my daughter’s feet I would happily pay this for a perfect fitting pair of shoes.  Also, if they last the year then this price is actually good value for money.  I will definitely use Start-rite shoes for my other children.  I also saw that they had some beautiful girls casual shoes so will be on my way back to buy a pair of their soft canvass shoes. Kate Pearson – Michelle Aged 4 Years

Product Tested By Alison Parry – Rhys Aged 5 Years

Alison Awarded The Start-rite Shoes 4.9/5

Very good, smart, quality school shoes. Unfortunately I don’t live very close to a stockist but there are over 400 retailers you can find on Start-rite’s website and you can order online!  The staff in the store were Very friendly and helpful.   There wasn’t much choice in the shop I went to for boy’s black school shoes but other stockists may have more. Also if you know the correct size you can always check what’s online. Saying that the two styles we were shown were both what I was hoping for. There was no problem with size or width (my son has fairly broad feet).  Shoes were Very comfortable. There’s room to grow. We had to add some insoles for a small additional cost. We have only tried the Start-rite canvas, early walker type. With regards to school shoes -mainly the price puts me off with having three children. Saying that, they are a better investment. I feel these will last longer as I usually end up buying shoes every term! Most positive experience  Having feet measured properly and time spent making sure shoes fitted correctly.  The shoes look robust (especially important with regards to my 5 year old!) and have a good sole.  They are more expensive than I’d personally choose but again if I added up what I pay for the pairs of shoes I end up buying during the school year they probably are better value.  It will be interesting to see how they fare although it’s the first time I’ve had confidence in a pair of shoes lasting beyond one term! For those not on a strict budget I’d recommend them. Start-rite has been in the business for many years so they know what they’re doing. Well made shoes well fitted.  Alison Parry – Rhys Aged 5 Years

Product Testes By Carolone Pocock – Ben Aged 4 Years

Caroline Awarded The Start-rite Shoes 4.9/5

Good Sturdy Shoe. Shop was in my local town centre so very easy to get into town. The staff was polite and very helpful. We only found a couple of styles for boys.  Once Ben had his feet measured we only had a choice of 2 styles for his shoe size. Son didn’t complain at all said they were comfortable. Wanted to wear them home!!  I must admit we have not used Start-rite shoes before.  The Staff in the shop approached me straight away asking if I needed help, which was very good.  These are high quality shows, Very sturdy and look very smart.  I have no doubt these will last all year and they are certainly good value for money.   I would certainly consider purchasing Start-rite shoes in the future.  My son is a typical boy running around climbing etc and the shoes are bearing up well to this. Have been very pleased with the quality of these shoes and would recommend to others.  A good experience as even from day one of wearing have been comfortable and hard wearing and also look very smart.  Caroline Pocock – Ben Aged 4 Years

I would happily pay this for a perfect fitting pair of shoes.  Also, if they last the year then this price is actually good value for money


Kate Awarded The Start-rite Shoes Top Marks 5/5

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