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Steady Bowl

Steady Bowl – Less mess and stress at the table.  Features: Rim designed for easy grip – ‘steady’ shape – helps promote self confidence – Drain Holes for easy cleaning – Available in 4 colours with matching tableware available.  Non toxic, freezer, dishwasher and mircowave safe.

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£3.49 Available in Argos, Asda, Boots, Babies R Us or purchase online

Steady Bowl Reviews

Product Tested by: Pamela Kerr - Amelia Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Pamela Kerr – Amelia Aged 2 Years

Pamela Awarded The Steady Bowl 4/5

First impression looked excellent quality.  Packaging was strong and detailed information on the pack. The size of the bowl was just right for Amelia.  These come in nice bright colours, but Amelia was looking for an animal or another picture on the bowl.  These are easy to clean and easy to stack.  Certainly good value for money.  This bowl is non-slip, but would have liked a lid on the bowl as feel this would have been an added benefit.  Will continue to us and will recommend to friends and family.  A very good sized bowl, ideal for toddlers and high quality.  Pamela Kerr – Amelia Aged 2 Years


Product Tested By Jaime Williams – Cauulum Aged 3 Years 1 Month

Jaime Awarded The Steadyco Bowl 4.3/5

Really impressive, lovely bright colours eye catching and smart and hard wearing plastic.  Size of the bowl spot on.  Was the right size for a toddler portion whatever I put on it or in it was finished and no requests for extras.  Certainly feel the vibrant colours make meal times more interesting and loved the fact non tip.  Sotrage was a little tricky, would stack but would take up a lot of space as did not fit in with other bowls I had.  Very easy to clean as dishwasher safe.  If you hand wash I found towel drying this bowl just a little tricky as you had trouble geting into the feet wedges to dry.  The wedged feet are certainly a good benefit as they prevent the bowl from tipping which is absolutely brilliant.  Also love the fact this bowl is ok to use in the microwave, dishwasher and also freezer safe.  I heat stuff in the mircrowave all the time, and a lot of childrens items are not microwave safe so to save using two seperate items this was really useful.  I did not use this in the freezer, but am sure this is another good benefit.  The price of the bowl is very competitive.  Just one suggestion maybe a way of stacking to utilise storage space better would be helpful.  This is a great bowl and will certainly continue to use.  This is a good bowl with many useful functions and served its purpose well and my son enjoyed using his bowl.  Jaime Williams – Callum Aged 3 Years 1 Month  

Product Tested By Caroline Coello – Jacob Aged 2 Years 6 Months

Caroline Awarded The Steady Bowl 4/5

Looked good quality.  Strong strudy packaging and the quality of the bowl excellent.  The size of the bowl was just right for Jacob.  Loved the colour as we had bright red bowl.  This bowl is not easy to store due to the legs.  Very easy to clean and can also just pop in the dishwasher.  The lipped edges are ideal and the legs are designed to make sure it does not tip over and stops spillages.  Certainly good value for money.  The only alteration would be to design legs that fold away as this would make it so much easier to store.  Jacob loved this bowl and ideal for toddler portions.  Caroline Coello – Jacob Aged 2 Years 6 Months


Product Tested By Lorna Young – marley & Scarlett Aged 2 Years 9 Months and 1 Year 1 Month.

Lorna Awarded the Steady Bowl 3.3/5

Already have this product and use it daily.  First impression functional without any gimics.  Instructions are not really required for this bowl although portion size information would help.  Washes and wears well as have used this for over a year now.  Size suitability depends on the age of the child but overall good size bowl.  I use the snack bowl for my 1 year old.  The style & colours are functional.  For a fussy easter I find that if the bowl has characters on it then visually helps them to want to eat from the bowl.  This is not easy to store.  It does not even store into its own product and makes for a messy cupboard.  This is dishwasher safe and washes really well which is a big bonus.  This bowl has the footed base which makes for a sturdy bowl and also very stable on the highchair.  This is good value for money as functional and built to last just needs some more thought regarding storage solution.  Also like the fact this bowl comes with a lid.  Easy & functional long lasting product but needs to have design improvement for storage in cupboards.  Lorna Young – Marley & Scarlett Aged 2 Years 9 Months and 1 Year 1 Month.


Product Tested By Deborah Lamont – Reuben Aged 3 Years

Deborah Awarded The Steady Bowl 4.7/5

Bright attractive packging and easy to understand.  This is a very strong and durable bowl.  I think this is a bit big for a younger toddler, but fine for my son who is 3 years old.  Reuben loved the bright colour and made mealtimes fun.  Not too difficult to store although different shape to other bowls.  Very easy to clean especially as dishwasher safe.  The non slip base is superb for young toddlers.  Slightly more expensive compared to many other products, but it is very well designed and well made.  Will certainly continue to use as strong, well made, attractive and my son loves using his bowl.  Deborah Lamont – Reuben Aged 3 Years

A very good sized bowl, ideal for toddlers and high quality.


Pamela Awarded The Steady Bowl 4/5

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