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Steady Snack Pot and Lid

Steady Snack Pot – Small snack pot comes with lid so ideal accessory when you are out and about with your little one and want to take a snack with you.  Features; Leak proof travel lid, ‘Steady’ shape helps promote self confidence – Drain holes for easy cleaning – Available in 4 colours with matching tableware available.  Non Toxic, Freezer, Dishwasher and Microwave safe.

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£2.99 Available in Argos, Asda, Boots, Babies R Us or purchase online

Steady Snack Pot and Lid Reviews

Product Tested by: Anita Gambles - Jake Aged 2 Years 2 Months

Product Tested By Anita Gambles – Jake Aged 2 Years 2 Months

Anita Awarded The Steady Snack Pot and Lid 3/5

Like the Steadycup, it is an attractive, bright colour (making it easy to spot on a table with other snack containers) and it is sturdy-looking with five individual hollow ‘feet’.  Packaging minimal – small cardboard frame with plastic frontage.  Easy to open, no scissors required.  Quality is average.  Size is just right.  I was able to fit in a large selection of snacks (e.g. rusks, organic carrot puffs, dried apricots, figs, krispbread, etc.) without it taking up much room in my changing bag.  I am not sure how effective the colour is in stimulating a child’s appetite (certainly my son’s appetite requires little stimulation when it comes to snacks!) but it can’t hurt to have a nice bright pot on the table.  Easy to clean, but again like the Steadycup, if placed on top of a plate of leftovers, food is liable to end up in the ‘feet’.  This snack pot comes with a lid which is obviously beneficial when on the go, but this particular lid was very hard to secure.  Might have just been a fault with the snack pot we received and they have a good reputation as a company so I am sure if this occurred you could take back and item would be replaced.  Personally I feel this is slightly expensive for what it is – essentially a brightly-coloured pot with a lid and fancy ‘feet’.  I really like the shape, but the lid would not close properly.  I did try several times to click lid into place but had problems with securing lid on this snack pot.  A slight design improvement would be the lid, just to make it easy to secure.  I used this to take to Mums ‘n’ Tods groups to keep Jake’s snacks in, and once I had struggled with the difficulty of securing the lid I did find it useful and a nice size to take out.  Anita Gambles – Jake Aged 2 Years 2 Months


Product Tested By Charlotte Buss – Holly aged 2 Years 4 Months

Charlotte Awarded The Steady Snack Pot & Lid 4.7/5

First impression basic but good quality.  Packaging was good and had plenty of information which was helpful.  Quality is very good and durable.  A great size for a toddler.  Lovely bright colour which was very appealing to my daughter.  The actual pot is easy to clean but underneath it has awkward holes in the legs that make drying it a problem.  Really loved the fact this had a lid as very handy to take out on your travels.  Reasonable price but could be little cheaper for a basic snack pot.  Overall a good design and sturdy with base to stabilise and stop tipping and spillages.   Will certainly continue to use.  Very good and Holly was impressed and has enjoyed using it.  Charlotte Buss – Holly Aged 2 Years 4 months


Anita Awarded The Steady Snack Pot and Lid 3/5

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