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Steadycup Maxi

The Cup That Stays Up  -Perfect for Milk and Juice. The latest version of the award winning stackable cup, this 8oz Cup comes with a lid which is great when transporting drinks or when you are out and about. Features -Leak Proof Travel Lid – Drain Holes for easy cleaning – Steady’ shape – helps promote self confidence -Available in 4 colours with matching tableware available.

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£2.99 Available in Argos, Asda, Boots, Babies R Us or purchase online

Steadycup Maxi Reviews

Product Tested by: Laura Blandy – Eva 2 Years

Product Tested By Laura Blandy – Eva 2 Years
Laura Awarded  the SteadyCup Maxi 4.5/5

A nice cup with a handy lid for transportation. The packaging was informative and clear, I didn’t need any further information to use the cup. The quality of the cup was great it is sturdy and has stood up to Eva throwing / banging it when in use! The concept of the cup is a good idea, especially when you incorporate the fact it can be transported. It’s easy to store although not stackable and I guess a down side is the fact it is quite bulky as cups go. I think it’s a good cup, it’s unique in that other cups we have are either lidded with a spout or fully open, so this is a good alternative. I have to admit I think I may use this further down the line but at the moment Eva still uses a beaker as we just end up with a lot of wet clothes with an open cup. In a few months I might answer differently though. A really good sturdy and handy cup for busy mums and toddlers on the go! Laura Blandy – Eva 2 Years


Product Tested By Beth Leventhall – Iris 2 Years
Beth Awarded  the SteadyCup Maxi 3.5/5

A sturdy looking cup that is easy for toddlers to hold themselves. The cup packaging is good, it gives all the needed information to know whether this is suitable or not for your child. The quality of the cup is OK and I like the concept, I think it works well. It’s not a stackable cup but it’s not a hassle to store. Very easy to clean, and has a leak proof lid but it is quite hard to get the lid off. I don’t think this is good value for money, not because this is a bad product because it’s not, I just would never pay this much for a cup. I was not overly impressed with this product. If the lid was easier to use then it would be great for taking out filled with juice with me but as we don’t use the lid I feel that the cost is high for a normal plastic drinking cup. Beth Leventhall – Iris 2 Years





Product Tested By Stacey Brady – Jessica Mae 24 Months
Stacey Awarded the SteadyCup Maxi 3.9/5

It looked very steady & I thought it would be quite easy for my child to use. The picture on the packaging showed a slightly older child using the product so I may have thought that Jessica was too young to use it. Very good quality cup, easy to clean & if dropped there is no chance of it breaking. Good concept but when Jessica first used it she found it quite difficult to tip the cup up enough to be able to drink from it. It is easy to clean but if you put it in the dishwasher there are a few places that water can gather, I found it easier to wash it up by hand. This came with a lid but when I took it out with us in a bag the lid didn’t stay on. It was quite difficult to get the lid to click into place as I have very weak hand muscles so had to ask someone else to do it or just used a different cup when going out. I don’t think I would pay £2.99 just for 1 cup but Jessica enjoys drinking out of it as it makes her feel grown up. If someone was trying to introduce drinking from a normal beaker I would recommend as it’s a good way to stop the cup being knocked over. Frustrating at first but once she got the hang of it; it was enjoyable to see her drinking like a big girl. Stacey Brady – JessicaMae 24 Months

A really good sturdy and handy cup for busy mums and toddlers on the go!


Laura Awarded  the SteadyCup Maxi 4.5/5

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