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The Dreambaby® Step-Up Toilet Topper helps make toilet training even easier by bridging the gap between floor-based potties to adult toilets. Gives toddlers the confidence & independence needed to succeed in toilet training.

Quick and easy to assemble – Adjustable step height (2 levels) – Splash guard to minimise mess – Strong, ergonomically shaped handles – Non-Slip floor pads to assist with stability – Fits most toilets (to a maximum height of 46cm / 18in) – Folds for easy storage – Made from easy cleaning, sturdy plastic – Recommended for 18 months +

Suitable for one child up to 20kg / 44lbs

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Product Tested By Nicola Kelly – Ellis 2 Years

Nicola Awarded The Step Up Toilet Topper 5/5

I was very impressed the box was not huge like I was expecting and it seemed good quality. Instructions were easy enough to follow once you figured out what way round the seat was attached. That part was not clear. Super easy to put together.  Great height my little boy is not the tallest for his age and he managed it no problem.  My son did find this easy to use and the hand rail makes it easy to turn at the top. My little boy can confidently get himself onto the toilet without fear of falling in. This really did help with his confidence in the bathroom getting up and down of the toilet. We have not got to the stage yet of using the splash guard. The handles ae sturdy and perfectly placed for my son to use easily. The Non-slip floor pads worked well and we have had no slipping issues. This fitted our toilet perfectly. Folds down easily and was easy to store up the side of the toilet when not in use. It’s all moulded plastic so easy to clean with wipes or cleaner.  Depending on how far into the potty training journey I would say yes ideal for 18 months plus.  Our little boy still has not got to grips with what you do on the toilet but he tells us what to do and will get up and sit on the toilet and can get back down again. We try and use this daily. My son enjoyed using this to climb up and down independently. I liked how you could to this for training them to use the toilet rather than potty training and then toilet training. This is ideal to help with potty training as it gives then confidence and promoted independence. Certainly good value. Good quality as Saturday, easy to build and easy to clean. I would buy this for all the reasons listed above and recommend to others. This is a product that has fitted easily into our daily routine, it has helped our little boy be able to use a toilet rather than a potty with confidence and he enjoys climbing up on his own. He will sit on the toilet with no fear or anxiety knowing he can hold on and the seat keeps him from falling in. It very easy to clean and store when not in use. Overall I think every bathroom (with little ones) should have one. Nicola Kelly – Ellis 2 Years

Product Tested By Jess Howard – Sophie 2 Years

Sophie Awarded The Step Up Toilet Topper 5/5

When the step up toilet first arrived I wasn’t too impressed. The box was small and I was concerned that the product was flimsy. The instructions were difficult to follow and a number of times I had to take it apart and start again. Whilst the instructions were difficult to follow, once I worked it out it put together really easily. It is easy to change the step height on the unit. My little girl found this easy to use – when she needs the toilet she puts this up by herself. It has definitely made my little girl more confident using an adult toilet. This has made training my little girl easier as she like to use the big girl toilet and now she can. This splash guard was effective. We didn’t get any splash back. The handles were really easy for my little girl to use. The Non-Slip floor pads were effective. This felt stable the whole time my little girl used it. This fitted our toilet perfectly. This easily stored by the side of our toilet. This was easy to spray and keep clean.  I would suspect that some 18 month old infants would not be able use this as they would be too short.  We have used this every day.  My daughter liked how she can use a big girl toilet. I liked how easy it is for my daughter to now use the toilet. This does help with toilet training as it gives the child a choice.  Good value as it is a really useful product. It is a brilliant product but feels a little bit plasticky. I would buy this as it has been really useful.  I would also recommend as this is perfect for any small child. This is a brilliant product perfect for any child. Jess Howard – Sophie 2 Years

Product Tested By Carol Day – Evie 2 Years

Carol Awarded The Step Up Toilet Topper 4/5

When the toilet step up first arrived I was quite impressed with how it looked, it looked like it would work really well for our children and I was quite excited to put it together. I personally thought the instructions could’ve been better, I had to follow a small picture which didn’t really give much indication on which pieces I needed so they could’ve been labelled or numbered or something to make it a lot easier. I gave up on the instructions and actually guessed how to do it myself, after I’d got the first part in place it was quite quick to put together however at the beginning due to confusing instructions I had to redo some of the parts a few times. Adjusting the height for the step was really easy it was just taking out two bolts and putting them in a higher place which was perfect however I haven’t needed to adjust since having the step up. Both my five-year-old who is pretty short and my two-year-old find it really easy to use this step up, they have been using it non-stop since it’s been up and it is my toilet trips especially for my youngest so much easier. This did help build my daughters confidence as she has been using a potty for a long time but toilets did make her uneasy. With using this step up she now goes by herself without my help. My daughter has bee dry for quite a while but wasn’t confident on the big toilet, she is now feeling more confident with the step up so I would say yes it did help with potty training final stages. There has been no mess at all since using the step up so I definitely think the splashguard is affective. The handles have been really helpful they have really helped with my daughter who is two as she is quite short and those handles have been helpful to pull her up when needed. I was worried about the stability of the step up at first as we have uneven lino in our bathroom however it hasn’t moved once and has been really stable the whole time we’ve had it. The fit on the toilet has been perfect we’ve had no problems at all. This Step Up does fold down however it’s still big and in a small bathroom it’s hard to put anywhere that isn’t in the way. This is really easy to just wipe clean. The age suitability is ideal.  My daughter has found it easy to use and I could imagine she would’ve been able to use it a lot earlier as well.The step up is used multiple times a day every day by two children. My daughter really likes this she thinks it is brilliant because it gives us so much more independence while using the big toilet. I like that she can use the toilet by herself and it gives her a lot more toilet independence away from the potty. It is a great accessory to have for the promotion of independence and using the big toilet. I personally think it is quite a lot of money for something they don’t use for a long period of time. It’s a great quality product it is sturdy and feels quite durable. I personally don’t think I would buy this, using a small step and small toilet seat in a small bathroom like we have is more space efficient and for the money I don’t think it’s worth it. Recommending yes and no as I do really like the product and my children have really come to use it a lot however in A small bathroom this isn’t the product you need. I think it is a good product however I don’t think it’s a necessity and could easily be replaced with other items that are cheaper and smaller. My overall experience with this product is good it’s been easy to use for my children and they have used it multiple times a day however I wouldn’t have gone out and bought it as it is quite bulky to store even though it folds down and it’s a bit pricey for what it is. Carol Day – Evie 2 Years

This is a product that has fitted easily into our daily routine, it has helped our little boy be able to use a toilet rather than a potty with confidence and he enjoys climbing up on his own. He will sit on the toilet with no fear or anxiety knowing he can hold on and the seat keeps him from falling in. It very easy to clean and store when not in use. Overall I think every bathroom (with little ones) should have one.


Nicola Awarded The Step Up Toilet Topper 5/5

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