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Steri-bottle is one of the UK’s top selling baby bottles. Steri-bottle® is the exciting single-use feeding bottle that’s ready to use out of the box and 100% recyclable. With a choice of 2, 5 or 10 bottles and nipples per box and Steri-bottle is made of a safe Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalate free plastic. Convenient anytime, at home or on the move, there is literally nothing like it for taking the time and stress out of bottle-preparation and giving you an extra bit of your life back…Perfect for the 3 a.m. feed. Ready for immediate use when you are pressed for time. Ideal for trips or in the home 100% recyclable and BPA freeSteri-bottle is designed with care in the UK and manufactured with pride in the EU.

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Steri-Bottle Reviews

Product Tested by: Sheila Norton – Madison 14 Weeks

Product Tested By Sheila Norton – Madison 14 Weeks

Sheila Awarded The Steri-Bottle 4.2/5

Looked a good quality product when arrived. The packaging is good but the reseal tab
needs to be more secure. Instructions quite easy to follow. The design looks a
bit like a plastic tumbler. Very easy to use and quickly puts together. These are easy to use and prefect solution
for days out. They are definitely a good idea to have with you when travelling.
I was very confident using the Steri-bottle. Madison did not get on well with
this bottle at first, but soon got used to it, it seem to flow a bit quicker
than he was used too. Very good quality and strong. Yes it does offer value for
money as ideal for holidaying abroad. I
really liked the fact that they were not thin and flimsy and stayed sterile
until needed. I would buy these as they are perfect for days out or taking on
holiday. I would recommend this product; it’s a great back up to normal bottles.
This product is a perfect solution to traveling or day trips out, they can even
be left at grandparents houses for backups. This product is strong and practical, but maybe could
have a design printed on the bottle to make it look more attractive e.g. a
teddy bear motive. Sheila Norton –
Madison 14 Weeks

Product Tested By Julie Harrison – Margaret 4 Months

Julie Awarded The Steri-Bottle 4.8/5

Looked a handy item to have. Good
packaging and lots of information on the packaging so you could clearly see
what the product is for. I thought the
concept and the design were great. A
disposable, recyclable bottle to use on the go.The instructions are very easy to follow. Just get the one bottle you need ready and
off you go. Very easy to use and very
easy to fill. I found these great for
weekend outings, and also ideal for long weekend breaks visiting the
family. I was very confident using these
bottles as they were safe for my daughter. She
did take a little bit of time to get used to the flow but after using a few she
just took it in her stride. Good design,
good quality and disposable. When you
first look at the price you think Oh No expensive. But this saved time and a lot of hassle. I did not have to take stack loads of bottles
on our trips, sterilising tablets and all the stuff that you need when
travelling with baby. I just filled the
bottle and took with us superb. So for
those long days out, trips and especially holidays these will most certainly be
on my shopping list. I would not buy
them all the time but for short breaks and holidays less to pack. I have already recommended. The great answer
to travelling with baby as you have your bottle filled ready to go and
disposable and it can be recycled. Brilliant. Loved these and have
already purchased more. Julie Harrison –
Margaret 4 Months

Product Tested By Charlotte Anderson – Henry 6 Months

Charlotte Awarded The Steri-Bottle 3.5/5

concept that I’d never seen before could see how it could be useful for travel
but quite expensive and wasteful. Very basic simplistic packaging
that didn’t really inspire and it wouldn’t grab my attention if on a shop
shelf. Instructions clear simple to use instructions with diagrams if you
were unsure.Interesting design, I think there is a flaw in the fact
that you can’t remove the lid once it has been clipped on.Product
is easy to use although a bit faffy having to reseal bags and only peeling down
the teat seal so far etc. Would be better if each bottle was individually
wrapped as a bottle and lid. Bottle is quite large for out and about also
got quite hot to the touch when adding warm water.Perfect for keeping in
the car for emergencies but wouldn’t really take one out and about with me.
Would be more inclined to just take a regular bottle that my baby was used
to. Instructions for use were pretty self-explanatory and in reality the
bottle was simple to use however wouldn’t switch from my standard bottles for
every day out and about use. The
flow of the bottle was faster than my baby is used to and he didn’t really like
the unfamiliar teat either. But did eventually manage to drink from the
bottle. I think the
product seems quite low quality the packaging in particular seems very low
quality. The bottle itself just looks a bit cheap. Very expensive habit if this was something you were to use all the time
when out an about but perfect for keeping for emergencies in the car or when
travelling.I think in theory this product is a good idea I think
it’s perfect for keeping in the car in case god forbid you get stranded
somewhere which is every parent’s worst nightmare. It’s not something I
would consider buying as it’s very expensive for single use bottles which are
also very wasteful even though they are recyclable I think it’s wrong to encourage more plastic waste.
Especially with a bit of pre planning you can take spare regular bottles on
your travels anyway which can be reused over and over.I wouldn’t
recommend this product as I don’t really see a big need for it on the market.
Regular bottles can do the same job in reality. Nice idea and concept but
can’t really see a huge need for it in the market. Very
simplistic product, with very cheap basic packaging which would certainly put
me off purchasing it if in a shop. Very simple product to use and perfect for
emergencies. However I can’t really see a great need for it in the market. Charlotte Anderson – Henry 6






This product is a perfect solution to traveling or day trips out, they can even be left at grandparents houses for backups. This product is strong and practical.


Sheila Awarded The Steri-Bottle 4.2/5

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