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Stokke® Table Top

Most other trays are mounted directly onto the highchair – not so with the unique Stokke Table Top. Innovative new design attaches firmly onto the family dinner table so that your child can sit, enjoy and connect with you and the rest of the family. Stokke Table Top is not only convenient when it comes to eating, it can also be used whilst playing, learning and sharing at the family table. Stokke Table Top comes complete with six different templates that can be inserted into the transparent tray. Each design offers a fun backdrop for storytelling and challenging your child’s imagination with animal, colour, shape, size, number and alphabet themes. An inspiration book also offers fun ideas to help you and your child get the most of this wonderful new invention. Stokke Table Top is not only a tray. It’s a platform for your child to play, learn and eat.

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Stokke® Table Top Reviews

Product Tested by: Diane Murray - Logan Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Diane Murray – Logan Aged 2 Years

Diane Awarded The Stokke® Table Top 4/5

It looks great in the packaging; the box makes it look really exciting!  I liked the idea of it being educational! The website is set out really well and very easy to navigate around.  The products have a Fantastic reputation.  If I hadn’t been bought a Fisher Price Highchair for my son, I would have bought a Stokke Highchair as I think they are a really good investment, and I’ve heard great things about Stokke! The Tabletop was really nicely packaged; the box was eye catching everything was explained in full.  It was very easy to put together. I think it’s very imaginitive, but my son gets a little bored with the pictures. It’s a lovely product and he likes the numbers page as he’s learning to count at the moment, and this is helping him. Logan hardly eats anything except cereal or yoghurts.  It doesn’t help with developing his eating habits, BUT he does stay at the table longer so in time it may help with his variation of food. Logan can count to 30 on his own without any prompting.  The tabletop is helping him to read the numbers so he knows what they look like. This is a tray jthat is good for eating at the table and can be used as a play tray, and Logan likes the numbers game. We also use it when Logan is doing Jigsaws at the table. It’s very sturdy plastic, but the inserts aren’t very sturdy.  If I wasn’t sat with Logan at the table, they would probably get ripped quite easily.  It’s not very good if you have a tablecloth on the table as the suckers don’t stick on material.  We are lucky to have a plastic tablecloth so don’t have this problem.  I think it would be better if it had a back on as well as the insert, this would protect the inserts better. I find at £44, this is really expensive.  I would probably only pay less that £20 for it.  If it was half the price then I would probably consider it as gifts for others. I’ve only given it 4 due to the price.  I am overall very happy with the tray as it’s really lovely to have my son sit at the table with us for so long. The Stokke Tabletop is a novel idea that is educational as well as fun! Diane Murray – Logan Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Julie Brett – Freddie Aged 1 Year

Julie Awarded The Stokke® Table Top 3/5

It is very sturdy item, but a bit fiddly. I love the Stokke highchairs as they are so well made. They are a very reliable, trustworthy company. It is a good and secure product. It comes with clear and easy to follow instructions but the inserts are a bit fiddly to put in and people with joint weakness may find it slightly hard to do. The activity sheets that form part of the tray are a nice idea but quite plain. Freddie occasionally looks at the pictures and point at things then I discuss them with him. The tray may encourage older children to participate more at meal times but my son wasn’t greatly impressed. He enjoys looking at the pictures with me sometimes. They are good quality but quite plain. I like the way they wipe clean easily. It’s a very sturdy tray but the inserts were a little bendy at times and got in the way. I really don’t think I could justify spending £44 on a tray so I probably wouldn’t purchase this item. It’s far too expensive for my budget. The Stokke tray is very well made, very sturdy but expensive for what is.  I am sure if you used as a play tray and food tray it will last and in the long term be a reasonable investment.  For us it really was used as a food tray. Julie Brett – Freddie Aged 1 Year

Product Tested By Aley Rawlinson – Ryan Aged 1 year 11 Months

Aley Awarded The Stokke® Table Top 4.1/5

Great concept, simple design and eye catching templates.  Very good website, informative and eye catching and easy to navigate. Good packaging, distinctive. Easy to open and not excessively packaged. Good, clear and concise instructions. Clear pictures, short text which made it quick and easy to read instructions. Great concept as next step from highchair and like that it includes child in family meals in a more ‘grown up’ way. Also handy to entertain them when they are not eating as the inserts hold their attention. Also great when travelling. Ryan enjoys the novelty of not being confined to his highchair and the different templates keep him occupied. He already eats with us at the table in his highchair but it was great to sit him properly at the table and he enjoyed sitting on a ‘grown up’ chair. Great not to worry about messy spills and the product is very robust so Ryan couldn’t move the table top despite his best efforts! This keeps him entertaines as you have lots of different inserts to engage him, encourage counting, learning colours, make noises etc which have increased his attention span. Great choice and I liked that they develop with age.  Plenty to prevent boredom. We use this mainly for craft activities! Excellent quality, easy to clean and well made. Very robust which is vital with a toddler. More expensive than I would be prepared to pay but it is an excellent idea.  Would consider purchasing but only if the product was significantly cheaper.  Excellent well made product and great concept but the price lets it down. Positive experience and will definitely have longevity as it is well made and multi-purpose as it will also be used for craft activities and when travelling away.  It needs to be cheaper to appeal to a broader market but maybe once I have used it more and more I may appreciate that the price is worth paying.  Aley Rawlinson – Ryan Aged 1 year 11 Months



The Stokke Tabletop is a novel idea that is educational as well as fun!


Diane Awarded The Stokke® Table Top 4/5

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