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Stokke® Tripp Trapp Newborn

With the Tripp Trapp® Newborn Set™ your baby can now be included in family life around the table from birth. By extending the life span with the newborn set, the Tripp Trapp® chair is the only chair your child will ever need! Your baby wants to be close to you at all times including when you are sitting, eating or chatting around the table.

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Stokke® Tripp Trapp Newborn Reviews

Product Tested By Laura Buckley – Isobel 1 Year

Laura Awarded the Stokke Tripp Trapp Newborn 5/5

This is very simple to set up and use. Nothing more than a single Allan key was used and it is also provided. The new-born seat was used when we had visitors with new-born babies. It allowed us to easily keep an eye on what was going on. My toddler loved using the Stokke highchair as it acted as her own little seat. However as we didn’t have the toddler part of the highchair I was concerned of her falling off. Abigail who is 3 enjoyed using the chair too as it brought her to a nice height at the table. You have to use the Allan key to loosen of the sides to lower and heighten the highchair but this is not a problem so long as you don’t lose it! It is a very basic chair and if it was to be used for meals I think a cushion might be needed for extra comfort. The chair is very versatile though, it will grow with the child from baby all the way to adulthood. Very good value for money as you don’t need to buy any other chairs for your child, for example a study desk chair. It acts as a new-born seat and a highchair. That alone will get your money’s worth. This is a seat to suit all the family, even if it’s a new-born, a toddler or a teenager. It will work for you! Nice and simple it will fit in with any style of decor as well as being excellent value for money! Laura Buckley – Isobel 1 Year

Product Tested By Laura Blofield – Baby Madeline 8 Months

Laura Awarded the Stokke Tripp Trapp Newborn 4/5

I had previously looked at these highchairs so I knew all about them and their features when I was asked to test it.  It’s stylish and minimalistic to look at with sturdy construction. I managed to put most of it together without even looking at the instructions. I only had to look when it came to the last step, which was attaching the seat and foot plates. Although it did confuse me that the picture instructions were at the back of the book. When I first saw it, it reminded me of my daughters travel system car seat which she loves being in. I loved how easily the New-born seat attached and detached and the red/green indicator to show it was securely attached. My only gripe would be that it is a bit on the small side so my daughter at 6 1/2 months only just fitted in it, and she isn’t a huge baby. However the straps were generous so she was still able to use it. We used the new-born seat for meal times only as she didn’t have much space in it and as she was starting to sit up more she didn’t find it very comfortable for long periods of time.  I think if we had had the product from birth I would have definitely used it more, especially at times when the rest of the family were having dinner at the table. I used the highchair without the new-born set for my 4 year old son so that he could sit more easily at the dining table for playtime and arts and crafts, plus at my computer desk when he used the computer. It sits slightly higher than my normal dining chairs which has encouraged him to sit properly on his bum, rather than being on his knees. I also used it when cutting his hair which was perfect as again he was sat just that little bit higher so stayed still for longer. My only suggestion would be that you could adapt the seat and foot plate height without having to loosen screws. One of the best features of the chair is the amount of ways it can be used. If you have several children it is a perfect addition to the family. The wood frame cleans beautifully but the new-born seat is so pale I have found it stained quite easily once it got baby food on it. It has been cleaned by hand several times but it still has a faint orange tinge to it. I think it does and it doesn’t offer value for money… it does in the fact that it can be used for a lot longer than most highchairs. But from looking at the prices online of the frames and all the available accessories (all sold separately) it works out to be VERY expensive to give the product the full life it promises. If you can afford it I would definitely recommend this highchair. I have loved using this highchair although I am now going to have to spend a bit of money upgrading it for my daughter as she gets older. Laura Blofield – Baby Madeline 8 Months

Product Tested By Lindy Mathias – Isabella & Baby Chloe Ages 20 Months & 3 Months

Lindy Awarded the Stokke Tripp Trapp Newborn 4/5

The tripp trapp looked very trendy and practical (easy to clean) but not so comfy for my toddler. The new-born seat looked very comfy & practical however. The assembly instructions were in several different languages however the English was difficult to understand in parts and required re-reading a few times. The seat was however easy to assemble. The new-born seat was easy to attach & very comfortable for Chloe. She loved being nearer to us at mealtimes & we loved having her close, knowing she was safe.  We used the seat at mealtimes mostly but sometimes I used the new-born seat while I was preparing meals so that Chloe could be close & encourage interaction. Isabella loved the seat but without the harness it was easy for her to slip off it on a few occasions. My 3 year old also loved the chair & fought to use it for him on a few occasions. He especially liked pushing it into the living room & sitting in it to watch the television. It was very adaptable for different ages; it was also comfortable and versatile. It is out of our budget & I would not be able to justify spending this much money on a high chair. It is a good product but expensive to buy. Lindy Mathias – Isabella & Baby Chloe Ages 20 Months & 3 Months

It will work for you! Nice and simple it will fit in with any style of decor as well as being excellent value for money!


Laura Awarded the Stokke Tripp Trapp Newborn 5/5

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