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Presenting the world’s first computer/speedometer designed to fit on any baby stroller–the Strollometer. This 8-function, wireless marvel helps you get the most out of what you’re already doing: strolling. With an easy strap-on, strap-off design, The Strollometer is the must-have accessory for any new mum looking to get back into shape after pregnancy. Want to get back into shape after having a baby, but can’t find the time? One solution–do more of what you’re already doing. Stroll. Available in Green Only.


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Strollometer Reviews

Product Tested by: Andrea Anderson – Baby Lucas 6 Months

Product Tested By Andrea Anderson – Baby Lucas 6 Months

Andrea Awarded the Strollometer 3.7/5

The product looked very modern and easy to use. The website was also great; it was packed with lots of information and lots of detail on the Strollometer. Like most packaging, it was well done but it gave lots of very detailed information of the product which was useful. The Strollometer was very easy to fit; it took me no more than five minutes. Using the Strollometer did not really encourage me to walk faster as I was disappointed that there was no calorie counter built into the device, for me this would have made me want to walk faster as it would give me motivation. To see your calorie usage you have to log onto the website and record your steps before you see this. The quality was okay, the only problems that I found was every time you put the pram up and down you have to re-adjust the magnet on the wheel to register your steps and sometimes this can take a short while. I don’t think it offers great value for money but I will be recommending the product. I was really looking forward to testing to Strollometer because I am trying to lose weight. But I didn’t find it to be majorly useful to me because I was lacking the motivation. All in all it’s not a product that I would choose to buy but I was really grateful that I have been able to test it and shed a few pounds! Andrea Anderson – Baby Lucas 6 Months

Product Tested By Bethany Daniels – Chloe 16 Months

Bethany Awarded the Strollometer 3.7/5

Couldn’t wait to try it out – Product well explained on the box. The website was great, you can log on and record your steps and gain calorie information too. The packaging for the product was suitable and informed me of everything I needed to know about the product before and when using it. The instructions were very simple to follow, I found the Strollometer a little fiddly to fit at first but once I had it figured out it was easy to install. The Strollometer did encourage me to walk further and faster simply because I knew it was there, so I focused on my task more than usual. The quality of the Strollometer is satisfactory; I feel it offers good value for money too. Now that I have tested it I would consider buying it and also recommending it to family and friends who I know would use this kind of product. Overall, it’s a new product that encourages you to go out and walk with your pram and monitor your fitness levels each time. Bethany Daniels – Chloe 16 Months

Product Tested By Nicola Ellender – Alice 1 Year

Nicola Awarded the Strollometer 3.1/5

Looks great in the packet though I was a bit worried just by opening it how easy it would be to fit – looked very complicated! Very comprehensive and promising website. Lots of info on the product. Also a link to their Facebook fan page which again is very promising but I couldn’t get the Facebook ‘app’ to work. This is a shame as I’m an avid user of Facebook and would have liked to use it in this way. Also, the website forum seemed very quiet and I would have liked to see a bit more activity there as it’s always good to see people talking about products! The packaging for the actual product was a little tough to open but very strong and impressive to look at. The instructions were pretty comprehensive but I found it easier to use them in conjunction with the website which had easier basic pictures to follow. Pretty tough to fit and I had to enlist the help of my other half! It might well be my pushchair (M&P Pliko) as it is quite an old model now. We had to reposition the magnet a couple of times and it wasn’t easy to manipulate the sensor to the correct position. It really made me aware of what I was doing but the only problem is that because I’m often pushing the baby and walking with my toddler, I do need to concentrate on what the toddler is doing too and not be distracted. It was much easier to use when it was just me pushing the stroller and he was at school! Seemed very sturdy and well made. Again, looked very impressive and high-tech in the packaging! You had to be really careful not to knock the sensor when going up and down kerbs and also when folding the pushchair down. Great idea, but I think I’d be better off with one of those personal monitors you put round your waist or on your wrist and this is also available on their website, so cater for all your needs. Nicola Ellender – Alice 1 Year

I was really grateful that I have been able to test it and shed a few pounds!


Andrea Awarded the Strollometer 3.7/5

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