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SUMMER SKIN gradual tanning lotion by Tropic Skincare

This silky lotion uses a new generation of patented technology plant allo-melanin that mimics the colour of your own melanin to create the most gorgeous natural tan that’s clinically proven to outperform traditional tanning agents. Infused with creamy organic coconut oil and a hint of zesty lime, this refreshingly fragranced self-tan will uplift your senses and send your sun-kissed skin to paradise.

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SUMMER SKIN gradual tanning lotion by Tropic Skincare Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Malgorzata

Malgorzata Awarded The Summer Skin Gradual Tanning Lotion by Tropic Skincare 5/5

product has a lovely smell to it and gives you a gradual natural tan. The
packaging is clear and to the point and has luxury look to it. The instructions
were clear and easy to follow. This is by far the best natural tanning solution
I have used. Normally my other half complains about the smell of the tanning
cream but he loves the smell. Also I have never been asked so may time where I
was on holiday as tan looks really natural. It’s also so easy to get the colour
you want as gradually darkens your skin and once you get colour you want just
put it on every 2-3 days depending on how dark you want the tan to look. It’s
on the expensive side but it’s seems to last a long time, so it’s really worth
it. I have loved the look and it’s easy to maintain the colour so will keep
buying this product. I would prefer not to recommend because then everyone
would know my secret. Great smell, easy to get colour you want, easy to keep
that shade and the bottle last a long time. Malgorzata

Tested By
Laura Whitefoot

Awarded The Summer Skin Gradual Tanning Lotion
by Tropic Skincare 4.8/5

Very good, it looked very high
quality. High quality materials used very attractive to look at,
ergonomically designed as a pump bottle so that you don’t get into a mess when
applying. Instructions Easy to understand and very straightforward. I think the
product is very high quality; it was a luxurious product to use and made me
feel very good about myself. Definitely, one of the better tanning products I
have used and I have tried many on the market. As it is quite a thin
consistency it lasted for a very long time so better value than buying a bottle
the same size of another product. I would purchase as I really like that the
product is vegan and organic too, this is an advantage over other products. I
would certainly recommend. The lotion is
a lovely smooth consistency and sinks into the skin well, as it had sunk in so
easily I wore shorts on the first day and was confident enough to cross my legs
as they felt dry and not sticky at all however when I uncrossed them I found
that unbeknownst to me I had created streaks so just a warning to other
customers, there is still a layer on the skin after applying. I washed my hands
thoroughly as per the instructions however the next day I did notice an orangey
hue on my palms, this wasn’t a huge set back to me as I just didn’t reapply for
the next day so that it wouldn’t get worse. In regard to the colour, it’s a very
rich colour which can be noticed as soon as you have applied, as I am quite
pale I did t need to apply it every day to start with like the instructions
state therefore just every few days, the colour didn’t run with a shower which
I was very pleased about. The product smells nice when applying however after
use the skin does have the distinct "fake tan" smell of every other
tanning lotion on the market after your first shower. Laura Whitefoot

Product Tested By Angela Paul

Angela Awarded The Summer Skin Gradual Tanning Lotion by Tropic Skincare 4.6/5

The packaging is attractive and the pump very
easy to use. It looks and smells pleasant and the bottle is just the
right size to comfortably fit in your hand. It looks like a premium
product. The packaging is classy with nice creamy/gold/bronze colours. It
feels sturdy but not too heavy. It states that the product is made with
Natural Plant Extracts which makes you feel that it isn’t too
fake/artificial. It is also vegan friendly & has the leaping bunny
cruelty free symbol – which would both be important considerations for many
people. Instructions Brief and to the point – they tell you everything you need
to know. It is good that they point out the end to thoroughly wash your
hands afterwards as would definitely get "stained” looking hands if you didn’t
wash properly. They should perhaps mention that you need only use a small
amount of product as I definitely overloaded on the first application! This is
clearly a premium product. The packaging has a luxe quality to it.
The lotion inside is very easy to use – it spreads over the skin easily.
I noticed an immediate difference in the colour of my skin but it is a subtle
effect. I probably used too much on the first application – a little
lotion actually goes quite a long way. Great for economy! This product
isn’t cheap but I don’t think it’s trying to be! You can use the lotion
quite sparingly so I think one bottle could actually last quite a long time! I
might buy this to maintain some subtle colour over the winter months. I
do not naturally tan very much as have quite pale skin. The product gave
my skin a pleasant healthy glow rather than an "orange” tan – which is just
perfect for me as I have no desire to have a fake looking colour. I was
slightly concerned that this lotion would give a fake looking colour but it
doesn’t at all. This is not generally a product I would have considered
buying but it is very quick and easy to use and gives a natural healthy
glow. I could definitely see myself using this to maintain my natural
summer colour over the autumn/winter months. Angela Paul




Great smell, easy to get colour you want, easy to keep that shade and the bottle last a long time. 


Malgorzata Awarded The Summer Skin Gradual Tanning Lotion by Tropic Skincare 5/5

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