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Sun Essentials Deluxe UV Tent / Travel Centre

Offers UV protection equivalent to UPF 25+ from the sun’s harmful rays. Perfect for the beach, the park or the back garden for playing in or for naps. Pops up immediately – no poles or fiddly frames to put together. Click here to see just how easy the UV Travel Centre is to use. It pops up and folds away in seconds!. Lightweight and compact in its zip up bag. Comes complete with an self inflating mattress and zip in machine washable sleeping mat. Fine insect mesh is fitted to stop bites or stings. Not only practical but great fun for babies and toddlers too. The Deluxe UV Travel Centre when erect has the following dimensions – 130cm x 70cm x 65cm, which is 46cm in diameter and 10cm thick when folded. The tent weighs just 3.4 KG

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£79.99 Available to purchase online www.nscessity.co.uk or click online for local stockist

Sun Essentials Deluxe UV Tent / Travel Centre Reviews

Product Tested by: Pennie McGuire – Esme & Archie 3 Years

Product Tested By Pennie McGuire – Esme & Archie 3 Years

Pennie Awarded the Nscessity Deluxe Sun Essentials Travel Centre 4/5

On arrival the product looked very compact and of very high quality. The Company’s website has some innovative products and is clear, bright and easy to use. The instructions for this product are minimal because the tent pops up straight away when it is taken out of the packaging. So it was very easy to erect the tent. I found that it takes a bit of practice to fold away the pop up travel tent and I also found it difficult to get it back into the bag. The unassembled size of the travel cot is excellent; I was very surprised at how compact it all was. The assembled size is good, it’s not too big but there is ample room inside to be comfortable and fun for my 3 year old. The Travel cot does not appear to be very comfortable for my child, even with the extra padding at the bottom Esme complained that it was too hard so I had to place extra padding for her to sleep in it. The travel cot is extremely versatile, my kids love using it in their playroom as a play tent and we all can’t wait to use it in the sun at summer, it will also be great for naps in the sun! In terms of travel compatibility the pop up travel cot would be great in the car or train but I think that it is too bulky for taking on a flight. It’s very practical and easy to keep the travel cot clean, the material is very wipeable and the mattress washed well in the washing machine. The fabric quality is very hard wearing. When it first arrived the twins were quite heavy handed with it but it still retained its shape and didn’t rip. It is a good quality thick fabric that looks like it will last for a long time. I think that the overall design of the travel cot is fabulous. It’s excellent for toddlers and I would love this product if only the mattress was thicker. I think that the travel tent is quite expensive, but it will without a doubt last for a very long time, so in that sense maybe it is worth paying a bit extra for a product of higher quality. The lack of padding for the mattress is the only thing that lets this travel cot down for me personally, but as a play tent it is fantastic! I would recommend this product to others if they could afford it and travelled a lot, it would be very useful. Pennie McGuire – Esme & Archie 3 Years

Product Tested By Sharon Kelly – Niall & Jackson 2 & 3 Years

Sharon Awarded the Nscessity Sun Essentials Deluxe Travel Centre 4.5/5

I was very impressed with this product on arrival. The company’s website has lots of helpful information on this particular product and also has other great products to look at and read about. The instructions were very simple to follow and it was very easy to erect the travel cot. It’s not as easy to fold the travel cot away as it is to erect it however, but it is simple enough after a few practice trials. The unassembled size is perfect, it’s not too big or too small and the assembled size is great too. The travel cot has a pump to inflate the mattress which I thought were a brilliant idea and my two boys also found it very comfortable. My boys have had great fun using this to play in; it was big enough for them both to play indoors in too. We also took it on holiday with us and used it at the beach, which was excellent because they still had lots of fun whilst being kept safe from the sun. The pop up travel cot is very easy to keep clean by simply wiping it clean with a wipe. I do not think that I would have paid this much money for a travel cot, but after testing it and realizing how versatile it is, I now feel that it has a lot more to offer for its price. Sharon Kelly – Niall & Jackson 2 & 3 Years

Product Tested By Emily Uskovic – Tatiana 1 Year

Emily Awarded the Nscessity Sun Essentials Deluxe Travel Centre 5/5

A great high quality and easy to use product! The website has a good variety of products whilst being easy to navigate and being very professional too. The instructions are simple to follow and erecting the tent is simple it practically pops up itself. The tent is very compact and light but also very roomy. There’s an inflatable mattress plus a soft mat to go in the cot, so it’s very comfortable. It can be used for anything as it is very versatile; it’s now in my daughter’s bedroom for her to play in. Very lightweight and flat, it’s so easy to pack compared with other travel cots. The mat inside sticks in with Velcro so can be washed, and the whole thing can be wiped clean. Seems very high quality and durable. It is fantastic value for money because it can be used on the beach, in the garden, inside as a cot or as a play tent.  I think it’s great, it’s easy to put up and down and has so many different uses, plus my daughter loves it. Emily Uskovic – Tatiana 1 Year

As a play tent it is fantastic! I would recommend this product to others as ideal if they travelled a lot.



Pennie Awarded the Nscessity Deluxe Sun Essentials Travel Centre 4/5

Sun Essentials Deluxe UV Tent / Travel Centre Stockist Information
  • Website: www.nscessity.co.uk
  • Tel: +44 (0)1483 428989
  • Address: The Old Workshop
    Home Farm Barns
    Peper Harow Park
    Surrey GU8 6BD
    United Kingdom