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Sunbuster Blackout Blinds

The Sunbuster blind was designed by a mother and father of three children who had first hand experience of sleepless nights and the problems associated with traditional roller blinds.
So what’s so great about the Sunbuster blind? Well it’s designed with unrivalled safety, blackout coverage and energy efficiency in mind, it’s the perfect solution for children and parents to get a good night sleep. 
After listening to Customers feedback Sunbuster Blinds now double fold exposing more of the window and you can read instructions online.

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Sunbuster Blackout Blinds Reviews

Product Tested by: Mikki Golding – Lucas 10 Months

Product Tested By Mikki Golding – Lucas 10 Months

Mikki Awarded The Sunbuster Blind 5/5

Great Idea and looked pretty simple to install so thumbs up from me! Product came wrapped neatly in bubble wrap and the whole thing was boxed. Instructions easy enough to follow and came with pictures. These blinds are easy to install, safe and covers the glass rather than a roller blind would try to cover the whole space leaving gapes. Normally we use wooden slat blinds and black out curtains. The design looked great with a nice thick panel that sticks to the glass. This blind was very easy to fit. I sat baby in his cot while I did it but it took less time that I imagined it would. This blind is very easy to hitch up; you just need to fold the bottom of the blind up to the top and its magnetic so stays up. I’ve seen a similar product the Gro Blind but have never tried it. I think these did help my son sleep better, but with teething as well it’s hard to tell. But it definitely kept the room dark. Quality is great I pulled at the blind whilst it was still in my hands and it’s a very sturdy material. This product does offer good value for money. The only thing for me is I like to have as much light during the day let in as possible and because the magnetic strip is only at the bottom I feel that you can only fold the blind once up toward the top strip. Which takes the window to half glass. Maybe a magnetic strip half way on the blind so you can double fold (if you see what I mean?). I would consider purchasing this product. I would also recommend as works. Very Happy testing & using this Sunbuster blind. Mikki Golding – Lucas 10 Months.

Product Tested By Sarah Grannan – Henry 1 Year

Sarah Awarded The Sunbuster Blind 4.7/5

Very good. The instructions on ordering were very clear and when they arrived they fitted the windows well. Easy to put up and use. Appreciated that you didn’t need to DIY skills or specialised tools to attach. Packaging was sufficient and not too bulky. Instructions very clear and pictures helped. The installation was incredibly quick, no fuss and no mess. They are excellent at covering the windows and very little light gets through. I would have normally used curtains to keep out sunlight. I really like the fact there are no strings on the blinds and feel that they are very safe. The material is lovely and I liked the simple design of the two colours – suitable for either sex. I would have liked the blinds to fold up more to let more light in when there were not being used. These blinds were fantastically easy to fit. They were also really easy to hitch up, I appreciated the fact that I could do them quickly and often with baby in my arms. I had looked for blackout blinds previously but hadn’t been impressed with anything I had seen, too much hassle to put up/designs to gender orientated and expensive for what they were. These blinds definitely helped Henry sleep better, especially in the summer months He slept longer in the morning and went down more quickly in the day. We were very grateful of the extra sleep in the morning! Quality very good. We have had no problems with the product and it hasn’t fallen down at all. These are excellent and in terms of design and quality but considering it only aided sleep during the summer months it is quite a large expense. We are also thinking about moving and it would worry me that I had spent a lot and couldn’t take it with me. I would consider purchasing these blinds particularly if I had a child who had problems sleeping. I would definitely recommend. Excellent, from ordering to delivery and installation and use. It has been easy to use and the service was incredibly quick. The blinds are lovely and we have been very impressed. Sarah Grannan – Henry 1 Year

Product Tested By Catherine Baker – Amelie 15 Months

Catherine Awarded The Sunbuster Blind 4/5

First impression looked good quality blind. Packaging sufficient and effective. I found the instructions for measuring quite confusing as my windows don’t have the black seal mentioned and as a result I ended up ordering blinds that were slightly too big. Great that you didn’t need any tools and I was able to put these up myself in about 5 minutes whereas I normally have to wait until my husband has time on weekends to do jobs like this. It definitely gives better coverage than a traditional blind and straight after I installed it my husband asked if we should get one for our room. Normally I would have just used a roller blind to block out sunlight. The design is a brilliant idea. Easy to install but as I had ordered slightly too big the fit wasn’t great and unfortunately it was later discovered that we had received a faulty batch on blinds as it kept falling down. However, you just have to call the company and they will ensure issue is resolved for you. Easy to hitch up but I found that it blocked out half the window even when hitched up which was a bit unfortunate. I personally have not seen any similar products on the market. Amelie is a really bad sleeper so although I don’t think it helped her go to sleep I think that it probably helped her go back to sleep faster if she woke up in the evenings. Quality is very good. These are slightly on the expensive side for me as we are currently on a very tight budget. Design improvement – Could hitch up higher so doesn’t block up so much of the window. I didn’t like the Velcro pieces that had to be stuck to the window at the bottom to keep the blind in place. Maybe a magnet would look better? I would purchase these but would ask for more advice from the company regarding measurements. I would recommend as they work and outline you need to talk through measurements with company when ordering. I think that this is a good product, especially for summer, as it does really block out the light from the room but unfortunately I struggled with the measurements so the fit wasn’t good and I received a faulty batch. However, I was contacted by the company to organise for a replacement so on this factor good customer service. Catherine Baker – Amelie 15 Months

Quality is great I pulled at the blind whilst it was still in my hands and it’s a very sturdy material. This product does offer good value for money.


Mikki Awarded The Sunbuster Blind 5/5

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