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SunSnoozer initially available in cream/light beige to compliment all colours of prams, a range of different colours will be available next year.  SunSnoozer is designed for use on prams, and is not ideal for strollers. See full list of tested prams online
View online some of the many ways you can arrange the SunSnoozer to protect your baby against the sun.
The unique multiple position closure system* offers a flexibility not found in any other pram cover on the market.

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£24.99 available to purchase online and also online

SunSnoozer Reviews

Product Tested by: Kerrie Alderson – Jamie 9 Weeks

Product Tested By Kerrie Alderson – Jamie 9

Kerrie Awarded The SunSnoozer 4.2/5

impressive quite excited to try. When I first attached it to the pushchair I
was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to easily see Jamie in there.  The SunSnoozer just came in a plastic
wrapping which was sufficient. Instructions are very simple and easy to understand.  Very good quality material and looked good.  The SunSnoozer kept the sun off of Jamie’s
face and really helped him to drift of peacefully.  The SunSnoozer has attachments to roll it
back so you can easily get baby out, just as easily without it attached.  When Jamie was awake I had the window bit
open so I could see him however it still let a little sun in, I couldn’t close
it as he didn’t like it closed when he was awake. When he was asleep I could
close it completely and if the sun disappeared I could have it completely open.  I used 3 of the configurations
suggested.  I would probably pay this for
it, but only after having used it and knowing it’s easier than a parasol.  I would consider purchasing this and would
recommend.  Extremely easy to use and
very handy, much easier than trying to position a parasol.  Kerrie Alderson – Jamie 9 Weeks

Tested By
Caroline Howarth – Sam 7 Weeks

Awarded The SunSnoozer 4.5/5

impressions were great; the shade looked to be great quality, and a really good
idea, particularly for travel.  On our
last three holidays our buggy parasols have broken – rendering them useless, so
we really needed an alternative solution to shade the baby in his pram.  There was very little packaging on the
Sunsnoozer, just a cardboard wrap – it was great not having loads of cardboard
and plastic to throw away!  The
instructions for use were really simple – just photos detailing how the shade
could be configured.   The
Sunsnoozer is made out of thick cotton (almost like canvas), it seems really
robust.  I did find my son slept better
and relaxed more when using the SunSnoozer. The shade either rolled up onto the hood of the pram when not in use, I
flipped it open onto the hood to get baby in and out of his pram.  There are seven different ways to configure
the shade, all of which were useful dependent on the position of the sun.  I used 4 of the different configurations.  A little expensive, but as we’ve managed to
break several parasols it would be good value for us in the longer term.  A really innovative, useful product – a
perfect solution for holidays and travel. Caroline Howarth – Sam 7 Weeks

Tested By
Zareena Abdullah – Maryam 2 Months

Awarded The SunSnoozer 3.8/5

simple packaging. The logo and the quality of material look good.  Very simple packaging. Perhaps the plastic
bag should be recyclable or bio-degradable, if keeping packaging minimal for
environmental reasons.  Very simple
instructions given, but to be honest, it doesn’t need anything more
complicated. The instructions show all possible permeations of the snoozer, and
that’s the main thing needed.  I haven’t
had it long enough to do a wear and tear test, but out of the box the material
used looks nice, and ties seem to be sewn on securely.  Unfortunately I did not find the different
permeations kept the sun off my daughter. The only one that was effective was
when the material was down completely. However I am not fond of using that one
as I cannot see my daughter and also I think it looks a little odd to cover
your baby so completely in public.  The
snoozer once on does not hamper getting your child in or out of the pram. I tried all of the configurations suggested
for this item.  The one I found most
useful was the configuration where the cloth was fully down.  Unfortunately I feel it doesn’t represent
good value for money as it does not do what it claims to. The only
configuration I found useful, the fully covered one, I was reluctant to use. To
improve this product I would suggest a range of colours matched to the most
common colours available in prams. Perhaps different designs would also make it
more appealing.  To improve this product
I would make the initial cover a mesh rather than a solid material, to allow
some light in, but give enough protection and so it doesn’t look like you are
trying to hide your child from view. I would also make it available in a range
of colours and designs. If possible I would also make the alternative
configurations effective at cutting out the sun. Zareena Abdullah – Maryam 2













I would consider purchasing this and would recommend.  Extremely easy to use and very handy, much easier than trying to position a parasol. 


Kerrie Awarded The SunSnoozer 4.2/5

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