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Super Sparrow TO-GO series Water Bottle 620ml

Everything you need to kick off your adventure. Fan favorite standard mouth bottle, straw cap set, bamboo cap, sling bag.

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Super Sparrow TO-GO series Water Bottle 620ml Reviews

Product Tested By Yudi Lowe – Henry 11 Years

Yudi Awarded The Super Sparrow TO-GO Water Bottle 620ml 5/5

Was very impressed with the water bottle when it arrived. Firstly the packaging gave an impression of quality in its use of font and colouring. It was made of good quality cardboard. Then when the packaging was opened, the initial impression of the bottle itself was good quality, it looked of good quality from the bold colour, a good weight and the carry pouch was made of strong material and put together well. Loved it – love the alternative lids (cap or drinking straw), loved the carry pouch. Big fan of the design. Found the overall size of the water bottle good. Neither lid made it any more bulky. The design of the logo on the bottle was well balanced and was really pleased with the colour. Liked the use of the font. The concept is straight forward but the supporting instructions given were clear and concise. Swapping the lids was easy and the use of the pouch to carry the bottle around with was adjustable and comfortable. Whether you used the very comfortable pouch or carried in your hand, it was very easy to carry. At one point it was placed in a rucksack and there was no leaking. Preferred to use with cold liquid, did try this with hot water. It certainly did keep it warm for a considerable amount of time. When used with cold water the bottle certainly kept the drink cold with a fresh taste. I do agree this would be ideal to use when running, at gym, Yoga, office, camping etc. The bottle is light to carry, keeps the drink fresh and more commonly cold through my testing. The optional carry pouch made it very easy to fit along with the activity in hand. It is a strong product in design and if dropped during an activity, this did not affect its use. The caps were effective. I preferred the sport cap and this is the one most used. I always have the concern with water bottles especially metal ones but I felt this product was of a quality of lasting value. I felt this product would maintain the taste of my drinks over time through use and feel reassured reading the statement outlining ECO friendly, 100% food safe, formed from the highest quality rust resistant 304 food grade stainless teat, which maintains the taste and purity of drinks. Very easy to use one handed especially using the sport cap. Light enough only need one hand to carry it. Use every day and used with a cold drink. This was used everywhere! In the car, at work, out when walking and in the gym. My 11 year old son used it and he loved it. He would use it with a cold drink and have it by his bed at night. He liked the way it kept his water cold during the night, he liked the fact it wasn’t heavy and loved the colour!!!! I loved the colour of this water bottle – strong, bold and loved the variety of colours available. I also thought the concept of the carry pouch great and this will certainly be used when attending festivals/camping in the summer. Superb quality and will last for years. It was dropped but sustained no damage and there was no marking on the colour. Certainly plan to use for a number of years. From the initial opening of the box, to the unpacking of the item, to trying out the carry pouch, to the changing of lids – I was very impressed with the quality and got a sense of value for money and felt it ‘would last’. This is not a cheap water bottle – however the added factor of an alternative lid PLUS the carry pouch does justify the higher price label. Having used it and been impressed with how long it kept my drink cold and tasting fresh, I do agree it does a very good job and is worth its value for money. Initially I think the price would put me off as it is at the higher end of the price for a water bottle however now knowing the quality of the product along with the alternative caps and pouch, yes I would purchase this.  It is of a high quality that I believe my friends and family would be impressed with. I just loved this product. I got a great sense of high quality, I was impressed with how it kept my drinks either hot or cold for a considerable amount of time, I loved the option of the two lids as well as the carry pouch. Great range of colours available too. From my answers above, it is clear that I have been very impressed with this item. From the initial unpacking of the item to the continuous use of the product and not once been disappointed with it. Loved it! Yudi Lowe – Henry 11 Years

Product Tested By Sue Sales – James 23 Years

Sue Awarded The Super Sparrow TO-GO Water Bottle 620ml 5/5

Initially very impressed with the quality of the wooden stopper cap. Was unsure about the bottle as it was inside the carry case which is just a plain black colour but once I took it out and saw the vibrant turquoise colour I loved it. Like the versatility of it with the different attachments and case. The bottle is very easy to hold. It is smooth and sleek and the wooden stopper top is very classy and expensive looking. Instructions very minimal – wash before use, dry with top open, don’t scratch. Not sure what else they could have said though as that was all that was required. Very easy to use. Easy to fill, drink from, wash and dry. No problem at all. A joy to use. Easy to carry in my work bag and did not spill, leak or get scratched. When my bag was full or heavy it was easy to carry with the looped top and was comfortable on my fingers, even when full. This aspect of the bottle I was super impressed with. I have had trouble in the past with the flask like bottles I have used with the hot water going luke warm by midday and cold in the afternoon. With this looking so much like a bottle and not like a flask at all I was sceptical that it would maintain the heat. I was worried it would only stay hot with the case on. Boy was I wrong! This bottle got filled at 7.20am and stayed HOT all of my working day (until 4pm) I started off using the wooden stopper top as I love the look of that top. But I had to change to the sports top with the straw so that I could leave the straw part open to allow for some coolage before I drank from it. It was very, very effective at keeping the liquid hot and I was and am very impressed. I have used it at the office (Classroom) and outdoors when out and about. I can’t see why it would not be prefect for all outdoor activities, camping etc. It has a great case to protect it when doing more active activities. I have mentioned the caps above .I love the wooden stopper cap. It looks so stylish and fits the bottle so well without any leakage. The top with the straw and carry loop is also great to use to carry the bottle and easy to drink from. It’s ideal to have 2 options. We have been using reusable water bottles for a while but some break, some leak, some scratch and look worn and others are difficult to clean. So far this one is far superior in quality and durability to the others so I would be happy to replace ours with more of these. NO problem at all using with one hand. Used it every day for work and my son borrowed it at weekends. At work. As a teacher it is very difficult to get hot drinks throughout the day. And if I’m lucky enough to get one bought to my desk it often goes cold as I’m too busy at that point to drink it. The bottle of hot water on my desk was great as it’s a hot drink throughout the day. My son borrowed it. He liked the style and ease of use but at first he was surprised when his water ran out as he was not used to the weight of the bottle and thought he had more water left than he did. I liked the wooden top, the colour and the fact it keeps how water HOT for so long. My toughest work outs are not very tough but it will withstand my toughest days in the classroom of a pupil referral unit with very challenging 15 and 16 year olds and that is pretty tough! Anything that can help see me through those days is worth its weight in gold! I love it. It still looks new and I have been using it for a while. It does not leak or even drip and its excellent quality. It costs more that I have ever paid for a water bottle but it’s worth it. Totally. I would certainly buy this. I have had no problems with it at all and I have enjoyed using it. I would recommend it. It has been faultless. Quality product. Stylish and functional. I like that is comes with 2 tops, a cover and a spare straw. I have used it a lot and I have enjoyed using it and carrying it around with me. It is highly functional, easy to clean and a great product. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use the bottle and I would be happy to buy another for family. Sue Sales – James 23 Years

Product Tested By Victoria Symons

Victoria Awarded The Super Sparrow TO-GO Water Bottle 620ml 5/5

Brilliantly packaged, instructions are clear to understand. Fantastic idea, love the carry pouch and interchangeable tops to suit needs. Love it, the bottle is hard-wearing, durable. Instructions very easy to understand, tells you how to clean and store. Very easy to use and clean, the interchangeable tops enable to use a straw or screw top. Very light and easy to carry, the carry handle is so easy to use and sturdy. I filled the bottle up with cold water before my shift at work and was still cold 8 hours later, and the same with hot liquid which is great. This is perfect for any activities, so easy to fill, transport, as mentioned before, choice of top to suit needs, carry pouch, keeping liquids hot and cold for hours which is fantastic. The 2 interchangeable caps were brilliant, so easy to switch caps and both easy to transport. Always on the lookout for ways to help the environment, this is definitely effective, our first stop in stopping us from using plastic, refilling the bottle is so easy, so easy to use even when out and about. Definitely so easy to use one handed, it so hardwearing being transported everywhere, there was no damage to the bottle at all. I used this every day, took to work, out on family trips and to the gym. At work, it’s amazing for keeping myself hydrated during the day and keeping the water cool all of my shift is amazing. My daughter took it to school and she found it amazing. I loved the design, easy to transport and keeping drinks hot or cold for hours and the interchangeable tops. This will definitely last for years. It has withstood some bumps and no damage to it all. Extremely good quality. Definitely good value as it is so well made. Definitely will be going to purchase more bottles for members of my family as they love it. Definitely recommend to others as it’s so easy to use, carrying pouch, keeping drinks hot or cold for hours, and interchangeable caps are fantastic. It’s a fantastically designed bottle, so easy to transport, hardwearing, durable, keeping drinks hot and cold for hours. It’s a fantastic bottle, so easy to clean, fill and transport around and durable. Victoria Symons

I just loved this product. I got a great sense of high quality, I was impressed with how it kept my drinks either hot or cold for a considerable amount of time, I loved the option of the two lids as well as the carry pouch. Great range of colours available too. From my answers above, it is clear that I have been very impressed with this item. From the initial unpacking of the item to the continuous use of the product and not once been disappointed with it. Loved it!


Yudi Awarded The Super Sparrow TO-GO Water Bottle 620ml 5/5

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