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SuperThings Power Machines Toy Collection

SuperThings Power Machines, a new Ultra Rare glow in the dark character – Dr Volt – arrives in Kaboom City! As a clever inventor of the Power Machines, Volt makes his two gold rare leaders and six silver rare Team Captains. When a riot breaks out in the lab, half of Volt’s force become villains who then escape with a number of Power Machines. Now the battle to save Kaboom City continues!

Using everyday objects and food as collectible characters, SuperThings taps into the ever-popular ‘hero vs villain’ format which has proved immensely popular. SuperThings Power Machines will see a further 80 characters unleashed from Kaboom City as blind packs (RRP£0.80) adding to the collectability with fans wanting to complete their army.

In addition, there will be eight Power Jets to collect, with an RRP of £2.50

For the ultimate combat armour, Power Bots are eight giant robots with a secret compartment where SuperThings are able to fight from the safety of the Power Bot super shell. Who will be victorious? Each pack includes a SuperThing and will retail at £5 each.

Magic Box have also developed great value added packs including the blister four pack (RRP £8.00) and ten packs (RRP £10.00), a Mega Pack (RRP £5.00) and Starter Pack (RRP £5.00).

Complimenting the collectible series will be a toy range, designed to enhance the world of SuperThings for fans. Battle Spinners are rip cord operated spinning capsules which all house a SuperThing to propel them into battle. With eight to collect across four characters, each pack will retail at £8.00.

For the ultimate war of the worlds, the Battle Arena Playset (RRP £30) will bring together all the characters under one roof to fight it out once and for all. With two exclusive SuperThings and 2 exclusive battle spinners, kids can place their favourite characters in the audience to watch the rip-cord action duels.

In addition to the toy launch, brand new Webisodes for the Power Machines series will launch on the SuperThings YouTube Channel from launch.

Each Tester received 5 One Packs 80 pence each, Power Bot £5.00, Power Jet £2.50, Battle Spinner £8.00 and Starter Pack £5.00 

The SuperThings collection is available Tesco, Sainsburys, Entertainer or click online to find local stockist

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SuperThings Power Machines Toy Collection Reviews

Product Tested By Lily Tang – Luke 5 Years

Lily Awarded The SuperThings Power Machines Toy Collection 4.4/5

Vibrant colours, great selection and although rebranded, it all looked exactly like what you’d expect from the original superzings range. Quite a lot for £24.50. We received the SuperThings one pack (5) a Power Bot, a Power Jet a Starter Pack and a Battle Spinner. My son loved superzings and really loved playing with them so I thought he would love this still despite it being rebranded. He loves playing with them and it really takes his imagination to the next level. Although rebranded, it still offered hours of entertainment for my son who loves to play with the new selection of toys alongside watching the series online. The toys were quite self-explanatory and easy to play with although we found the battle spinner rather tricky to manoeuvre.  My son found the toys all easy to handle and use apart from the battle spinner which required adult intervention. My son managed to use everything else with ease and he especially loved the steel boxer- very easy to use. My son had already been a fan of superzings so thought he would love the rebranded version and he sure did and it didn’t disappoint. The new range/selection still kept him entertained and amused and provided hours of fun. He loves to collect all the figurines and looks at the collectors list to see which ones he’s got. My son enjoyed playing with the power jets as they were of a simple concept and he was able to ‘battle’ with two different power jets with ease. The starter pack was good and the comic guide was very handy on car journeys! Kept my son quiet and entertained throughout with  lots of different comics and games/puzzles to explore! Unfortunately my son did not enjoy playing with the Battlefield spinners as it was very hard for him to pull the propeller. Although he knew exactly how to use without needing to check the instructions, it was very stiff and not very user friendly for his age range and required adult intervention, which I found to be quite tricky to do too. My son got frustrated at not being able to try play with this particular toy but nevertheless, he had a good selection of other toys from the SuperThings range to play with instead. My son loved playing with all of the SuperThings toys. These toys most definitely kept my son entertained, both at home and during car journeys/whilst out and about. My son was already a fan and still continues to be a loyal fan! Will definitely be collecting more to add to his current collection! My son would play with these toys daily. My son preferred to play with these on his own during imaginative play. These toys definitely made my son become very creative in his imagination and role play. To hear him act  out scenes and become a third narrator was a pleasure to see. My son loves the steel boxer the most ‘because he can punch, hide and is a robot!’ He also liked the endless fun he had with the selection of SuperThings toys provided.  I liked the vibrant colours, small, easy to store away and easily transported/taken with us when out and about. Overall quality is good. Consistent in their quality and selection of toys it has to offer. Very good value for money. Inexpensive and provides unlimited hours of fun for your little one. Will definitely be buying more to add to my sons current collection. I would recommend these to family and friends. The comic content was great but not as many games/puzzles. I think a few more games along with some stickers to make the book more interactive would be amazing. Overall experience of the selection of super things provided was great! Only thing I would suggest for improvement is the execution of the propellor on the battlefield spinner and also more puzzle/games and some stickers on the book so the ratio to comics and interaction on puzzles/games would be equal. Another idea would be to create a blank comic scenery to allow the reader to colour in the characters and write their own narratives allowing them to create their own stories helping them further their imagination and story writing skills. Lily Tang – Luke 5 Years

Product Tested By Jay Thomas – Eren 4 Years

Jay Awarded The SuperThings Power Machines toy collection 4/5

When all these arrived they looked awesome and exciting and we received the SuperThings one pack (5) a Power Bot, a Power Jet a Starter Pack and a Battle Spinner. The concept is interesting. A good way to make the toys more interactive. Very easy to use and play with although the Battle Spinner did not release as easy as it could have. My son enjoyed playing with all these toys especially enjoyed the squishy texture. Was great to be introduced to SuperThings and they are fun toys.  My children love anything that’s a collectable, as it means they inevitably get more. My son loved the Power Jets and playing with the little vehicles and choosing who to put in which one. The starter pack comes with a 24-page comic guide and my boy is a bit young for this reading material at the moment. He was way more interested in opening the toys to see which one he got. We did check the list to see the names. The concept of the Battle Spinners is great fun, but the reality is, the spinners didn’t release most the time so it got a bit frustrating. Still would be awesome if it worked more smoothly. My son absolutely loved playing with all of his SuperThing toys.  They certainly kept him entertained and we built a Lego castle for them all to live in. He likes them a lot, bit isn’t obsessed and hasn’t asked for more. Initially he played with them a lot for a week or so, and now they have become part of the collection of small squishy toys. I have two daughters and they all enjoyed playing with their brother enjoying the SuperThings toys. One of our favourite things is building new lands for our toys to explore. These guys made a nice little crew to add into the mix. Definitely imagination growing stuff. The one my son loved the best was the Power Bot because he loves robots. My son loves how squishy the rubber is on these toys. I think they’re cute and love all their little vehicles. Quality is good but the paint work is a little dodgy in places. Yes good value as happy kids are priceless. If my kids asked for these I no not see why not and would buy them. I would recommend because they are cute. These are fun, squishy, interactive toys. Jay Thomas – Eren 4 Years

Product Tested By David East – Archie 4 Years

David Awarded The SuperThings Power Machines Toy Collection 4/5

Lovely bright colours, having lots of packets to open was very exciting for Archie and he loved the look of the spinner.  We received the SuperThings one pack (5) a Power Bot, a Power Jet a Starter Pack and a Battle Spinner. The concept was OK, nice that it was household things and food but Archie wanted there to be a dinosaur one. The spinner was really hard to engage and get to spin as an adult so impossible for Archie to do and the little leaflet with the names of the characters kept getting lost so we had to make up our own. He found everything easy to hold apart from the spinner which he couldn’t use as he couldn’t get the threading to work and wasn’t strong enough to pull it out. He did enjoy being introduced to the SuperThings collection.  He liked the salt shaker one loads! He really wants the ultra rare one that glows in the dark as he saw it in the comic. The Power Jets were his favourite and he loved that he could put any of the characters in it. He wasn’t very interested in the comic that came with the starter pack just used it to look for other characters to then ask for!!  He enjoyed watching the Battlefield spinners when we got it to spin (which was hit and miss even for us!) but he wasn’t able to do it himself. He enjoyed playing with all the SuperThings toys just did not take to the comic and we found the spinner difficult to use. These are really good for imaginative play, the spinner was just too complicated for him. He has become a fan and now he really wants the glow in the dark one that is ultra rare! My son played with these at least twice a week and he has put them all together in a box and likes to take it out and make up his own stories. His little sister just wanted to eat them so he didn’t like sharing them with her but he likes it when we played with him and got the spinner to spin. These did stimulate his imagination and the household objects were different so gave him some different imagination stimulation. His favourite was the Power Jet as he loves cars. He loved having lots of different toys to open. I did like the spinner and this was really fun when we got it to work. The vast majority of these were reasonable quality just the spinner was very inconsistent. Not bad value for the different varieties you can purchase. I would probably buy a power jet as a treat after a doctor’s visit or something. I would recommend for slightly older children who could read the comic themselves and get the spinner to work. I felt some of these were too old for Archie but something he can use more as he gets older.  Nice to have something different with household objects and a different concept although Archie did ask for a dinosaur one frequently. The ultra rare ones looked very exciting so we had to take the comic away as he would just ask for it constantly! David East – Archie 4 Years

Overall quality is good. Consistent in their quality and selection of toys it has to offer. Very good value for money. Inexpensive and provides unlimited hours of fun for your little one. Will definitely be buying more to add to my sons current collection. I would recommend these to family and friends.


Lily Awarded The SuperThings Power Machines Toy Collection 4.4/5

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