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Sweet Potato Croquette

The naturally sweet alternative to the potato croquette, perfect for weaning, these croquettes are the perfect accompaniment to any meal, they contain no nasties just healthy handy goodness.

Ingredients: Sweet potato, breadcrumbs, egg
Suitable for  6 Months +,  3 years Plus, Dairy Free and ideal for vegetarians 

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£3.00 for pack 6 available online

Sweet Potato Croquette Reviews

Product Tested by: Gill Cross – Jacob 2 Years

Tested By
Gill Cross – Jacob 2 Years

Awarded The Fab Finger Foods Sweet Potato Croquette 4.7/5

fulfilling, and flavoursome. Plain, simple packaging, although enabled to see
the product straightaway. Delicious, sweet potato is a favourite in our house,
and this was light, tasty and filling.Very easy to handle and eat happily. Very satisfied with
the ingredients. This is now one of his favourite foods! Thoroughly
enjoyed it, wish they would have been shared more! Perhaps improve the
packaging, however if this is a cost implication then it isn’t a vital
criticism. On the plus side, the
packaging allows you to view the product straightaway, and is easy to open etc.
Some reservations in terms of buying food online, however, I appreciate the
convenience of buying online. Delivery
service needs to be reliable and consistent, if delivery times where available
to choose then I would be fairly happy with online purchasing. Would love to see these available in local
supermarkets. Occasionally, my husband
and I work shifts so it can be useful to have something in ready prepared for
dinnertimes. Good value for money for us.They were
a favourite food in our house, and eased mealtimes and left Jacob feeling full
and satisfied. I would purchase again but would definitely purchase more if
they were available locally. Due to the
taste, ease of preparation, and leaving Jacob fulfilled I will definitely
recommend this product. Great product, easy
to make, easy for Jacob to eat, simple flavours, but extremely tasty, and
fulfilling all at the same time, delicious! Gill Cross – Jacob 2 Years

Tested By
Kimberley Ryder – Oscar 22 Months

Awarded The Fab Finger Foods Sweet Potato Croquette 4.6/5

look really tasty and nice simple packaging. Nice grown up packaging. I like
the fact that the labelling looks homemade and not mass produced. Very
tasty-sweet potato in breadcrumbs, what’s not to love?! These are really a great size for children,
easy to eat and nice small size. Very short list of ingredients which is
reassuring. These were a big hit-the first thing he grabbed from the
plate and wolfed them down. Very tasty. Some seasoning or herbs perhaps
might be nice to get little ones used to more flavours, other than the sweet
potato but the taste was very nice nonetheless. I’m not really keen on ordering
this sort of food online. They were extremely well packaged but still turned up
defrosted (it was one of the hottest days of the year) and this does concern me
with pre-cooked food. It would be great
to see this product in supermarkets, next to some of the other baby food
manufacturers who cram their food full of preservatives and sugar! I prepare everything from scratch so I can
make sure my son has a varied diet for as long as possible. These are quite
large so one or two with some veg would be a decent sized dimmer for a little
tummy. They are quite expensive but certainly no more so than other baby
food. Other veg could be used in these sorts
of croquettes or some herbs/spices, perhaps paprika. I would like to purchase these as they offer
a convenient but healthy meal option but probably would not order online. I
would definitely recommend, in fact I would happily eat these myself! Really tasty and healthy bite size
croquettes, in clear packaging. Kimberley Ryder – Oscar 22 Months

Tested By
Sharon Lyndhurst – Beverley 3 Years

Awarded The Fab Finger Foods Sweet Potato Croquette 4.7/5

looked ideal for us as we all love sweet potato and so good for you. Packaging was ideal and you could clearly see
the item you are purchasing. These are
lovely, really tasty sweet potato wrapped in breadcrumbs and Beverley loved
these. Would put them on her plate and
she would ask for more. Ideal size for
her to handle and she loved the taste.
We all tried these and loved them, would be ideal for finger foods at a
party too as tasty and healthy. The ingredients are natural so no concerns
about my daughter eating these. We all
really liked these but not so keen on ordering this sort of food online, just
in case we are not around when delivered and then they are waiting in the post
office for you to collect. I would
purchase more if I could be guaranteed a delivery time so knew I would be in,
but would definitely purchase these regularly if they were available at our
local supermarket. Should have these in
supermarkets to give us all the option to buy tasty healthy food for our
children. I always prepare everything from scratch as ensures my daughter is
getting a well-balanced healthy diet.
However, these are great to have as ready to serve in no time and ideal
size from small tummies. Having these
covered in breadcrumbs is always a tasty option and maybe could offer potato
& sweet potato mix, add some with herbs, and also maybe some healthy cheese
too. These are good value and great
taste. I have already recommended and
would love to see these in our local supermarket. We all loved these and would happily serve
these up for all the family. Sharon Lyndhurst – Beverley 3 Years

Great product, easy to make, easy for Jacob to eat, simple flavours, but extremely tasty, and fulfilling all at the same time, delicious!


Gill Awarded The Fab Finger Foods Sweet Potato Croquette 4.7/5

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