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Swim Fin

Swim Fin child swimming aid is the modern day new swimming aid, tried and tested to assist children in learing how to swim.

The Swim Fin Child Swimming Aid is the only swimming aid endorsed by the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association).The Swim Fin child swimming aid in black is the ultimate swimming aid.Unlike arm-bands and swimming-rings, which keep the body upright, the Swim Fin child swimming aid works in harmony with the body, helping to develop a better swimming position.Unlike kickboards and floats, the Swim Fin leaves the arms free to move, significantly speeding up the learning of front-crawl, breast-stroke, butterfly and even back-stroke.

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Swim Fin Reviews

Product Tested by: Ann-Katherin Templer – Finn 2 years

Product Tested By Ann-Katherin Templer – Finn 2 years

Ann-Kathrin Awarded The Swim Fin 4.6/5

Great idea and I did look forward testing it with my 2yr. old to see how it’s suitable for his age.  Instruction on the Swim Fin Packaging shows suitable for children Age 3-6 and 15-30 kg with my Son only being 2 and not yet 14 kg I was worried he will be too small but after reading "How the Swim Fin works” on the Swim Fin website I was reassured that I can try it with my son.  Like stated on the Question above after reading through the Swim Finn website and watching theVideos I felt as though I had enough instructions to go ahead with trying out the Swim Fin on my Son.  It fitted very well on my Son and was quick and easy to adjust and it did stay in place all the way through the time spent in the pool.  I was worried that the swim fin might move because my son had a one piece swim suit on and I put the swim fin straps over it.  But the Swim Fin strap didn’t move at all.  The Swim Finde finitely kept him afloat it will be a great aid for him to learn to swim now but with him only turning 2 now he isn’t confident enough to be in the deep water by himself, but his eyes light up just seeing the swim fin which he calls his "dolphin” and knowing that we are going "swim swim” now so it’s very encouraging for him wanting to be in the water and learning to swim. We tried the armbands which where rubbish because his arm movements where VERY restricted, we had a Swim Vest but felt asthough the width of the Swim vest around our son was too big and bulky after trying out the Swim Fin we feel this will be the best swimming aid for our son to freely move his arms and legs to learn to swim. The Swim Fin itself is solid and well-made the straps are a good size and width but unfortunately a bit stiff and they do irritate the skin a bit if not used with a swim top/swim suit.  I think this Product will not only last you in the progress of your Child learning to swim but it will enlighten the Child using it for role-play in the pool for playing "dolphin” or shark games beyond needing a swimming aid. I would purchase this item. I would recommend and actually already did recommend it to my Cousin in Germany (still unknown here so they were very impressed when they saw my son wearing it) whose Daughter just turned 5 and after seeing her with the armbands and swim ring in the pool just paddling and kicking around. I asked her if she would like to try the Swim Fin and she was delighted and she actually looked more like she was swimming as before she was very restricted with her arm movements and used the ring to glide over the water. This is a great product and especially for Boys very fun to learn to swim with who doesn’t want to be a dolphin/shark in the water!!! If there is any way the stiff straps could get a cover or be made softer that would be a bonus to the product. Brilliant Invention and I hope I can find a Swimming Class in the near future who already use Swim Fin in there Sessions because I would love for him to learn how to swim and use the Swim Fin at the same time with the trainer as well as Daddy on the weekends. We are already thinking of purchasing the Swim Fin Backpack to go with it so that our little Man can look cool in and out of the pool!! Ann-Katherin Templer – Finn 2 years


Product Tested By Rebecca Bradford – Ozzy

Rebecca Awarded The Swim Fin 4.5/5

It looks different but cool.  Simple packaging.  A plastic bag and a card label which is all it needs.  Instructions Easy to understand and follow.  It was easy to fit to my son as it was Velcro straps around his tummy.  I was a little unsure at first as it is only kept done up by Velcro but it stayed in place even as he was jumping in and out of the water.  He was able to splash his arms to move him about in the water without me having to hold him but he was not able to swim anyway.  It was great with the arm bands for him so I think if he was a little older or able to swim a bit better it would be perfect.  Good quality material, it was even able to with stand my child biting it without coming apart!  This does offer good value for money.  I would consider purchasing this item and have already recommended.  I think it would be better for an older child or a more competent swimmer otherwise I would have given it 5/5.  He was a little unsure of wearing the swim fin on its own as when he got into the water he curled his legs tightly around mine and wouldn’t let go, so I put his arm bands on him too and he was fine.  He was able to stay afloat better than when he just uses arm bands.  When I removed his armbands, he seemed to be being pushed face first into the water as the float seemed to want him to stay flat on his tummy.  After a short while he was able to stay upright whilst just wearing the swim fin.  Rebecca Bradford –Ozzy


Product Tested By Joanne Dodd – Madison 8Years

Joanne Awarded The Swim Fin 4/5

It looks great & the kids enjoyed it.   Arrived well packaged.  Instructionsare really easy to follow & give enough information.  It fitted my children perfectly aged 4-10.  It stayed in place really well & did not move at all.  It would not keep her afloat but she did feel more confident in the water.  Unfortunately it does not have as much buoyancy compared to other swim boards or arm bands.  The quality is fantastic;  it looks great & feels great. Value for money Yes & no if you are using it for your child to keep afloat then I would not recommend it but to give them slight help when swimming then yes I would say value for money.  It did not keep them afloat as much as I expecte dit too.  It was ok & fun for them to use but for a buoyancy aid I wouldn’t recommend it.  Joanne Dodd – Madison 8 years


 Brilliant Invention and I hope I can find a Swimming Class in the near future who already use Swim Fin in there Sessions.We are already thinking of purchasing the Swim Fin Backpack to go with it so that our little Man can look cool in and out of the pool!!


 Ann-Kathrin Awarded The Swim Fin 4.6/5


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