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Swimbabes Monkey Swimmers Swimming Armbands

Monkey swimmers swimming armbands are the world’s slimmest adjustable armband and the safest and most comfortable swimming armbands ever.With a unique Award Wining design which is safety certified to fit kids aged 1-6 years. NEW Monkey Swimmers foam armbands are manufactured using the highest quality super soft foams, resulting in a kids swimming product that is chemical free and probably the safest and most comfortable armband ever invented. The superslim design means that kids are free to move their arms in the water whilst wearing armbands.This speeds up the learning to swim processA unique layered design to enable the parent to reduce buoyancy as the child gains more confidence and supplied with storybook and progress booklet.

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Swimbabes Monkey Swimmers Swimming Armbands Reviews

Product Tested by: Justine Cornforth – Rosanna 2 Years 11 Months

Product Tested By Justine Cornforth – Rosanna 2 Years 11 Months

Justine Awarded The Swimbabes Monkey Swimmers Adjustable Armbands 5/5

Very nicely packaged. Fun to open and exciting for the child and us. Good quality. Good packaging. Nice box. It was interesting and exciting for the child. Our daughter carried "her Monkey Swimmers” around for days! It’s nice that everything is recycled. It seemed pretty self-explanatory what to do and the story fills in the gaps! My daughter was absolutely and utterly petrified of the water, but the process of reading the book, seeing the Monkey Swimmers at home first, then buying her a swimming costume, all made going swimming sound exciting. Talking her through the story etc. helped when she got to the water. She was still scared the first couple of times but using the stars in the centre of the Monkey swimmers enticed her in and slowly we showed her how they held her up in the water. It was the whole process of reading, seeing and doing and then reminding her that eventually got her in the water and confident. We found them easiest to put on when they were wet which meant we couldn’t put them on until one of us was in the pool. The rings were easy to remove when our daughter was ready to remove one banana ring i.e. reduce dependency. She could move freely, however the Monkey Swimmers are fairly large items when all the rings are attached for an almost 3 year old to see over the top of! It gets better when the first banana ring is removed and the size reduces. Great quality, from the packaging, to the book, to the Monkey swimmers themselves. Nice thick floats. The stars in the centre as play toys is a nice touch and although a small detail, the stars played a big part in getting our daughter in the pool as she wanted to play with and chase them. My daughter definitely enjoyed reading the story book. She would never have got in the swimming pool if we hadn’t read the story first. We could talk her through what the Monkeys did when we got to the pool and remind her. We have the progress chart on the wall and our daughter was delighted when we took the first banana off and we put a smiley face on the chart. This was worth every penny to get one absolutely petrified, screaming the pool down, almost 3 year old, first of all into the swimming pool, but within 5 sessions, she was confident enough to jump in unassisted and to start group swimming lessons on her own where they don’t actually wear any arm bands. It is a miracle that we couldn’t believe!! We definitely would purchase these. Our daughter gained the confidence through the preliminary opening the box (she loved carrying the box around by the handle), and reading the book, and trying the Monkey Swimmers at home, and then carrying them herself to the pool before she even got in the pool. It is a confidence building process that you don’t get by simply putting arm bands in. We have already recommended them to a shop and on Facebook to a shop who were asking if they should stock them! Our absolutely petrified of water (even baths) daughter gained enough confidence through opening the Monkey swimmers, reading the book, trying them on etc. to get her to the poolside, and by reminding her off the story, she got in the pool and is now loving swimming. That to me makes the Monkey Swimmers a 100% success! I also have taught many children to swim and have been looking for a product like this which subtly reduces dependency on a buoyancy aid for a while. This is the first one for many years which ticks that box. Absolutely brilliant product!! It boosts confidence and gets results. Long term it subtly reduces dependency on the product rather than removing the aid in one go. Just to add we did try the Monkey Swimmers on our 15 month old but we couldn’t get him to stay upright in them. Justine Cornforth – Rosanna 2 Years 11 Months

Product Tested By Joanna Southwell – Samantha 2 Years

Joanna Awarded The Swimbabes Monkey Swimmers Adjustable Armbands 4.5/5

The box is very colourful and impressive and clearly shows what it is and is also very child friendly with the monkey and a banana on the front. Packaging Good – shows what it is and is colourful. They state they are recyclable which is good for the environment. It clearly states what is in the box. Instructions Very good show you how to use the product they are on the side and show you the sizing/weights that they are suitable. It clearly says that once the layers have been removed they cannot be reinstated. They did help but she was nervy for me to let her go however they did give buoyancy and she was able to float in shallow water. It was difficult to get the initial star out of the centre and it can be a struggle to get over the arms – however they do need to be snug fitting in order to work – my toddler was moving around which did not help. Unlike more conventional armbands you did not have to worry if they had enough air in them. My daughter could move freely with these on although she did have to hold her arms at a slightly odd angle – again no different from any arm bands. Good well-made and they have the instructions on the armbands as well in case you lose the box. She loved the story book and enjoyed looking at the monkeys – she was a little disappointed after seeing the monkeys had rainbow armbands as hers were only blue yellow and read. The story book helped her get an idea of what they are – however she was a little upset that she could not get a new banana each time and that it will take time for her to not need them anymore! This is good value for money as it involves the child in the whole process and helps them understand what armbands are for. It is a good safe armband. I would certainly recommend. We really enjoyed trying them at the local swimming pool and reading the story. Joanna Southwell – Samantha 2 Years

Product Tested By Catherine Spencer – Robert 2 Years

Catherine Awarded The Swimbabes Monkey Swimmers Adjustable Armbands 4.8/5

Looked good and loved the packaging bright and colourful. Looked good quality. Instructions very clear and precise, very easy to follow. My son loved the Monkey images on the front of the box. Also the box is recyclable which is always good news. The instructions also help you as detail size and weight suitable for which is very helpful. Robert was very nervous at first but once in the water and realised these helped him stay afloat his confidence improved. Follow the instructions to get on safely, and can be a little bit of a struggle as they are a snug fit, but once you get used to using these easy to put on. These are a very unique design and really good to know you have no worries about them deflating (as some of our others have) as you do not need to blow these up. Robert could move freely in the water with his Monkey swimmers on and I really loved the design. So different, good quality and effective. We loved the story book and reading this really helped my son to relate to learning to swim and the book was a great help. Very good value for money. It has helped us teach Robert not to be afraid of the water and his swimming is coming on in leaps and bounds. They are also easy to store at home too, and when we go to swimming lessons just pop them in his swim bag. I have already recommended and will be buying more for my younger daughter when we start her swimming lessons soon. A brilliant idea, great product, works and the book is a great. Catherine Spencer – Robert 2 years.


Absolutely brilliant product!! It boosts confidence and gets results. Long term it subtly reduces dependency on the product rather than removing the aid in one go.


Justine Awarded The Swimbabes Monkey Swimmers Adjustable Armbands 5/5

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