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T-Tox Teas Gift Set

The perfect healthy gift for any tea lover! This pack contains one T-tox double lined tea glass and a 35g pack of each of our four teas.  
As herbal drinks, teas can do much more than simply quench your thirst. Take time out to prepare your drink, enjoy the process and the lasting health benefits tea can bring. Drinking tea is the ideal way to get the healing power of herbs into your everyday diet. There are many well documented benefits of tea. These include the possible reduction of heart disease, the ability to strengthen your immune system and to reduce your risk of cancer.

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£25.00 Available to purchase online

T-Tox Teas Gift Set Reviews

Product Tested by: Jackie Wells

Product Tested By Jackie Wells

Jackie Awarded The T-Tox Gift Basket 5/5

The product is well presented. It looks like it would make a great gift. Packaging very pleasing to the eye, very well presented. Instructions are easy to follow and well laid out. The quality is very good and I think if I gave it as a gift the recipient would be happy. It is a reasonable price but I would be reluctant to pay more. I think it is at its top value. I would purchase this gift set and would make lovely gift. Already recommended. Excellent quality, well presented, very tasty. Jackie Wells


Product Tested by Lynn Potts

Lyn Awarded The T-Tox Gift Basket 4.2/5

When this arrived classy looking. Packaging simple, but effective for the product. Kind of what I would expect. It has a ‘handmade’ feel which is quite ‘now’! Instructions clearly written on the packets. I was actually pleasantly surprised.  I only ever drink tea from tea bags and didn’t think I had much of a palette, but I find these teas both flavourful and subtle. I love the glass and strainer that comes with it. It’s expensive, but for a tea lover (or even someone like me who didn’t know they were) it’s a lovely gift and a good price for a special gift i.e. Christmas/birthday/mother’s day. The only issue I have is the life span of the tea. The kit I got expires in December. That’s quite a lot of tea to get through in a short time span (and it means you can’t ‘stash’ the gift for later which I often do).  I would purchase if I could think of someone that might appreciate it. Would certainly recommend. Unexpected treat and loved the flavours. Lynn Potts


Product Tested By Adeela Hussain

Adeela Awarded The T-Tox Gift Basket 5/5

Looked lovely when arrived. Well presented, wrapped well too. And a smart basket! Instructions simple enough, could have been improved with more info about the teas- e.g. detailed ingredients. The quality is excellent. Defiantly good value for money, you get a variety of teas including the mug and strainer. Definitely would purchase as would make a fab gift. Totally highly recommend! The ultimate tea basket for herbal tea lovers. 5- Would rate this 100 if I could. Really enjoyed testing these teas, all had a unique flavour of their own. Each tea having its own; function too e.g.To help relax etc. my fave tea of all was the‘pick up’ tea. Adeela Hussain





Excellent quality, well presented, very tasty.


Jackie Awarded The T-Tox Gift Basket 5/5   

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