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Tactic Mölkky in Wooden Crate

Let’s Play
Mölkky is a fun combination of chance and skill that’s quick to learn and exciting to play. Take turns to throw the Mölkky skittle to try and knock over various numbered pins. The aim of the game is to score exactly 50 points. But watch out, if you get more than 50, your score will be knocked back down to 25!
Mölkky can be enjoyed in any outdoor space – from your back garden to the local park. Play one-on-one or get a team together – the more the merrier! All ages and fitness levels are welcome.

A crate of fun
Mölkky pins (numbered from 1 to 12) – uniquely shaped and tailor-made from 100% natural wood. Easy to stand up (stable even on uneven surfaces) and simple to knock down.
Mölkky throwing skittle – lightweight and easy to throw for all members of the family.
Handy carrying crate – made from the same high-quality wood, this robust crate is ideal for storing the game. And the strong rope straps make it easy to carry Mölkky wherever you want to go.
Rules – clear instructions and helpful pictures ensure the game gets underway quickly and prevent any misunderstandings. You only have to concentrate on having fun.
Scorecard – no need to try and remember your scores; just use this handy scorecard. And don’t forget, the aim of the game is to reach 50 points – exactly!
Dimensions (cm) – 33 (l) x 22 (w) x 19 (h). As Mölkky is made from 100% wood, exact dimensions may vary.
Weight – 4.390 kg.

The Mölkky Game Tracker app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play
Price £39.99 Available on Amazon

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Tactic Mölkky in Wooden Crate Reviews

Product Tested By Sarah Miles – Holly and Alex – 13 & 7 Years

Sarah Awarded The Tactic Mölkky in Wooden Crate 5/5

Well packaged, sturdy and good quality. Good fun, unusual and engaging. Took a while to fully understand the instructions as it was very different to anything we’d played before. Easy to set up, the kit came with everything we needed. My 7 year old needed to have the game explained to him a few times before he was able to play properly. We had to watch some online videos to fully understand how to play. The children found this game very competitive and challenging but also fun! We played it with family, and it made good fun for an afternoon in the sun on the lawn. We did take advantage of the new App Tracker and was easy to follow. Good fun, we played for sometime and they did not get bored with the game. We did check out the videos online as didn’t realise it was a proper recognised and competitive game. It was a bonus that everything fitted together within the crate and we could take it with us. It was slightly heavy so not something the children would be able to carry for a distance. We played it a few times when the weather has been nice. Mostly played on the grass at Grandparents house. The children loved that it was a fun game and something different. I liked the fact this game was good quality, competitive and fun for all the family. Excellent quality and looks like it would last a long time. Slightly on the more expensive side but it will last a long time and is excellent quality. We would buy this as different to anything we’ve played before. Complete set which is easy to transport. I would recommend due to being good quality and fun for the whole family. Great game and concept, excellent quality and engaging. Brilliant game which was lots of fun for us to all play on a sunny day. Easy to store and transport. The children enjoyed the competitive element too! Sarah Miles – Holly and Alex – 13 & 7 Years

Product Tested By Sue Sales and Students Aged 12-16 Years

Sue Awarded The Tactic Mölkky in Wooden Crate 5/5

Very sturdy product. Really handy carry crate and liked the handles for ease of transporting. Numbers on pins very clear and looked to be hard-wearing. Great idea. We know how popular bowling and skittles are. As a maths teacher I love the idea of adding numbers to the pins to make it competitive and educational. Written instructions were easy to follow and we also watched an online video to see it in action before we started which was helpful. Only problem we had was with an area of wobbly ground where we found it hard to get everything standing upright. We moved to a more level area with shorter grass and problem solved. They did understand it but quickly switched it up to make their own rules and targets (a multiple of 5 with 3 throws, who can get closest to 100 without going over, lowest score with 3 throws, first to a multiple of 9, prime numbers etc). We adapted it to the age and mathematical ability of the students. The majority found it very competitive as my students tend to be very competitive and like to be “better” than everyone else. They especially like to beat me! There’s always one who just likes to throw things as hard as they can and cause as much destruction and noise as possible and in a big open space this game allows for this (as long as they are prepared to go pick everything up and retrieve the throwing pin!). Played as a small group of 4 students and 2 teachers. Enjoyed knock out rounds and final round and adapted targets as we went along. We did not use the App Tracker as we discourage the use of mobile phones in sessions. Kept the majority of us entertained but one student quickly bored of it and chose to sit and watch instead. They were put off by the pressure of the numbers as they have very poor maths skills compared to others of their age. Will try again with them with another child of a similar ability another time. We watched videos on how to play but I don’t recall showing them a video about the championships. This was easy to transport. We have no outside space on site so took it with us to a local park and it was really easy to carry, set up and pack away afterwards. We took it to the park on 3 weekly visits. Mostly played in the local park. Grassed area about 10 mins walk away from our setting. The students liked being able to let loose their frustrations and throw the throwing pin as hard as they can at first (until they realised they needed to tone it down and be more skilful!). Then they liked the competition of reaching the targets first. I liked getting the students to use maths skills in a fun competitive way. They were having to calculate how many points they needed to get in the next throw and think through how they were going to achieve that. Really good quality. The throwing pin really took a hammering but held up to it well. I expected it would damage easily but it didn’t. Definitely good value. It can be played all year round and should last a long while. We have new students moving through all the time so it will hopefully keep getting a new audience. I would recommend it to others to buy. Especially friends who I know spend a lot of time outdoors. It’s not really an indoors activity. Really enjoyed the game and liked how it engaged the students with maths in an active practical way. Also good how targets can be changed and rules adapted for the ability of the students. Unfortunately as we don’t have outside space at our setting we are limited to when we can use it and who we can use it with as not all students have risk assessments to go off site. The game is sturdy and well made. It has an attractive design and instructions are easy to follow. We have enjoyed using the game and will continue to use it. Sue Sales and Students Aged 12-16 Years

Product Tested By Melissa Shirley – Children Aged 12, 8, 7, 5 & 4

Melissa Awarded The Tactic Mölkky in Wooden Crate 4.4/5

Looked a good quality item. This is a good all round game and ideal for all the family to enjoy. Instructions easy to understand and was easy to play. However, the younger ones didn’t quite understanding how the scoring worked and just thought the most they got down that was their number so we played it that way with them. Very easy to set up and get ready to play. Our older children understood the rules and how to play the game. This game is very competitive and sometimes a bit too competitive. All our children and the whole family played this game and it was enjoyed by all. We did not realise this had an App Tracker for scoring so did not use this. This did keep the children entertained. They played for a good 30-45 minutes, they played in all different ways. My children did not want to check out the videos but good to know available online to see how the game can be played. I didn’t take it out, while it has a nice crate it’s quite heavy so I wouldn’t carry it anywhere. My children play this game almost every time they go in the garden. Mostly played at home in the garden. My children liked to win. I liked the fact it was a game to try and teach them numbers while still playing and being active. The quality is good and a lovely set. Some of the wood was rough to touch but it’s wood so kind of expected. This is a good investment as it can be played every year and will last families for years. Something you will play over and over again in the sunnier months. I would buy this as it is a fun outdoor game for the whole family. I would recommend as a good quality family game at a fair price. We enjoyed testing this game, we played in numerous different ways and it will last many years to come. Melissa Shirley – Children Aged 12, 8, 7, 5 & 4 Years

I would recommend due to being good quality and fun for the whole family. Great game and concept, excellent quality and engaging. Brilliant game which was lots of fun for us to all play on a sunny day. Easy to store and transport. The children enjoyed the competitive element too!


Sarah Awarded The Tactic Mölkky in Wooden Crate 5/5

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