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Taga Multifunctional Vehicle

Once you know what Taga is, you’ll understand why you can’t live without one. Taga is a multifunctional vehicle designed for families on the go. It is a baby stroller and carrier bike all rolled into one—and a means of transportation unlike any other. In seconds, Taga goes from super fun, safe and maneuverable bicycle to designer stroller that easily navigates stores, boards trains and slides into elevators. The possibilities for adventure—and reasons to buy one—are endless.

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€1,495 Available Amazon and online store

Taga Multifunctional Vehicle Reviews

Product Tested by: Katherine Reid – Baby Jennifer & Amy 23 Months & 5 Months

Product Tested By Katherine Reid – Baby Jennifer & Amy 23 Months & 5 Months

Katherine Awarded the Taga Multifunctional Vehicle 4.8/5

My first impressions were “this is a fantastic idea!” The company also has a really good website, very clear and there are lots of good pictures to show all of the different options and how it works. The instructions for the product were clear and it was easy to see and understand how it worked. This is a fantastic product, really well designed. They’ve thought it though & with the options of the car seat adapter (for the maxi Cosi CabrioFix) & the double seat you could use this for a long time. It’s very easy to convert from bike to stroller, you need to do it a couple of times to get your confidence but it’s then really easy. It can be converted in less than a minute. I felt that myself & my daughter were safe when riding & it’s brilliant to be able to see her in front of me & be able to talk to her – you can’t do that with a standard Childs seat on the back of the bike. It also feels very safe when in stroller mode too. Jennifer really enjoys it & asks to go out on ‘mummy’s bike’. We didn’t communicate more on this than we would have done in the car – my daughter is a total chatter box in the car. In the Taga she enjoyed looking around & seeing everything. It was easy for me to store away – I just kept it in the garage.  It is quite big but there is a way to store it upright so it takes up less room.  I feel this product is still a little expensive – but there is nothing like it to compare against.  If you look at the folding bike market the quality bikes are very expensive. Would I consider buying it: Yes, I absolutely want one!  However the price would make me think hard about it. I would recommend this to anyone.  While out on the Taga, I’m often stopped & asked about it. This is a brilliant & versatile product.  It’s the only way I would be happy to go out cycling with 2 young children. Katherine Reid – Baby Jennifer & Amy 23 Months & 5 Months

Product Tested By Eve Barrett – Louisa 2 Years

Eve Awarded the Taga Multifunctional Vehicle 4.7/5

I loved it. I use a bike with a child seat on the back but the Taga seat is like a buggy seat providing comfort and a great view up front for the child to see everything as you travel along. I liked the idea of being able to take the bike onto the bus or train by transferring it into a buggy. The site is smart and to the point. I like the different attachments you can put on the Taga (i.e. double buggy seat) and this is shown on the site. I’m not too good with instructions at the best of times but I found the instructions useful and easy to get a long with. When I had a question, the staff were very helpful. I love this product. I must say that I found it harder than a normal bike traveling up hills. The quality is excellent though the style of tires means that it is smoother and one can gain good speed on the road or pavement where as on public footpaths and grass the bike felt quite heavy to pedal. However as a buggy it felt light and easy to use on any type of surface. I looked forward to make good use out of it for journeys instead of using the car. My daughter loved it and was and still is really excited to travel in it. Transferring Taga from bike to buggy and buggy to bike is fluid and simple to do. Amazingly easy to do even by the side of the road! It is important to practice first as one needs to feel ones balance and get used to the steering. Louisa was safe but until I was used to the Taga, I felt nervous for her when I came across a slope/ bump in the pavement or going up a curb. But like any new bike/ trike the more you use it, the more your confidence grows and the security to know little one is safe. My Daughter loves being out in this, she has even fallen asleep in it. I really enjoyed our mid journey conversations in it too. I got a lot of use out of it, enjoyed using it and Louisa loved it. I feel good cycling and using public transport due to climate change. Louisa gets more out of travelling in the Taga than she does in the car. It has a rain cover and a bag carrier and it has been a useful product as well as fun. We have enjoyed using it more so as the weather has got warmer. However, as a one income family we would not be able to afford this product and it is a very expensive investment even if you are committed to using it as we have been. However, if money isn’t tight then of course it is value for money as it is a great product. I love this product but we could not afford it. I wish everyone could have one and then perhaps they would be cheaper and there would be less traffic congestion and happier people! They certainly do keep you fit after all! I have recommended Taga to family and friends. My brother especially as I know he would use it and could afford it. Also friends in the village and people who stop you in the street to ask about it! It would be good to do a thinker wheel version for people like me who live in the country side where footpaths are not as smooth as the tarmac. However I used it to ride into the city and around town. Great fun! I definitely recommend it! Overall it’s green, energetic, fun and a great experience for you and your child! Eve Barrett – Louisa 2 Years

Product Tested By Lucinda Tooth- Charlotte 21 Months

Lucinda Awarded the Taga Multifunctional Vehicle 4.6/5

Wow! A real crowd stopper of an invention! The website provided a really good video explanation of everything Taga has to offer. Clear video clips make it look really innovative and fun to use. We didn’t really get to see the packaging as all delivered fully assembled but the rain cover was well wrapped in a protective sleeve. It seems very robust and heavy too! My daughter has managed to click 2 little bits of plastic off the foot plate but they snap back on again easily. I wasn’t very impressed with rain cover as it fixes with Velcro so unfortunately my little one had a fight with it mid-journey and managed to pull it off and as a result got very wet! What a crowd puller, people were stopping me in the park to chat and stare! It was delivered assembled but was very easy to fold down to fit in the back of the car. It unfortunately is a bit heavy to transform from buggy/bike mode too many times in one day but the design is very simple and effective. It was tricky getting used to the two front wheels until you lean correctly to go round corners, and up and down bumps. I also never realised how many pot-holes there are in and around my village! It wasn’t easy going up hills on rough terrain or up and down kerbs, it felt a little unstable. Although, I liked having my little one in front of me so I could check up on them. I think weather permitting Charlotte would have been on the Taga every day and most days we had tears when she had to get out! She named it her ‘motor-bike’! My buggy is parent facing so I had to keep checking what she was up to or shout loudly to see if she was alright. I had to store it inside, up a step and it weighs a ton! My daughter ended up playing in it, climbing in and out….. I suppose it is the price of a posh buggy and a flash bike but it is still too pricey for our income. Maybe if I lived somewhere less rural I might consider it but there were too many potholes. I use buses a lot and it is just too big, as a buggy and Charlotte has just started walking everywhere so won’t need the buggy for much longer. Quite a lot of people love the idea but not the price however, there’s no denying how amazing the taga really is! Lucinda Tooth- Charlotte 21 Months

This is a brilliant & versatile product.  It’s the only way I would be happy to go out cycling with 2 young children


Katherine Awarded the Taga Multifunctional Vehicle 4.8/5

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