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Taggies Rag Doll

This sweet little, first baby dolly has multiple-textured soft fabrics just perfect for holding with lots of Taggies ribbons! Measures 20cm – All ages newborn and up

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Taggies Rag Doll Reviews

Product Tested by: Lynn Cullen – Baby Holly 7 Months

Product Tested By Lynn Cullen – Baby Holly 7 Months

Lynn Awarded the Taggies Rag Doll 4.5/5

The doll is well crafted and the design is nice and simple. It is very soft and easy for my baby to safely cuddle and play with. The website explains the products well and there are more Taggies products available than I realised. There is plenty of choice, and the products are listed with good descriptions and clear pictures. The only problem I encountered with the website was being unable to return to the homepage and other pages once I had entered the online store. The quality of the Taggies doll is excellent. The stitching is perfect, and it’s designed with babies and young children in mind. I have no concerns with my daughter playing with the doll. It is completely soft, and there is nothing to scratch or hurt her.  It is very easy for her to manage. My baby likes the doll, but I would not say it was instantly captivating. After a few days, she seemed more familiar with it. She was definitely drawn to the smiling face and the tags, and it was easy for her to hold. The doll is machine washable. I have washed it already, and it maintained its quality and dried quickly. It is a good feature as it means I don’t have to worry if the doll is dropped outside as it can be washed and ready to use again very swiftly and it’s particularly useful due to the pale colours which means it will have extended life. The doll differs to other toys as it combines soft and cuddly with something of interest.  It’s not just another pretty rag doll as it has an added interest in the tags. My daughter loved the tags, however we found they were slightly small as she likes to hook her fingers in the tags and they were slightly small for this. She already has a Taggies blanket so was familiar with the tags.  It is amazing how babies are drawn to them and love the feel of them. The product is very high quality, and the materials are very soft. I think the doll is value for money as although it’s slightly more expensive than a normal rag dolls, the added interest of the tags are worth it. I would consider buying this doll as a present for someone else. It would make a nice present for a baby girl. I would recommend this product to other people. My sister in law has already ordered one for her little girl after she had a play with my daughter’s doll. It seemed to really appeal to her instantly. The Taggies Doll is an excellent product and well made, however, it does not have quite the same variety of tags as a Taggies Blanket but it is still a lovely toy. Lynn Cullen – Baby Holly 7 Months


Product Tested By Jillian Noble – Baby Elena 6 Months

Jillian Awarded the Taggies Rag Doll 4.2/5

The website is very easy to use, and shows a wide range of products which are suitable for a range of age groups. There are a number of good photographs and good descriptions of the items available. The Taggies rag doll is very good quality!  It is very well made, with lovely soft and textured fabrics.  The ribbons used for the tags themselves are bright and cheerful, and also a range of textures to them.  I had no concerns in letting my baby use the doll, as I did not feel that it would become easily damaged and potentially hurt her. I do think it was captivating up to a point: she loves using it, but does become bored after a while, though this could be due more to her young age and short attention span. It is very important to me that a toy is washable, as it is easier to maintain hygiene. I think it does differ to other toys, as with the different textures (especially the tags!) it provides a different experience for the child. I was very happy with the quality of the product – good fabrics, and very well made. It is maybe slightly overpriced, but I do think it is ultimately worth the money as my baby liked it so much. Very easy product to use, and my daughter really loved using it. Jillian Noble – Baby Elena 6 Months


Product Tested By Lisa Blyth – Baby Daisy 6 Months

Lisa Awarded the Taggies Rag Doll 4.2/5

I thought the product seemed like a very good idea, I had never seen anything like it before. The quality of the product itself is great. It’s well made with no loose threads and has a lot of textures which is ideal for development. I have no concerns about letting my baby play with this doll as it is completely safe. My baby seems to like it but can’t hold it for long and soon loses interest but she smiles at the doll. It’s important to me that the doll washes well and it does exactly that. The doll differs from other toys because it has the added tags for your baby to grip onto. I think the product offers good value for money because of the great quality. Overall, an interesting and loveable toy that my baby enjoys. Lisa Blyth – Baby Daisy 6 Months

My baby already has a Taggies blanket so was familiar with the tags.  It is amazing how babies are drawn to them and love the feel of them.


Lynn Awarded the Taggies Rag Doll 4.5/5

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