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Taggies Soft Blanket

This portable, fleece snuggle partner is even perfect for newborns. Each Little Taggies™ has 20 exciting visual and tactile tags around its border offering your little one hours of interactive entertainment and comfort. Each beautiful pastel design features a complimentary solid colour fleece on the reverse side. Measures 30cm x 30 cm – All ages newborn & up

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Taggies Soft Blanket Reviews

Product Tested by: Emma Bagnall – Baby Olivia 6 Months

Product Tested By Emma Bagnall – Baby Olivia 6 Months

Emma Awarded the Taggies Soft Blanket 5/5

A brilliant blanket. My Daughter now uses it as her comfort blanket. The quality of it is 100% satisfactory and safe and I have no concerns about my Daughter using it. The blanket is defiantly captivating for my Daughter and it’s very important that it is safe because Olivia puts things in her mouth all the time. The Taggies soft blanket differs from other toys and my Daughter loved the tags. I think the blanket offers good value for money and my daughter and I absolutely love it! Emma Bagnall – Baby Olivia 6 Months

Product Tested By Hayley Messenger – Baby Rhys 7 Months

Hayley Awarded the Taggies Soft Blanket 4.3/5

The blanket looked very interesting and colourful. I enjoyed browsing through the website too; I was surprised at the wide range of Taggies products available. So it’s definitely worth a look! The quality of the blanket is very impressive and I have no concerns what so ever about giving it to my child. The blanket is captivating for my Son and it washes lovely, which is a big help! I think this blanket differs from others because it is very versatile. It can be used as a comfort blanket, a toy or even for development because of the touch and feel factor. Rhys loved looking at the different colours on the blanket and also biting and feeling it. The quality is very good but it is a little out of my price range. If it was a little cheaper then I would have considered buying it. But it keeps my little boy happy, so a happy Rhys means a very happy Mummy! Hayley Messenger – Baby Rhys 7 Months

Product Tested By Kim Sari – Amy 8 Months

Kim Awarded the Taggies Soft Blanket 4/5

I liked the way it was all folded up in a cardboard wrapper…like a tortilla wrap. It looked interesting and it made it feel special to remove the toy from the packaging to start using it. The ribbon tags are all made from different printed ribbons and the variety was pleasing. The website is bright and colourful and informative. I love the look of the Taggies Dolls, Taggies Books and the Taggies Peek-a-Boo blankets. It’s an easy to navigate site with lots of bright colours. It is a good quality fleece fabric. The one I received was in a design called ‘Hugs’. It is a pretty pink colour with lilac swirls and white hearts. The back of the blanket is made from a deep pink coloured fleece. It’s a perfect girly fabric and I’m very pleased to have received this design. After having looked at the website there are a couple of other pretty designs that I also like. They have a good choice of unisex and girl/boy specific designs. The tags are all extremely well sewn on and the fabric doesn’t seem to pill. the Taggies blanket seems to captivate my Daughter but she doesn’t play with it for all that long at one time. I think this is more due to the nature of my daughter than the blanket itself. I like to use the blanket for peek-a-boo. I hold it up in front of her and then when I drop it down I shout ‘Peek a boo’.  The Taggies little blanket is washable and I have tried washing it. It has bobbled only very slightly but that it is to be expected due to the nature of the fleece fabric. It is a lovely thick fleece fabric of very good quality. The ribbons have all washed well too. it seems safe for her to suck and bite the ribbon tags. You always feel nervous letting them suck and bite other toys not designed for that purpose. My daughter doesn’t seem to play with the tags too much but when she does play with the blanket she chews on the tags and pulls them between her teeth. I think the blanket would have been better received if I’d had it for her from birth and she’d used it as a sort of comforter. Personally I like the idea that the blanket is safe for her to play with. It is made of great quality non-pilling fleece fabric. The ribbons are baby friendly and non-fraying. I think the product is quite expensive at £12.99 but at least you know that it is safe compared to cheaper brands that you can buy that maybe are not safe. I wouldn’t buy it myself at £12.99 but I might pay between £7 and £8.  It was a lovely product to use and my daughter likes to play with and it makes a change to know that it is safe and truly baby-friendly. Kim Sari – Amy 8 Months

 I think the blanket offers good value for money and my daughter and I absolutely love it!


Emma Awarded the Taggies Soft Blanket 5/5

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