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Tappy Tap Guard Bath Toy

Children love Tappy’s fun octopus shape. Not only is she a very good safety product, but Tappy lets you play lots of fun & educational stuff games as well. Tappy:Has arms that wiggle & dance as the bath is filling; children love watching the movement and beam when they see Tappy’s faceEducates with her numbers and colours; little ones can point to their age or sing the Rainbow SongHas a big, smiley, open mouth and loves to be given water to drink or bubbles to eat; kids are fascinated watching the bath water come out of her arms and practicing their hand-eye coordination when pouring it inLikes to be used as a hand puppet too; she especially enjoys talking about her day with other toys and childrenLearn Numbers And Skills With Tappy
With little ones who aren’t so sure about certain parts of the bathing process you can play Tappy Says! Get them to interact with Tappy and follow what Tappy says. “Tappy Says!….touch your nose, Tappy Says!….touch Tappy’s arm, Tappy Says!….wash your belly.” You can also ask them to “Show Tappy how good you can be and how grown up you are….show Tappy how you put the shampoo in your hair and get your hair washed.”Tappy is also a great educational tool. Use her to help children to learn numbers and colours:Can you count all of Tappy’s arms? Which arm is number 3? Can you touch number 7?Each arm colour is in the order of the Rainbow Song, let’s sing it – Red & Yellow & Pink & Green….Purple & Orange & Bluueee! Can you show me yellow?They can then be combined to practice – Which number is green? What colour is number 5?Older children can learn adding numbers such as 2+3, 1+4, and 3+5.

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£15.00 available to purchase from John Lewis, JoJo Maman Bébé, Amazon & Tesco or Click online to find local stockist

Tappy Tap Guard Bath Toy Reviews

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Product Tested By Gemma Rhodes – Jasmine 2 Years
Gemma Awarded The Tappy Tap Guard Bath Toy 4.5/5
My initial impression of this product was good. It was colourful and caught my daughter’s attention immediately. Jasmine insisted on playing with it as soon as it arrived before being ready for a bath. The packaging was excellent. I liked the minimal packaging without plastic and no pieces to cut off. This meant the product was ready to play with straight away, which my daughter enjoyed. The top ten games gave lots of ideas on how the product could be used. I particularly liked the idea of feeding with bubbles and giving Tappy a drink of water. I could see how the product can be used for a range of ages by using it different ways. The quality of the product was good but could be improved. Some of the stitching looked a little messy, which made it look like a cheaper product. Also after being in a rush one bath time and after my daughter had pulled it off the tap to play with we accidentally left it in the water for a few hours. When I returned and took the product out of the bath it looked like some of the colour of the product had come off as it had left the water with a very light tint of green. This product offers good value for money as it protects little fingers from the hot tap and provides a fun bath toy. I would consider buying this product. I would like the option of buying as a set of two as we have a hot and cold tap; maybe in two different colours or slightly different design so that my daughter isn’t just drawn to playing with the one over the hot tap. I liked the gender neutral colour of green as we rarely buy just girl or boy related products. I would recommend this product to family and friends. I would also buy as a gift for someone who was difficult to buy for as it is different to the standard toys and gives the added benefit of providing safety in the bath. As soon as the product arrived my daughter wanted to play with it. She was excited and the friendly face of Tappy made her smile. It was quick and easy to take the packaging off and together we counted the legs and played with Tappy like a monster. When it came to bath time Jasmine wanted to take Tappy with us and carried it up the stairs herself. I attached it to the bath easily and we watched as the water came out into the bath from underneath the product. We have played many of the top ten games but our favourite has been feeding Tappy with bubbles and giving Tappy a drink. As Jasmine gets older I can see how this product will adapt to allow us to play different games whilst still providing the safety. The only issue is that it can easily be removed by my toddler but as I am with her constantly I can put it back on just as easily. This didn’t bother me as it meant she could play with it as just a bath toy. Overall we have been happy with the product and will continue to use it. Gemma Rhodes – Jasmine 2 Years
Product Tested By Emma Bishop – Summer 2 Years
Emma Awarded The Tappy Tap Guard Bath Toy 4/5
This product looked like fun, colourful and interesting. I was worried it may be a little young for my 2 year old as looked for younger children but the packaging corrected this. The packaging was simple, not overly packaged or using too much unnecessary card; informative too. The quality is great quality, doesn’t appear to damage easily. It seems ok for the money, I am not sure I would pay the full price for it though. My daughter enjoyed it when it was in the living room but has since shown no interest in it when in the bath unfortunately. I may buy this for much younger children as something sensory but I think by 2 my daughter has grown out of it. It might be something she is interested in again when she is a little older as she may enjoy counting with it. The product doesn’t suit my tap – I have one large tap in the bath and I have noticed since using it the bath does not fill up as efficiently. I have attempted to adjust this but it seems to send the water up and over instead of down. It is great as a heat guard for the hot tap but my daughter has no interest in it at present.
Emma Bishop – Summer 2 Years
Product Tested By Ellie Rachael Morgan – Otto 3 Years and Casper 17 Months
Ellie Awarded The Tappy Tap Guard Bath Toy 4.2/5
We have been lacking in decent bath toys recently. We also have taps in the middle of the bath, which the boys have bumped themselves on, so I thought it work pretty well for us! There was minimal packaging to this which was great as I dislike unnecessary heavy packaging. There were some good ideas for games. My boys liked ‘feeding’ Tappy drinks. They also liked singing the rainbow song and counting Tappy’s legs. Unfortunately some of the stitching came apart (where the fabric meets at the Velcro point). Maybe we should have removed Tappy from the taps when not using the bath but we just left it on as removing and reattaching it would be a bit of a faff. Other than though the quality of the product seems good. I’m not sure I would pay £15. I think £10 is a more realistic market value. I would buy it if it was slightly cheaper. It really solved a problem for us and made our taps much safer. The boys really enjoyed playing with it too. I would recommend this toy to friends and family, especially if their children have a tendency to bump into the taps! When Tappy arrived in the post, the boys and I opened the package and my eldest was SO excited! He wanted a bath straight away so that they could play with Tappy. Both boys played with Tappy a lot that first bath time but I did find that over time interest waned (as it does with most toys), so the game suggestions were really handy for boosting their enthusiasm and interest. I observed my eldest independently counting along Tappy’s legs a few evenings ago; touching each one, following the outline of the number and saying each one aloud. We’ve really enjoyed testing the product and think that if it was priced slightly lower it would be a great choice for parents of young children. Ellie Rachael Morgan – Otto 3 Years and Casper 17 Months

We have played many of the top ten games but our favourite has been feeding Tappy with bubbles and giving Tappy a drink. As Jasmine gets older I can see how this product will adapt to allow us to play different games whilst still providing the safety.


Gemma Awarded The Tappy Tap Guard Bath Toy 4.5/5

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