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Teddy Tug

Teddy Tug from Buggy Tug now makes sure your child’s teddy is safely attached to the buggy when travelling. 

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£3.99 + £2 P&P online at and also available online JoJo Maman Bebe

Teddy Tug Reviews

Product Tested by: JennyAustrin – Tymothy 14 Months

Product Tested By Jenny Austrin – Tymothy 14 Months

Jenny Awarded The BuggyTug Teddy Tug 5/5

My first impression was what a fantastic idea this is!  My little boy is forever throwing his bear on the floor and finally there is a product that will keep it attached to the pushchair! The packaging was simple and light and hardly anything to throw away after opening! The instructions are really simple to follow, nice and clear!This is a very easy product to attach to the pushchair, just undo the Velcro and put the end of it through the ring at the other end, it’s that simple! It’s very secure and there’s no chance of it becoming unattached! Again very easy to attach to the toy just undo the Velcro and place either arm or leg of the teddy bear in the middle and then stick the Velcro back together again, it’s very secure and the bear hasn’t come loose so far! I was very confident that the bear wouldn’t fall on the floor, but for me with my pushchair it still gets pushed out and dangles down the side, I’m still giving this product a 5/5 as it stops his favourite teddy bear getting dirty or wet when it’s thrown on the floor. The quality is really good; it’s very durable, easy to wash and is very strong. It definitely offers the value for money, although small it does prevent anything happening to you child’s favourite teddy bear which no amount of money can ever replace!! I would purchase this item and highly recommend. I am very happy with this product; it has saved many tears and will save manymore! Many thanks for making an amazing product! Jenny Austrin – Tymothy 14 Months


Product Tested By Charlotte Ashby – Brodie 10 Months

Charlotte Awarded The Buggy Tug Teddy Tug 4.2/5

A good idea in theory but my little one isn’t old enough to want his teddy with him so didn’t feel it would be particularly useful for now but maybe in the future. Packaging was very basic. Instructions very clear and easy to follow. Was very easy to fit to the pram. You have to choose a toy that isn’t too thin or else it is pulled straight through. Once fitted I was confident the toy was secure and would not get thrown out of the pram or lost. The quality is good and seems sturdy just maybe more interesting to look at for the child? Very good value for money. I would consider purchasing this item. I would recommend but would suggest making the packaging more appealing. Useful gadget and universal! Charlotte Ashby –Brodie 10 Months


Product Tested By Hayley Wills – Owen 11 Months

Hayley Awarded The Buggy Tug Teddy Tug 4.2/5

It seemed a very basic product; the colour would appeal to both sexes. The only issue I had was how to attach to my pram as I have nowhere so I would need to adapt. Packaging is basic but sufficient for the product. Instructions were basic and too the point. I could not fit the product to my pram unless I attached it to the bar which was too far away from Owen to play. I had no problem attaching a few various toys to the tug.  It appears to be universal and seemed secure on all uses. I was fairly confident that the toy was secure but I always doubt products. The product seems strong and made for the requirements.  It took some pulling by Owen and chewing by him and seemed no worse off. I believe it does offer value for money, it keeps your Childs favourite toy secure and you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on it. I would consider buying this product as it does what it says it will and as Owen has a habit of chucking socks and bits out the pram this at least reassures me that his favourite toy will survive. If a family member was having issues with losing toys I would happily recommend this product. This product does as it says on the packet, the only downfall I found was the connection to the pram but I attached it to Owens coat so it still worked correctly.  Great product, great value for money. Hayley Wills –Owen 11 Months



I am very happy with this product; it has saved many tears and will save manymore! Many thanks for making an amazing product!               


Jenny Awarded The Buggy Tug Teddy Tug 5/5 

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