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Tencel Toilet Training Sleep Mat

Flat Waterproof sheet for toilet training100% Tencel from Eucalyptus treeMachine washable and tumble dryer safe Suitable from: 0 Months +

Size – 98 cmx 98 cm

Placed between two soft layers of natural Tencel fabric, is a discreet layer of waterproof polyurethane. This draw sheet can be placed directly on top of your bed linen and then removed for washing, leaving the rest of your bed intact. No more noisy or sweaty plastic sheets. Tencel is a sustainable fabric, made from 100% biodegradable wood cellulose. Textiles of Tencel are softer than silk, cooler than linen and even more absorbent than cotton, it is also resistant to wrinkles. This eco fabric has natural breathability and 50% greater moisture absorption than cotton, helping to keep your baby cool even on the hottest nights. Due to this ability the growth of bacteria is inhibited, as well as mould and mites. In addition to that the polyurethane layer acts as an anti-allergy barrier.

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£10.99 Available ClevaMama website, Amazon, Argos, Kiddicare

Tencel Toilet Training Sleep Mat Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Kelly Steer – Archie 4 Years

Kelly Awarded The Tencel Toilet Training Sleep Mat 4.4/5

Surprised by
the size but excited to try it. Arrived
very well packaged. Instructions really
easy to follow. I think this is an
excellent concept for a toilet training mat.This was a great fit on our son’s bed.He did seem to find it fairly comfortable to sleep on. It worked well keeping bed dry but could have
worked better. I feel it did help with
final stages of toilet training. However
it could do with some straps to attach to mattress as Archie is really
fidgeting so a lot of the time it moved.Generally this mat is really easy to use. Was also very easy to keep clean. We use this every night and still do
now. Quality is very good. I would say good value. I really liked the fact that when it stayed
in place it was easy to remove if Archie had an accident. I would not purchase only because it didn’t say
in place the majority of the time. Excellent
idea and works amazing when it stays in place. Would work better with something
to help keep it in place. Kelly Steer –
Archie 4 Years

Tested By
Emma Marie Cornwell – Tyler 3 Years

Emma Awarded
The Tencel Toilet Training Sleep Mat 3.8/5

This product is made with quite thin material,
and I wonder if this will be very absorbent. The packaging was quite compact
and not a lot of wastage. The instructions were easy to read and understand. This
mat was designed to just tuck in over your Childs bedding to help protect your Childs
bed sheets and keep your child dry. The mat wasn’t quite wide enough to fit
over Tyler’s bed so when he wriggled about in the night it came untucked and
ended up in a heap in the middle of the bed. This was effective in keeping
bedding dry. This Product was very absorbent and kept the bedding dry. I think
this product did help with the final stages of potty training and I felt
confident that Tyler’s bed would remain dry even if after having a little
accident. The product was easy to use but it would have been better if the mat
would have been a little wider, so that it would tuck in over the bed. This was
also easy to keep clean. We kept this on
his bed for two weeks. The quality of
this item was for the most part good, but it was not very well finished as the
stitching was coming away around the edges. The product did the correct job but
was a little expensive, for what it was. I liked that the mat was very absorbent
even though it was thin the product was quite soft. I would recommend this
product to my friends as a light weight waterproof mat although I think it was
a little expensive. I feel that this product is adequate for the job in which
it was made for, although it would benefit from being wider and better finished
off. Emma Marie Cornwell –
Tyler 3 Years

Tested By
Donna Caldwell

Donna Awarded
The Tencel Toilet Training Sleep Mat 3/5

It was very
small. I wasn’t sure how it would work. It arrived well packaged. Instructions easy enough to follow, but more info would have been better. It’s
a good idea, but it needs to be bigger. This was far too small. My son moves about a lot and the mat moved with him. If it
could have been tucked under the mattress, it would have been better. He found
it comfortable to begin with. When he moved, it moved, and crumpled under him,
making him uncomfortable. For us this
was not effective as I had the mat and the bedding to wash each morning. We
already have a waterproof protective cover on under the sheet. This made zero
difference as it just moved about the bed.It was easy enough to place on the bed. We used this every night for 2
weeks before giving up. The material
and the colour were great; it just needs more of it. For us not good value as
did not work. I liked the colour
and the feel of the material. I would not purchase as it’s too small to fit a single bed and I gave up using it. It has
the potential to be a great aid for bed wetting; it’s just not there yet. Basically,
I liked the idea, I really hoped it would work, but as soon as I opened the
packet and saw how small it was, I was sceptical. When I put it on the bed that
first night, I remained uncertain. By morning, my son’s pjs, duvet, the mat,
and the sheet were all soaked. We repeated the progress every day for 14 nights
and the result never changed. Donna Caldwell


Quality is very good. I would say good value. I really liked the fact that when it stayed in place it was easy to remove if Archie had an accident. 


Kelly Awarded The Tencel Toilet Training Sleep Mat 4.4/5

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