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Tender Tots Protective Salve

Tender Tots Protective Salve 100ml
Our beautiful Tender Tots Range is for delicate young children who are hypersensitive to commercial Nappy Salves and Cradle Cap creams containing stearic acid, alcohol, fragrance and allergen based. Tender Tots eliminates all allergens (Wheat, Dairy, Soy, Sugars, Yeast, Nuts), SLS, Alcohol and Parabens to provide stress-free, irritation-free, cleanse-&-wipe for our precious little ones.
How to use this product? Apply to affected areas (bottoms whilst changing nappies, scalp, elbows, knees, dry face patches)

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£12.50 100ml Available to purchase online

Tender Tots Protective Salve Reviews

Product Tested by: Cathy White – Sally Anne 20 Months

Product Tested By Cathy White – Sally Anne 20 Months

Cathy Awarded The Premae Skincare Tendertots Protective Salve 4.6/5

Love the little pot it arrived in and the cute picture of the bear on the top. A neat little pot that was easy to use at home and take in change bag. No real instructions supplied so went online to check how best to use this item.This was very easy to use and absorbed very quickly. I would use this when I needed to deal with Sally Anne’s nappy rash and also she has a few dry patches on her elbow and legs. I applied this to the affected areas and over time this really did help to calm her skin down and left feeling a lot smoother. Was also really good at dealing with nappy rash. The fragrance was lovely too. I would use this every day as so easy to carry around in change bag. I also used it on some of my dry skin on my hands and really calmed it down. Easily absorbed, and effective. Left my daughter’s skin feeling soft and smooth. Quality is excellent too.  I do think it is a lot of money, but you only need to use a small amount so will last a long while. I had never heard of Premae before and I have now had a look online at the other ranges.Very impressed with the protective salve. I will be purchasing more when this one runs out and have already recommended. Great product, easy to use and it works. CathyWhite – Sally Anne 20 Months


Product Tested By Jitka Mason – Orla 2 Years

Jitka Awarded The Premae Skincare Tendertots Protective Salve 4.5/5

Arrived in  a nice little pot with screw top. I could not really find any instructions so went online to check how to use the Protective Salve and find out more about the product. I am very impressed with the Premae products! My little one has generally quite dry skin plus a few extra dry patches (size of a 2 pound coin) on her legs and arms and I tried loads of stuff even prescribed ointments and nothing really worked. I used the moisturiser on the extra dry patches and it is definitely working. It’s now been about 5 days of using Premae and the patches are nearly gone. Plus it really smells lovely. Moisturiser absorbed very quickly and left skin beautifully soft moisturised and smelled heavenly. The Protective Salve was ideal size to keep in your bag when out and about. I used the product every day. Skin definitely felt softer and smoother. I used it on my both girls, the little one has extra dry skin and worked wonders on her. My older girl (4Years Niamh) has extra sensitive skin -quite often red patches under her armpits and in places where knickers touch her skin + little bumps on her arms. So I have tried the product on her as well- it did make just a bit of difference. Her armpits are less red. Bumps are still there but her skin felt a bit softer and she loves the smell of the product. This is a great quality product. It is quite a lot of money for this type of product, but as the quality is so good and if you are careful – you don’t need to use very much of the moisturiser – it is good value for money. I would purchase this again and I would recommend. Great product – a bit let down by the packaging & instructions. Jitka Mason – Orla 2 years


Product Tested By Heather Baker – Lucas 1 year 6 Months

Heather Awarded The Premae Skincare Tendertots Protective Salve 4.9/5

Really great. Was very impressed.  Really soothing and moisturizing. Could have been a little more child proof!!! But good otherwise.  Instructions clear and easy to follow. Really high quality product. This is the sort of product I would use. When applied it also absorbed into the skin really easily. I did not take this out and about with me and would mainly use this after Lucas had his bath. It was nice to use on his bottom after a bath and I knew it would work well during the night keeping his bottom protected and healing any nappy rash soreness.   I used this daily. It did help soothe nappy rash and was effective. This is value for money as works really well. I would highly recommend this. Really good but – the packaging could be slightly different; my little boy wouldn’t leave it alone! Was too interesting and small! Heather Baker –Lucas 1 year 6 Months



Great product, easy to use and it works


Cathy Awarded The Premae Skincare Tendertots Protective Salve 4.6/5     

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